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✨ Rio Doyle Fan Thread ✨


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Rio was born with music in her blood and grew up watching her mother perform in a band. When Rio was in the seventh grade, doctors discovered her mother had a brain tumor they were unable to remove completely. Her mother remains at risk of seizure, but she still performs with her band and often invites Rio on stage to join them. Following in her mother's footsteps, Rio formed a band with people from church and started playing local gigs in high school. She is now focused on her solo music and songwriting and stays busy with her worship team and musical theater. Inspired by her mother's strength and perseverance, Rio comes to the "The Voice" hoping to make her family proud. 








High School (Alexander 23)



1. Angeles

2. BigMac454

3. David68

4. Bk1234

5. jamescasaki

6. anonymouskid_35

7. disney1024

8. AliXRose


Type 'add me' or comment something nice about Rio to be added! 



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28 minutes ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

She's been so supportive for me on ig, what a sweet soul. Then, I've listened to her blinds again, and it was like really good. I love her tone omg


so yeah, please do add me!

I didn't see this, added! 

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