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Who will win the PV


Who will win the PV   

49 members have voted

  1. 1. Team Kelly

    • Cami
    • Desz
  2. 2. Blake

    • Jim
    • Ian
  3. 3. Johm

    • Bailey
    • Tamara
    • John

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Desz for Team Kelly.  Cami flopped tonight, so DeSz gets it by default.


I went into this week saying that Ian would win it for Team Blake, but Jim is looking like a real possibility instead based on his Facebook reception.  But I still voted for Ian.


After Bailey was pleasant, but boring, and Tamara just flopped, I went with John on Team Legend.

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18 minutes ago, Spongebobpatty said:

I'm new and I was wondering if someone could tell me how to vote on these polls. 


1. Desz

2. Ian

3. John


I couldn't vote and send likes for a few days after signing up. I'm not sure if content count matters or something else.

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