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DWTS29 Week 10 - Top 6 Discussion Thread

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Tonight is the most crucial night of the competition, it's the semi-final. Each couple will perform two dances - a redemption dance style they've performed before and a brand new style. Then at the end of the night, 6 will become 4. 


Who will make the finale and who will just miss out? We'll find out in a few hours. 😮 


Also here is a preview of training of some dances from this week: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHp-fdnARLn/

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Reminder, More than one women has alleged Nelly sexually assaulted them, Nev punched a female in the face.... we must root for Justina or Kaitlyn.

You're forgetting B*bby B*ness got a 30 for his awful Freestyle.

Nelly would’ve been in the B3 if the judges knew how to do their job. 🙂

2 hours ago, ungodlyhour said:

justina's, kaitlyn's and skai's look really good imo! nelly stiff as always :dead: 


2 hours ago, *Diana said:

Am I mean for laughing at how Nelly and Daniella are :dead:



I want him to have the same fate as Spicer/Grocery Store Joe and get cut right before the finals, but not getting my hopes up. :haha: 

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MUCH better and very improved Cha-Cha from Skai. She def danced/performed that better and was much more comfortable with that. :bobo: 


TYRA IS STILL AWKWARD with the scores to  break bit. WTH? :dead: 

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