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  1. ~My Dancing with the Stars 30 Week 1 Review~ Preface- Dancing is back! Glad to see some audience back and to have a really nice, even playing field of celebs. For the first time ever, all the female celebs scored higher than the male celebs on the premiere! 1. Mel C/Gleb (Cha Cha) 27/40: I’m really excited to see her this season! Spice Girls were one of my favorites growing up and she’s still living up to her sporty name. I really want Gleb to challenge her because she has the fan base and the ability to go all the way. My score: 28/40 2. The Miz/Witney (Cha Cha) 24/40: He’s probably one of the more promising male celebs. He has a personality the demographic loves and has some natural ability. He just needs to work on finesse. My score: 25/40 3. Iman/Daniella (Jive) 21/40: I don’t know what the heck Carrie Ann saw in the dance. It wasn’t awful but it was just kind of, bleh for me. My score: 21/40 4. Olivia/Val (Salsa) 25/40: Olivia has some natural ability and she seemed more much confident than I expected her to be. Salsa is an easier dance than some other more technical ones so I’m looking forward to seeing more, but I worry her past will lose her votes. My score: 25/40 5. Jimmy/Emma (Foxtrot) 21/40: Jimmy is another male with the potential to get better. This dance was alright, but it seemed like some of the technique could’ve been a little smoother. My score: 23/40 6. Melora/Artem (Tango) 26/40: Melora is giving me hardcore Lea Thompson vibes (older actress, with a ballet type of background, also with Artem). She’s also giving me dark horse vibes, but I wanna see her tackle a Latin dance to completely sell me. My score: 26/40 7. Suni/Sasha (Jive) 28/40: Suni has everything it takes to win this show. She has the ability, But her struggle will be like many of the gymnasts have which is performance ability. If Sasha can really pull it out of her, she will thrive. My score: 28/40 8. Cody/Cheryl (Tango) 24/40: There was a lot of talk of Cody being a ringer, formally being a back up dancer, but I’ll admit this routine left me underwhelmed. I’m sure other dances might suit him better, but so far, I need more from him. My score: 24/40 9. Amanda/Alan (Tango) 28/40: Amanda is someone that can be a frontrunner fi she can maintain this momentum and really get the votes, because she has the technique and she’s a good performer. I’m excited to see her dance more! My score: 28/40 10. Martin/Britt (Paso Doble) 13/40: Well, this was a case where I wish we had an elimination on the premiere. My score: 12/40 11. Kenya/Brandon (Foxtrot) 26/40: I’ll admit that I expected her to not dance well at all. Housewives usually have the tendency to be kind of blasé and not exciting but Kenya did really well. My score: 26/40 12. Christine/Pasha (Tango) 25/40: I love how excited she is to do the show and she seems game for the whole experience and parts of her dance looked really nice. I think she got hampered by a bad song choice for a Tango, but she has massive potential. My score: 25/40 13. Matt/Lindsay (Cha Cha) 24/40: The men of Bachelor Nation seem to struggle to get super far because I don’t any of them are dancers like some of the women were like Kaitlyn, Melissa or Hannah, but he surely will have the votes to go far, but will his dancing merit it? My score: 24/40 14. Brian/Sharna (Foxtrot) 24/40: He’s not bad, but I’m already sick of the “real life couple dancing together” storyline. My score: 24/40 15. Jojo/Jenna (Quickstep) 29/40: I love her, her energy is infectious, but she gives me Sabrina Bryan vibes in that she needs to just calm down a bit and get more refinement and control in her dancing. My score: 28/40
  2. Melanie C & Gleb Savchenko - "Wannabe" (Cha-Cha): 7 Mike "The Miz" Mizanin & Witney Carson - "Butter" (Cha-Cha): 6 Iman Shumpert & Daniella Karagach - "Hey Ya!" (Jive): 5 Olivia Jade & Val Chmerkovskiy - "Juice" (Salsa): 6 Jimmie Allen & Emma Slater - "The Way I Are" (Tango): 6 Melora Hardin & Artem Chigvintsev - "Simply Irresistible" (Tango): 6 Suni Lee & Sasha Farber - "Stay" (Jive): 7 Cody Rigsby & Cheryl Burke - "Physical" (Tango): 6 Amanda Kloots & Alan Bersten - "Dance Again" (Tango): 7 Martin Kove & Britt Stewart - "You're the Best" (Paso Doble): 3 Kenya Moore & Brandon Armstrong - "Kiss Me More" (Foxtrot): 6 Christine Chiu & Pasha Pashkov - "Glamorous" (Tango): 6 Matt James & Lindsay Arnold - "Give It To Me Baby" (Cha-Cha): 6 Brian Austin Green & Sharna Burgess - "Shake" (Foxtrot): 6 JoJo Siwa & Jenna Johnson - "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" (Quickstep): 7
  3. This is the first season though that not a single male celeb got above a 6 on the premiere.
  4. Could this be the least inspiring group of male celebs in a very long time?
  5. Excited for the premiere! Can't wait to see all the dances and see some form of an audience again!
  6. I was getting worried we'd have a premiere that we had no idea who was dancing what! lol
  7. Prediction form: Name (or name you want to go by): Matt Who are you most looking forward to seeing?: All the girls honestly How are you feeling about the season: excited it's back, and excited to have an audience again! Predict the Elimination Order: (+3 for the correct placement, +2 for one placement off, +1 for two placements off. Can earn a maximum of 45 points) 15. Martin 14. Iman 13. Kenya 12. Christine 11. Brian 10. Olivia 9. Matt 8. Jimmie 7. Melora 6. Jojo 5. Amanda 4. The Miz 3. Mel C 2. Cody 1. Suni Week 1 Questions (Open-ended answers, 2 points each): - Who will open the episode? Matt - Who will close the episode? Jojo - Who will be at the top of the overall leaderboard? (Can choose only TWO celebs) Suni, Amanda - Who will be at the bottom of the overall leaderboard? (Can choose only TWO celebs) Iman, Martin - Will the first 7 performances consist of more male celebs or more female celebs? male - Will the 8th performer be a male or female celeb? female - Will the last 7 performances consist of more male celebs or more female celebs? female - How many different outfits will Tyra wear? 2 - What number paddle will be given the most from all the judges? 6 - What will be the highest number paddle given? 8 - What will be the lowest number paddle given? 5 - Who will be the first judge to give an 8? Carrie Ann - What will be the highest score of the night? (Scores out of 40) 30 - What will be the lowest score of the night? (Scores out of 40) 22 Yes or No questions (1 points each): - Will Amanda mention being a former New York City Rockettes dancer? yes - Will Brian mention Sharna convincing him to finally do DWTS after turning it down in past years? no - Will any of Christine's Bling Empire co-stars wish her luck on the show? no - Will Cody mention dancing back up for Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj? yes - Will Iman mention winning the 2016 NBA Championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers? yes - Will Jimmie Allen mention any past DWTS alums country music stars or personalities advising him to do DWTS? no - Will JoJo mention getting her start in on the show, Dance Moms? yes - Will Kenya do her signature twirl in her first dance? no - Will Martin mention his Cobra Kai co-star Ralph Macchio being a past contestant on the show? no - Will Matt mention Hannah & Kaitlyn's wins and needing to keep the Bachelor Nation winning streak going? yes - Will Melanie mentioning wanting to do one step better than Mel B in winning this season? no - Will Melora reference her fellow The Office co-star Kate Flannery doing the show? no - Will The Miz mention wanting to do the show for his two daughters? yes - Will Olivia make any reference to her and her parents past scandal? yes - Will Suni mention winning all of a gold, silver and bronze medal at this year's past Summer Olympics? yes - Will Tyra mention Derek's latest Emmy win over on the show? yes - Will Simone Biles be in the audience? no - Will Lindsay and/or Witney mention their babies on the show? yes Predict the Week 2 Dances: (Mentioning both weeks just in case the Week 1 dances get spoiled or not. If they do then the Week 1 styles prediction go void but if not then we can still predict. Note: please post your Week 1 dance prediction first and Week 2 dance prediction second. Week 1 dances have been released, so only predict the Week 2 dances. Amanda Kloots: (Will have danced: Tango) Salsa Brian Austin Green: (Will have danced: Foxtrot) Cha Cha Christine Chiu: (Will have danced: Tango) Cha Cha Cody Rigsby: (Will have danced: Tango) Foxtrot Iman Shumpert: (Will have danced: Jive) Quickstep Jimmie Allen: (Will have danced: Tango) Samba JoJo Siwa: (Will have danced: Quickstep) Cha Cha Kenya Moore: (Will have danced: Foxtrot) Rumba Martin Kove: (Will have danced: Paso Doble) Tango Matt James: (Will have danced: Cha-Cha) Tango Melanie C: (Will have danced: Cha-Cha) Tango Melora Hardin: (Will have danced: Tango) Jive Mike "The Miz" Mizanin: (Will have danced: Cha-Cha) Viennese Waltz Olivia Jade: (Will have danced: Salsa) Quickstep Suni Lee: (Will have danced: Jive) Foxtrot
  8. I was really hoping some of the better later season females would be there like Tamara, Haley Bracken, Ricki Lee, etc. Too many early season people.
  9. HRVY & Janette Manrara - “Faith” (Jive) [Final Reprisal]: 9 Jamie Laing & Karen Hauer - “Zero to Hero” (Charleston) [Final Reprisal]: 8 Bill Bailey & Oti Mabuse - “Talk To The Animals” (Quickstep) [Final Reprisal]: 9 Maisie Smith & Gorka Márquez - “Samba (Conga)” (Samba) [Final Reprisal]: 10 HRVY & Janette Manrara - “Boogie Wonderland” (Showdance): 9 Jamie Laing & Karen Hauer - “I'm Still Standing” (Showdance): 9 Bill Bailey & Oti Mabuse - “The Show Must Go On” (Showdance): 9 Maisie Smith & Gorka Márquez - “We Need A Little Christmas” (Showdance): 10 HRVY & Janette Manrara - “One (Singular Sensation)” (American Smooth) [Final Reprisal]: 9 Jamie Laing & Karen Hauer - “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” (Street/Commercial) [Final Reprisal]: 9 Bill Bailey & Oti Mabuse - “Rapper's Delight” & “Good Times” (Street/Commercial) [Final Reprisal]: 9 Maisie Smith & Gorka Márquez - “When You're Smiling” (Quickstep) [Final Reprisal]: 10
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