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The Drag Race Rankdown 3.0

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Alyssa Edwards - 

BeBe Zahara Benet - Elliott

BenDeLaCreme - Tom

Brooke Lynn Hytes - Chris

Heidi N. Closet - Lily

Latrice Royale - 

Manila Luzon - Chris

Monique Heart - Lily

Rita Baga - Chris

Trinity the Tuck - Solaris

Willam - 


There are still several of you who haven't claimed a write-up 🙂

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You say this like that would be a bad thing?

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Monique Heart


Drag Queen GIF by Stan. - Find & Share on GIPHY


This rankdown sees another excellent finish for the face, the look, the meme - Miss Monique Heart! I'm so glad that Monique made it so far in the rankdown once again this time. I was really hoping she could get into a second consecutive final round, but understandably when put up against Shangela, it was inevitable that she would be going this time. Anyway, Monique is a sensational queen who in her two seasons quickly became one of my favorite queens from all of Drag Race.




In her first season, Monique immediately made a lasting impression. Her personality was a stand-out and she was hilarious in her confessionals. In the Drag on a Dime challenge, she delivered an amazing deck-of-cards inspired look. Such a fantastic look and yet.. she didn't even land in the top. The buffoonery. And she knew it as well! This didn't stop her from giving us great moments. Monique remains consistently entertaining throughout the season, having some real stand-out moments such as in the Bossy Rossy challenge where she was hilarious.


Monique Heart GIF - Monique Heart Flip - Discover & Share GIFs


At Snatch Game, Monique delivers an underwhelming Maxine Waters. It's not great, but next to Asia and Vixen's Beyonce/Blue Ivy mess... she shoulda scraped by. Unfortunately, in the lip-sync against Vixen, Monique kinda falls apart. The wig comes off, she forgets the words, has an iconic mess of a cartwheel.. this is sadly where we lose her, but of course, she goes out in an unforgettable fashion.


RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 4: GIFs of Valentina, Monique Heart, and more  | EW.com


I was a little nervous about Monique's return so soon to Drag Race - she was wholly deserving of All-Stars but the season hadn't wrapped up for long before she went back, so I was nervous as to whether she would reach her little potential. And yet... Monique delivered an AMAZING performance all season. :omg: Any bias aside, I stand by feeling that Monique had the strongest run on All-Stars 4. She rarely puts a foot wrong this season - any time she's in the bottom, it's either due to a small issue with her performance (a coat malfunction amidst a brilliant verse), or just to unleash some sort of twist (performing well in the roast and being placed in a bottom four). She has so many highlights this season which I loved though, added with being super enjoyable.




As well as her challenge performances ("Brown Cow Stunning", Jersey Justice, that weird Sex and the City parody), Monique really stepped it up in her lip-syncs this season too. We know "Cut to the Feeling" was a hot mess, lmao. But between "The B**ch is Back", "When I Think of You", and "Sissy That Walk", Monique delivered some of my favorite lip-sync performances in Drag Race. Her run to the finale was so impressive, and I think the growth she showed between Season 10 and All-Stars 4, in such a short space of time, should have put her in the final 4. I've made my All-Stars 4 feelings pretty clear lmao, but if we needed a double crowning... Trinity/Monique we deserved! Hell, give me Monet/Monique if you want! Just put Monique in that equation.


Anyway, Monique had a great run in All-Stars which made her an all-time favorite for me. Seeing her get the love to make it this far again is excellent!


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Heidi N. Closet



Drag Race recently won an Emmy for Season 12, for the category Outstanding Casting of a Reality Program. I hope that Emmy is sitting in the cabinet of whichever casting producer came across Heidi N. Closet. This show often seems to include expected casting tropes, popular-requested queens, queens from famous drag families or who have friendships with past contestants. And every now and then, you get a goldmine of a small-town queen. Heidi may have been a small-town queen, but her personality was big enough to help make Season 12 a success. What she may have lacked on occasion in her looks and her makeup, she made up for in her charm, her personality and her commitment to doing her best.




Heidi was a standout from the very first episode of Season 12. Her entrance was one not to be forgotten, and in the "I'm That Bi**h" rap challenge, she went all out in her performance full with high-energy dance moves. She was already giving us brilliant moments in the confessionals, and was on her way to becoming a true fan favorite. Not to forget her face-off with Nicki Minaj of all people :wub: Heidi was so entertaining in the challenges, namely the terrible World's Worst challenge where she deserved the win over you-know-who, as well as her Droop commercial, and her performance in the election challenge.




Throughout everything, Heidi had a real heart of gold which was shown in a lot of the workroom moments. This really showed in the Untucked episode where Heidi stood up for Aiden, who was getting backed into a corner by some of the other girls. She really took control of the situation in a great, not to mention entertaining way, which all-but-secured her already clear path to the victory of Miss Congeniality.




It wouldn't be right to not mention Heidi's amazing lip-syncing abilities in this write-up. Heidi lip-synced four times in Season 12, making her a true assassin, and in each of them she did a great job. In "Heart to Break", she showed how much of a standout she could be on the runway, losing her wig and powering through to make it a really fun moment. In "Burnin' Up", she did a great job embracing the song and having a lot of fun with it. "Kill the Lights" was such a standout moment for her and she really took charge of this. And in "1999", my favorite lip-sync of the season, I just loved how you could see the friendship she and Jaida had built up, and how that came across in some parts of the number.




Overall, Heidi was such a joy and bright spot of this season. Even with all the comments about her name, it didn't matter because she was such a star throughout and that name will be stuck with her regardless! You could see by the end how much Ru had gained love for her, and so I'm really excited to see one day in the future when we get Heidi 2.0. Now she's more experienced and had the opportunity to show her talent, I think she'll be a force to be reckoned with in an All-Stars season. But this is such an excellent placement for our reigning Miss Congeniality, and I'm excited to see what she does next!

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anyway, not to rush on the write-ups since I still have to do one but I’m working 53 hours this week, which includes a 5a-5p shift on Wednesday, so if they aren’t in tomorrow, don’t expect me to get the formal post up for a few days. :haha:

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BeBe Zahara Benet.

The OG Drag Race superstar.

Hailing from Cameroooooooooon.

One of the most charismatic, quick witted and unintentionally funniest queens to set foot in the Drag Race werkroom.


For some reason, BeBe seems to get paid dust in these rankdowns and I've had it... officially. 🙂 She was one of the four names I didn't plan on nominating, btw. Like all of us, I first came to know BeBe through season one (though I didn't watch it live, obviously.) She became one of my favourites right off the bat, alongside Ongina and Shannel, and I found myself rooting for her more and more as every episode passed and she continued to slay. The fact that she was in the bottom two for the makeover? Homophobia at its finest. Though the BeBe vs Ongina showdown was fantastic television, it was still an absolute crime the should've been Top 2 of the season were in the B2 at the Top 5 when f*cking Rebecca Glasscock was still there. The level of unprofessionalism... far too much.


Unfortunately, due to the first season being done on the cheap, using songs they didn't properly license and filmed behind more Vaseline than a post-COVID bathhouse bukkake glory hole, the cast of the inaugural season tended to be forgotten about relatively quickly, with BeBe sadly being one of them. As the subsequent seasons came along, the prize money was raised, the prizes themselves grew more lavish, the viewership became mainstream, and the memes were bestowed upon us.


When All Stars 3 rolled around, BeBe's name was shockingly included on some early spoiler lists, which led to my favourite conspiracy theory that she was only cast in AS3 to serve as a mole for RuPaul and production. :giggle: People took this as fact and ran with it when she never landed in the B3/B2 until the very end but like... y'all were watching that season, yes? When would she have even landed there with Milk some of the performances we were given every week. But I digress.


Nevertheless, seeing the group of nine queens react with shock as RuPaul introduces his original winner as their competition and how shook she left them with just her entrance? Give this bitch her double crown! She kicks off episode one with a solid performance in the reading challenge, before paying tribute to her African roots with her talent show performance.




Episode 2 saw the queens take on the Divas Live challenge, and BeBe delivered another solid - if uninspired - tribute as Diana Ross. Again, this was to be expected but I still thought BeBe did well with the material. In the improvisation challenge, she was given the role of African Princess. I know some people thought her performance was kind of underwhelming, but I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of her regal, naïve, prim & proper character to DeLa's slutty cougar. Perhaps not a standout performance, but still a solid fourth after DeLa, Kennedy and Trixie.


In episode four, things picked up for BeBe as she got to do her first ever snatch game and took on Grace Jones. I really enjoyed her performance, even if I wish she had done a bit more of an impersonation of Grace's voice rather than just her mannerisms. But BeBe has said she struggles with accents that aren't her own, so it's a fair decision.


In episode five, BeBe received help from Aja and would up placing in the top two for her Soup Can Realness™ and Warhol Ball look. I know there was the ~zomg controversy~ over her not thanking Aja - and Aja had every right to be annoyed - but can we just talk about how f*cking hilarious it was that BeBe just stood confidently and said she didn't have any help, and then got annoyed at Aja's annoyance in the next episode? I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! Anyway, because she found herself lip syncing against Trixie, she had the $100k locked up before the song even began.


In the Girl Groups challenge, BeBe had her defining All Stars 3 moment when her Jungle Kitty verse. Anyone who says they don't just randomly bust out in RAKATIKITATA YEAH I'M P*SSY BITCH is full of lies. She was naturally in the top two alongside DeLa, but since DeLa had decided to eliminate herself, we all knew BeBe had no chance of winning that lip sync. :giggle: Of course, Miss Benet served us a new level of iconique when she refused to show her lip sticks the next week!


"Out of respect for DeLa and her decision..." 🙂 THE DRAMA! THE LOLZ! The way she had those other queens pressed all over again. :wub: Though LOL, we all know the real reason she didn't reveal it is because she chose Trixie's lipstick and didn't want to deal with Trixie's fans. A true strategic queen! Although UGH at neither of them choosing Kennedy, wtf


For the Top 5 week, Trixie finally decided to show up and Shangela came back to slay after spending the previous two weeks in the bottom. That meant that BeBe found herself in the bottom three for the first time all season, after performing a parody of The Queen that the judges said didn't go anywhere. I mean... did they read that script? Also I found it hilarious how BeBe essentially played the same character on three different occasions and the judges were like THIS IS EVERYTHNG WE LOVE ABOUT YOU to WE JUST DON'T FEEL LIKE YOU SHINE AS THIS CHARACTER to fit their narrative. :giggle: Anyway, since Morgan had missed the entire season, she was the pick for elimination by both Shangela and Trixie even if "swans hiss, Ross 🙂" sent me and Kennedy was the obvious boot, which meant BeBe became the first winner to make two finales. HER POWER. :wub:


After a solid performance in her Kitty Girl verse, the final four all meet with the jury of eliminated peers and we know how that went down. 😐 I know Shangela's robbery is (obviously) the one to be the most worked up about, but I also low-key thought BeBe got robbed too. :ph34rwave: imo, she had performed well the entire season (and, imo, was easily the most consistent of the finalists) and should've been Shangela's runner-up. But we all know the jury twist was a way to keep RuPaul from having to actually eliminate his OG winner since he knew the queens wouldn't let her have a shot at the crown once more.


Nonetheless, with the newfound fans that flocked to her after her success in All Stars 3, people finally paid attention to BeBe, which has enabled her career to grow even moreso in the last few years. :wub: She's on Dragnificent with Jujubee, Thorgy and that other girl, where she continues to serve some hilarious one liners. Anyone who hasn't seen the clip from the pilot involving BeBe and her hatred for lanterns needs to watch it now:



And also her reading an entire conversation with just her face:



With the success of Dragnificent also brought on a music career for BeBe, and she's made some bops that rival Willam and Tatianna as far as we should be concerned. 😘



Unfortunately, BeBe didn't stand a chance in the battle round and sadly left. :broken: I was bummed since she's always been one of my favourites, but at least she made it the furthest she's ever made it! Now I'm going to mourn her and Chad allegedly being a "hard no" for the supposed upcoming All Winners season. :/

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Great up on Heidi, Lily! I remember the Heart to Break and 1999 lipsyncs fondly, as well as her personality. ❤️ 


And I almost nominated BeBe on my last round of noms. Guess Elliott would have hated them even more if I had. :giggle: Still a great write up though, I need to rewatch season 1. 

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3 hours ago, Elliott said:

Also a new rule for the next Drag Race rankdown:

-You cannot nominate BeBe Zahara Benet or Chad Michaels at any point in this game.

Was Bebe nominated in this game? Just referring to this version.  I can't really recall her being nom'd.


42 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:

Doing Alyssa now. Apologies in advance because nothing will ever do her justice.

I'm glad you took this one on. I considered it but don't think I could do proper justice of her, myself. :haha: 

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Really great write-ups there, Lily and Elliott on Monique, Heidi and Bebe! :yes: 


i guess i'll take on Latrice. I don't have a lot of S4 notes on her, but will hopefully go back and see that I wrote more on her than I remembered? i'm bummed that I can't do that season proper justice as that was my favorite from her.

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Willam (Season 4)








"Oh my God, I want her to play with matches."


"I'm just trying to get a window seat on the way to hell."


"I need a nap and some d*ck."


"I'm trying to bring attention to one of my favorite causes. Which is me."


"Nobody was killed at Stonewall."


"Plus-sized Jujubee!"


"It feels correct to win. When it's right, it's right."




Emmy-nominated actor in EastSidersA Star is Born. AAA Girls. DWV. "S&M" by Rihanna music video. "Power" by Little Mix music video. Tranzkuntinental. Magnum Ice Cream. Race Chaser. "Boy is a Bottom." I could go on and on and on. 

Willam Belli is a legend. Period. End of story. Constantly messy. Effortlessly hilarious. Always righteous. An icon both on and off the show.


Willam is easily one of the greats. Meeting her was such a thrill. I beyond love her. She is committed to justice and the truth at all times. Everything she does is so deliciously on brand. The show made me a fan, but real life made me love her. 



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Trinity the Tuck



Pin on RPDR


"The Body is here Bitches"


Orlando's Trinity 'The Tuck' Taylor goes for crown on RuPaul's Drag Race  finale | Blogs


We were first introduced to Trinity the Tuck in Season 9, when she competed as Trinity Taylor.  In Season 9 Trinity won 3 challenges.  The first was in episode 3 when she won the princess and companion runway.  She won with Stanky the Starfish.  It proved that she had some comedy chops in her.  In Episode 4, Trinity found herself in the bottom 2 for the only time.  She faced off against Charlie Hides in THAT lip sync.  Obviously she won as she commanded the stage, and Charlie did nothing.  We would see Trinity win again in episode 7, the 9021-Ho challenge.  Did you know that she loved hot dogs too?  She won her final challenge when she killed the makeover a pit crew challenge.  Trinity then found herself in the final 4.  She  delivered a solid performance in Category is, even though it wasn't Peppermint or Shea's level of ownage.  She would eventually lose to Peppermint in her the lip sync to Stronger.  I am a firm believer that the Top 2 should have been Shea and Trinity, with Shea getting the season 9 crown.  Alas, that was just my opinion.  I love that she admits she's had work done and just owns it. 


Orlando's Trinity 'The Tuck' Taylor goes for crown on RuPaul's Drag Race  finale | Blogs


She had several great runways that season.  Her entrance look was very cool and current.  I enjoyed her Gaga look.  Loved her white party  futuristic look.  Obviously her Princess Look and Ruveal were great!  Her Outfit for the Michelle Visage roast was cute.  My favorite looks were her club kid look and her bed drag look.  



How Trinity The Tuck Paid Homage to Sarah Paulson's Prada Look | Vogue


"The Body is back Bitches"


Season 4 Premiere GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race - Find & Share on GIPHYLatest Tuck GIFs | Gfycat


If a solid Top 4 finish wasn't enough Trinity came back for All-Stars 4.  She wasn't messing around this time, she won 4 challenges over the season, and came out strong week 1.  Her All-Star variety show about Tucking is one of my favorite performances from any variety show.  Such a unique take.  She faced off against Monique Heart and won the Lip sync for your legacy.  We would see another win from Trinity in Week 3 where she killed as Caitlyn Jenner in Snatch Game of Love.  She would lose this lip sync for your legacy to Manila Luzon.  In Week 5, she found herself in a vulnerable position, and while not eliminated, she was forced to lip sync in the Lalapuruza.  Her battle would be against Jasmine Masters and Trinity had a decisive victory thanks to the booty shake.  Trinity would take home another win in Week 7 the "night club" challenge.  Latrice beat her in the lip sync however. (we won't discuss that epic throw that was that lip sync)  Right before the finale Trinity wins her 4th challenge, the sex in the city challenge.  She would face off against Monique Heart again for the Lip Sync for your Legacy, and would win again.  With 4 wins under her belt, she took on another performance.  This time it was "Superqueen".  She had a great showing this time around, as opposed to just a good one in season 9.  She would face off against Monet X Change for the crown, and would be part of a double crowning.  My problem with this, is that Trinity dominated the season, so I am soured on her having to share the crown with Monet.  I have been over this previously though.  No need to rehash.


Clubs That Suck -> Rupaul's Drag Race Rankdown Season 3


Trinity had many amazing runway looks this season.  Her entrance look was like a zip tie neon Poison Ivy.  Her "Eloguence" look was a stunner.  The one that disappointed me was the cape in the obvious ruveal for the Lalapuruza.  Her Kitty look was fantastic. Her Plastique Fantastique was stellar.  She also looked like a million bucks in her final runway look "Teacup dress".  Her Angelic Whit and Curves and Swerves runway were amazing.  She really was the look queen of the season.


TV Review: RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4, Episode 10: Super Queen Grand  Finale - The Norm Can Conform


I was happy to help bring Trinity this far.  I feel like I might be her only fan here.  She is robbed of having her shot in the finals.  This format screwed her over and is noted.  Also shitty that Sasha has that top 2 spot after am unnecessary bring back at the Top 25, where I worked to get Trinity that Top 2 placing.  Trinity has cemented herself as my favorite from Season 9.  Trinity's AS4 run > Shea's AS5 run.  That is all.  The deserving Top 2 of Season 9 getting wins in back to back All-Stars though.  :wub:


TV Review: RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4, Episode 10: Super Queen Grand  Finale - The Norm Can Conform




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