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The Drag Race Rankdown 3.0

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16 hours ago, ~Tom~ said:

Great up on Heidi, Lily! I remember the Heart to Break and 1999 lipsyncs fondly, as well as her personality. ❤️ 


13 hours ago, *Wallace said:

Really great write-ups there, Lily and Elliott on Monique, Heidi and Bebe! :yes: 


Thank you! ❤️ 

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Latrice Royale




Latrice Royale is a Drag Queen who competed on three seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race, which includes: RuPaul Drag Race Season 4 (where she came in 4th place), RuPaul Drag Race All-Stars Season 1 (where she came in 7th/8th place) and RuPaul Drag Race All-Stars Season 4 (where she came in 5th place),


I’m really happy that Latrice Royale managed to make it this far into the game, and I am certain she was never nominated amongst us rankers, which is a great deal. I’m sad and disappointed she couldn’t push through one more round and make it into the Final 15 though. :( Latrice was in a battle round against Jimbo and unfortunately I knew Latrice wasn’t going to make it through. :closedeyes: But it is what it is I suppose. I would consider Latrice one of my big favorites of this franchise and sh has one of my favorite personalities on the show (probably Top 5 faves on that front). I’ll try to provide my thoughts on her from what I have written, and I may forget to mention a lot of moments so my apologies in advance.


Latrice was easily and by far my favorite on Season 4…. by a long shot. I’m not sure how popular or unpopular this opinion is, but I wasn’t tooo crazy about the Season 4 cast in general. There was great drama and excitement but Latrice was really the only one I rooted hard for from start to finish, and she just made the season for me. I can say that the Top 3 Queens of that season (Sharon, Phi Phi and Chad) were stronger/more consistent over her but I didn’t connect or root for them as much as Latrice. This was also my favorite season of Latrice’s too. ❤️ Latrice has such a great fun bubbly personality. And as I said earlier, her time on S4 alone, she has one of my favorite personalities on the show. She had so many funny quotes and sayings that cracked me up. Here are some of them:










I enjoyed her energy and even when she was shady I found her hilarious. She also had a great deal of vulnerability with her prison past. I think her shining moment was that Queens in Jail episode. Such great comedic timing. :dead: Sadly her last few weeks weren’t her best where she was in the Bottom 2 three weeks in a row but I love how much emotion she poured into the songs she lip synced. She gave it her  all and proved she deserved to make the Final 4. ❤️ So glad Lartice won the Miss Congeniality title because i couldn’t think of anyone else more deserving of it. I want to say this was from the end of her time on Season 4 but really loved this quote here too.




Latrice’s second season was All-Stars Season 1, where there was that duo teams twist and she was partnered up with Manila Luzon. I really enjoyed Latrice’s & Manila’s (aka Latrila) partnership and newly formed friendship. So yeah I did love and root for them as a duo, despite their drag styles not really complimenting or fitting each other.  I wish we got to see more of them. I do think Latrice brought the pair down throughout the season and that’s sad to say….. and i know Latrice felt bad on that. :( She didn’t get to shine as much her and I would but is still great and lovable. 







Latrice would go on to do a third season which was All-Stars Season 4. It goes without dying how Latrice is one of the most beloved Queens of the history of the show and I do love her (as she was my Season 4 favorite). I was surprised seeing her back on this All-Stars season and I felt… she didn’t really need to come back? I say this as she left a great mark on S4 and seems to have had a great career & deal of respect doesn’t really need to redeem herself. But sometimes I did feel Latrice came off as entitled and felt she deserved to stay in the competition based on her legacy despite delivering lackluster/Bottom worthy performances in the competition. :ph34rwave: She did well at the start with her baton song+dance number on the talent show and was fun on the Girl Groups challenge episode. Sadly after that, she did seem off and ~over it~ at times of the season. Namely with how annoyed she was at Gia on Snatch Game and then Monét & Monique on the Jersey Justice episode. I did really love her friendship with Manila and their OGs bond. She had a middle of the road run and it wasn’t an All-Stars run (on her first shot of the run). :( She left at the right time but I was happy she had another shot. I was happy for Latrice getting to redeem herself on the LaLaPaRUza Lip Sync battle episode with that slayage performance of “Sissy That Walk” performance and got to come back! :omg: 






She had a much better second run than the first one. She was personable and hilarious on the Club Hive group on the Queens of Clubs episode. I was happy for her winning that challenge and lip sync that week. The RuPaul’s Best Judy Race episode wasn’t a great one for Latrice but I did love seeing her 25+year friendship with Tim and their backstory. I thought she did really well on the episode. I thought she could have been in the Top 2 but I was wrong. I also don’t think she was Bottom 2 worthy but with it being the Top 5 and the “if you are not in the Top, you’re in the bottom” worked against her. And based of that Bottom 3, overall I do think it was fair for Latrice to go. I did really love seeing her friendship with Manila and i just loved their bond and how they had each others back. Latrice is a legend and while there were times I felt she was entitled, i was sitll a fan of hers. 


So yeah Latrice is a legend once again, and has had a massive legacy on the show (and I am certain outside of the show). I remember seeing her on a Celebrity Family Feud episode earlier this year alongside and that was before I properly got to know her. :haha: I feel I may have seen her on other shows without realizing/knowing her too? And I will close this out with a fun gif of Latrice (I don’t remember which season  this is from).



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20 minutes ago, ~Tom~ said:

Great write up on Latrice, Wally! She was my S4 favorite as well and was great there and in AS1. Yes she did suck in AS4. One of the many reasons I hated it. :yes: I think @*Chris has seen her and her partner live at a drag show as well.

I did - still love her but the show was a bit lackluster but all the drag shows I’ve seen post-Bob are meh :haha: 

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33 minutes ago, ~Tom~ said:

Great write up on Latrice, Wally! She was my S4 favorite as well and was great there and in AS1. Yes she did suck in AS4. One of the many reasons I hated it. :yes: I think @*Chris has seen her and her partner live at a drag show as well.


Where's my compliment? ;( 

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We got introduced to BenDeLaCreme on season 6 and she established herself as a queen with an older style of drag and also one of the nicest ones (hello Miss Congeneality winner). The judges, particularly Michelle, gave her a hard time for not having fully established a character of her own, which is why it was a delight when she played Maggie Smith for Snatch Game and won.



She also slayed the puppet challenge with her on-point Bianca Del Rio imitation. "BALONEY! I have no problems, I live in New York, I work all the time!" has me laughing every time. 



She sadly was unjustly eliminated by Darenne Lake, who had a much worse track record, but her time wasn't over.


Ben then returned for the third season of All-Stars and easily was the queen that held my interest the most by slaying the competiton from the word go, becoming the only queen in All-Stars herstory to win five challenges in one season and becoming (statistically) the best performing queen with an overall performance score of 9.167 on All Stars 3. She started off by winning the Reading is Fundamental challenge:



She also won or co-won Diva LipSync as Julie Andrews, the Bitchelor, Santch Game, and Kitty Girls. I loved the Kitty Girls and Julie Andrews performances especially. Her second and last runway looks where she lip-synced for her legacy and won were also stunning in particular. By winning these challenges, she had the difficult of eliminating one of her fellow queens almost every week, and she invariably chose to eliminate the fodders rather then threats like others had done. People like to give her flack for bringing Morgan McMichaels back, but bringing back a threat is an enitrely different story. But she could sense shenanigans coming about and knew the other queens weren't likely to vote for her, so she beat Ru and co at their own game and eliminated herself in 6th place. Icon! 


Plus, he's so cute out of drag. And sweet and shady, kinda like me.:wub: 




Anyway, I am glad she's gotten this far in this rankdown and I was able to redeem her horrid placements in the previous two! 

Edited by ~Tom~
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34 minutes ago, Elliott said:

If we’d have stuck to me nominating, we’d be on the final vote by now 🙂

Still working on mine - you know how I love to do lot of work for my write-up :haha:

I'm trying to finish Manila's before bed but if not, I'll have it tomorrow with the other two as they won't be as long as Manila's :haha:

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AZ9qSbf.jpg GE0SnLR.jpg btrgiMV.jpg 


Having competed a total of three times on RuPaul's Drag Race, Manila Luzon is often referred to as one of the best drag to ever compete on the hit reality-tv competition.  A legend in her own way, Manila Luzon is one of the most beloved & popular queen from the franchise. In fact, she is one of my all-time favourite coming in at #3 right behind Trixie Mattel & another queen which should be obvious if you know me - I've had the pleasure of seeing Manila live as well meeting her & she remains one of my favourite drag queen that I had the occasion to meet. 

In this write-up, we will take a look at her journey on the show from Season 3 to the first edition of All-Stars to her rudemption on the 4th season of RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars!

 tumblr_nvrvua6H5a1qac1soo1_500.gif tumblr_inline_p8ujb5U8Sb1r10e6u_540.gif PP69.gif


During her first appearance on RuPaul's Drag Race, Manila Luzon was considered to be a front-runner by many - her track record certainly prove that assumption.  As soon as the season started, she made sure to let the other queens know that she's here to take home the crown with an appearance in the top of the week following her Christmas couture.  After a high placement, Manila found herself on the losing team during the Drag Queens in Outer Space - she had a strong showing on the runway & she was praised for her performance in the challenge as one of the top performer from her team.  During the 3rd week of the competition, Manila found herself safe for a second week in a row after another team challenge. 


Her breakthrough in the competition would later come during Week 4 where she slayed the competition on the runway with her signature pineapple look as well as her performance in the news challenge - she channelled an Asian reporter which was hysterical & was in character through it all. Never forget that some of the queens had issues with her portrayal, but that was not enough for her to not score her first win of the competition.  After a win, Manila had a strong showing in Snatch Game as Imelda Marcos who was a former first lady of the Philippines - knowing a bit about Imelda, I thought her portrayal was spot on & definitely a standout from that season's snatch game.   She would later impress in another themed runway but not enough to score a win. 


After a strong showing throughout the season, Manila found herself in the bottom following her performance in the stand-up challenge which she should have nailed considering her performance in past comedy challenge. However, her skit was very unoriginal despite an iconic runway look. She made her first and only appearance in the bottom against her fellow Heather, Delta Work - they performed a LSFYL to MacArthur Park in which Manila Luzon was incredibly iconic & showed the world the star that she is; The lipsync is considered one of the best of all-time and I would certainly have it in my top 10 LSFYL of all-time.

The appearance in the bottom gave Manila a wake-up call as she only placed either high or winner of the week for the remainder of the competition. During the patriotism theme, her performance in the video was not as strong as others but it was her amazing runway look that placed her in the top of the week.  In the RuPaul-a-Palooza challenge, Manila was one of the queen that was head & leap above everyone else - her performance & her runway look was praised, but it was not enough to steal another win from Raja.  She received another high placement for her performance on the runway during the hair challenge where they had to serve 3 looks - I really enjoyed her looks but I do think Yara deserved her win during that challenge.  After placing high for a few weeks, Manila Luzon scored another win for the makeover challenge where she really excelled - there's no denying that she was the best of the week in the challenge.  And for the first time in the competition, Manila was able to score two wins in a row with her performance in the Ball where she slayed the competition with her money-ball look.

With 3 wins & 1 appearance in the bottom, Manila found herself in the finale against Raja who had a similar track record to Manila - she finished 2nd to Raja, even though I would have given the win to Manila who was my favourite throughout the season.  Throughout the season, Manila impressed on the runway by giving us some iconic look such as her pineapple dress, her big bird dress, cake couture look, and the money ball look.  And we cannot talk about her time on Season 3 without mentioning Heathers - the clique formed with Raja, Delta & Carmen where she was easily my favourite out of the 3 which shouldn`t be a surprised as I am indifferent on half of them. 



O3j7.gif tumblr_n8xiq2BRF91tddlqho1_500.gifv Abg1.gif


Manila Luzon was later brought back for the 1st season ever of All-Stars, you know the season where they competed as team? She was partnered with Latrice Royale - Manila chose Latrice earlier on during the process but it wasn't until a few rounds later that Manila & Latrice finally chose each other.  With two different style of drag, they were known as Latrila where the they won the first challenge for opposite attract where they nailed their runway look. The following week, they were in the bottom 2 for the impersonation challenge that replaced Snatch Game - their Madonna & Oprah was not well received by the judges. Latrice ended up lipsyncing for the team & sending home Tammie Brown and Nina Flowers home.  With another appearance in the bottom, the following week for the street challenge, they were sent home following Manila having to lipsync against Jujubee.  


Despite her short-time on the show, Manila Luzon still managed to proved she was one of the best in the business by giving us good runway looks, great confessionals, and the iconic Untucked scene of the first episode. 

It's incredibly fair to say that Latrila, especially Manila Luzon, was robbed on the first All-Stars - she was a victim of the terrible format which would have worked better if there was more teams, in my opinion. In fact, I remember being incredibly surprised by their elimination as they were both two of my favourites going into that season.



tumblr_phxwyp7rjf1qlyx0fo2_500.gif de1251fd446c7367c7505e3d9f74d67c.gif b28b5139657a3b865e837f87277f7c2b.gif


A queen that deserved a rudemption following her last appearance on the show, Manila was brought back to compete on the 4th season of All-Stars along with Latrice Royale - luckily for them & us, they were going to compete individually.  As soon as she entered the werk room, she showed that she`s not here to play any games with a look inspired by her famous big bird look - the other girls finally had serious competition & Manila quickly became a favourite to win it all. 

She started off the season with a strong showing in the variety talent show by being unique with her talent - I personally would have had her & Gia at the top of the week, as I personally didn't care for the Top 2's performance of the week. The following week, Manila was safe after a strong showing in the group challenge of the week. It was not too long after that Manila proved the girl that she`s the front runner of the season: In Snatch Game of Love, she impressed as Babs while pushing herself on the runway with an interesting take on the runway theme.  She ended up competed against Trinity in the Lip Sync for Your Legacy - Manila was leap and bounds over Trinity in the lipsync by channeling her inner Whitney on ''How Will I Know', and proved the girls that she can be a lipsync assassin which shouldn`t be a surprise considering MacArthur Park.  After scoring her first win, Manila found herself in top, yet again, for her excellent performance in ''Jersey Justice'' where she was paired with Naomi Smalls. In the lipsync of the week, she competed against Monique Heart whom ultimately won the lipsync to ''The B!tch is Back'' by Tina Turner despite a strong showing from Manila.  

After being in the top for two weeks in a row, Manila Luzon proved once again her experience is what sets her apart from the other queen. This said experience was notably visible during the Roast where she was calm & collected - her roast was one of the best Roast in a while on the show. It was no surprise that Manila would once again be in the Top 2 of the week - this meant that Manila also find herself among some of the greatest Drag Queens for landing in the Top 2 for the third week in a row. She found herself to lipsync against Monet X Change to ''Jump It'' where both of them really gave it their all - both won the lipsync & would not eliminate a queen but receive safety for the following week. 

After not competing in the LaLaPaRuza, Manila was reunited with Latrice who was brought back to the competition - they were teamed up with Trinity for the club challenge where their team won but Manila was not in the top despite doing the majority of the work for the challenge; I still believe Manila should have been in the top during that week.  The following week saw the queens giving a makeover to someone`s special in their life - Manila gave a makeover to her husband but the judges was disappointed by it as they expected more from her than the simple look she delivered.  To everyone`s surprise, she found herself in the bottom with her former teammate (Latrice Royale). Even more shocking was Manila being sent home by Naomi Smalls because Naomi thought she could only win by sending her home - unfortunately for Naomi, she was unable to win & it is one of the worst decision ever made if I am being honest. If Manila would have stayed, Manila would probably would have won instead of us having a double crowning but that was not the case as she was once again robbed for winning the title. 



9lPS.gif 6SNF.gif Doglover — Whenever I'm feeling down or have a bad day...


At the start of this essay write-up, I stated that Manila Luzon is one of my all-time favourite drag queen to ever compete on RuPaul's Drag Race.  I truly believe throughout the years Manila showed the world that she has the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerves, and Talent to be a drag superstar.  She constantly deliver iconic music videos & fun song although her best one is certainly the song she did in honor of Sahara Davenport.

To conclude, Manila Luzon is best known for her fashion & I will be ending this with some of my favourite looks of hers - some of them from Season 3 was designed by Ivy Winters!

ZOjvFTWL_HPW_nhLYfhI0C7kRMRoEiytoGdAxms4WEehVLnQ_i9ZvX3DPQXyJ2ltL1dQWOuSlR9drWO4D2eSj3WftAWQXHNCE-0CsVF-XUUKOK73VSY1MnbKgI3Zt1YgpLnL4TizFTK2FKN2ywFIoWcT8g           20690071_1376559352441911_1715659781371002058_o.jpg?_nc_cat=103&ccb=2&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=tehwvq_MPrkAX9Ogq7E&_nc_ht=scontent-lga3-2.xx&oh=f9a81fdf90e66cd25b3e1cf21ab40a98&oe=5FD9CBE0

ec2b866324a8cc13eed5c9e7c37b6241.png           tumblr_o6276d7jFQ1vnk58do4_400.gif

nqzuryd.jpg   tenor.gif
manila-luzons-alternative-runway-considered-bad-taste-rupaul.jpg?fit=1000,525&ssl=1                manila-spaghetti.jpg 




Edited by *Chris
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22 hours ago, Elliott said:

Latrice’s AS5 attitude didn’t bother me. I was more surprised people were shocked a drag queen had an ego.

Lmaooo very good point. :lmao: I guess it bothered me a bit as I really loved Latrice's personality on her first two seasons. But i still liked her on there!

22 hours ago, Elliott said:

@*Wallace The GIF at the end of your write-up is from her lip sync in AS1. You can see part of Tammie Brown at the very end of it. :haha:

Oooh thanks. Oh, I tried to erase that last part from my memory. 😐 :giggle: 

20 hours ago, ~Tom~ said:

Great write up on Latrice, Wally! She was my S4 favorite as well and was great there and in AS1. Yes she did suck in AS4. One of the many reasons I hated it. :yes: I think @*Chris has seen her and her partner live at a drag show as well.

Thank you, Tom! :hug:   And you did a great job with your BenDeLaCreme write-up too. Happy you were able to get her this far too.

14 hours ago, Elliott said:

If we’d have stuck to me nominating, we’d be on the final vote by now 🙂


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90362e087aceeb85c2c1edf3238b5359bc222286.gifv 928e71e46b2020d775d9aa98c08e45bb6521a1f3.gifv bd988a46fd7ef61f6addad95510931ba94b758ed.gifv 

  "Bonjour, je suis Rita Baga, trente-deux ans et je suis la "queen supreme" de Montréal."

A household name in Montreal, Rita Baga competed on the first ever season of Canada's Drag Race where she was one of the veteran queen of the season. Throughout the season, she showed the world that experience is what sets her apart from the other queens - she was able to set herself apart from the other veteran queen alias Tynomi Banks by being herself, calm & collected, and be the best version of herself.   And she showed the other queens that she was there to take home the crown to Montreal - let's take a look at her journey: 

Rita started the competition super strong by scoring a win in the first challenge known as Canuck Couture - I know a lot of people felt that she didn't deserve the win due to the ruveal, but I personally thought she deserved the win as she was one of the only queen to tell the judges what kind of queen she was with her look.  The following week in the acting challenge of the heritage minutes, she was able delivered a strong performance in the "I Smell Burnt Tucks" based on this heritage minutes' commercial, she was deemed safe despite a strong performance.  After a design & acting challenge, it was time for the singing/performing challenge where the queens were divided into teams to perform in a dance track showdown known as "Not Sorry Aboot It" - she was one of the star of her team where she showed her singing ability & experience, one again. In the same challenge, she had a great verse with "Team L-E-M-O-N / Ain't gonna make it to the end / Just come a little closer / Can't you see we're getting hotter? / Oh, yeah! / We're the lemon pie destroyers!". 

After being safe for the past 2 episodes, Rita Baga triumphed to another win during the 2nd design challenge of the season where the queens had to create a fashion line as a team of 2 - she formed La Maison de Boraga with Scarlett Bobo & Kiara. Their team was leap & bound above the other teams as they had a vision as a house & they were cohesive - her look was incredible as it made reference to her club kid background.  With 2 win under her belt, Rita Baga was eying another win which she almost achieved during Week 5 - she almost scored a win following her performance as Edith Piaf in Snatch Game which was absolutely brilliant & quite underrated around here.  I also want to give a shout-out to her read in the Reading Is Fundamental Challenge:






That being said, she was able to score her third win during Week 6 during the drag law commercial & Canadian Tuxedo uniform - I personally really enjoyed her performance & loved her runway look, but that being said my heart broke for Rita when she was victim of cyber bullying for winning over Jimbo & she had to turn off the comments on her social media platforms.

With a strong showing throughout the season, Rita Baga started to struggle to impress the judges during Week 7 of the competition although I enjoyed her performance but not surprised considering the judges' opinions were all over the place during that week. It was during the 8th week that Rita Baga found herself in the bottom 2 against Lemon, following their poor showing in the makeover challenge which was one of my favourite makeover episode in RPDR herstory. For the lipsync, Rita Baga absolutely nailed it with "You Oughta Know" where her experience as a performer really showed, and the performance was topped with passion which sealed Lemon's fate in the competition. 

The said appearance in the bottom 2 was not Rita's last appearance as she reappeared the following week with her performance in the Ball - it was a fair decision as her looks were one of the weakest beside the one she designed as that one was my favourite of the week. She competed against her friend, Jimbo, in the lipsync where they performed to "Closer" - Rita easily won this lipsync while Jimbo was focusing too much on her headpiece, but the lipsync left me wanting more after her previous lipsync performance.  And just like that, Rita Baga was in the finale against Priyanka whom she would later become runner-up to. 




And now for my thoughts on Rita Baga! If you all know me, you know that I absolutely love Rita Baga - for me, her appearance on the show was the first time that I saw someone like myself on a LGBTQ+ reality-tv competition. By that, I mean it was the first time that I saw a French-Canada on a show like RPDR - I truly admired the fact that Rita Baga continually stayed true to her french identity from the start of the competition right until the finale.  I think it is fair that her appearance will have a great impact on other French-Canadian LGBTQ+ youth, as visibility always matter. 

But my love for Rita went beyond her French-Canadian identity - she was my favourite of the season due to her drag style being a style I appreciate. As well, I thought she was one of the strongest queen of the season as well giving us some great runway look which were posted at the top of this write-up - her Celine look was truly underrated as this was exactly how us French-Canada remember our queen and saviour. On top of all that, I loved her personality in the confessional - let's not forget her love for hot dogs, her being humble, and her being committed to the art of drag. 


With that being said, I truly believe that she will be one of the most successful contestant from Canada's Drag Race which wouldn't be surprising considering she has a full market to herself - she's currently a collaborator on a very popular talk show in Quebec as well as sponsorship with other Quebec based company. In fact, I wouldn't be surprise if she ends up being on the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother in Quebec.

Anyway, I am very pleased with her placement although wish I could have carried her into the final round ❤️  

Edited by *Chris
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