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Which Seasons Delivered Season 1-9  

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  1. 1. Which Seasons Delivered 1-9

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Season 9 was really solid, but season 5 was (for me) everything that made the show great - an interesting cast, several solid battles and knockouts, the introduction of the knockout round steal, multiple really strong playoffs performances, a top 12 with a variety of genres (and a break from country after season 4 was so country-heavy), several unexpected/out-of-the-box song choices, solid duets/contestant group performances, a number of contestants having at least one spectacular performance that made a front-runner not as clear-cut as it initially seemed to be...I can keep gushing.


There's two tweaks I'd make to the season: get rid of the Instant Save (the bias against West Coast contestants/contestants not living in Eastern or Central time was my biggest critique at the time since at this point the contestants didn't have to perform again to win the Instant Save), and have a top 4 rather than a top 3. Otherwise, this season was about as close as the show ever got to getting everything right in one season.

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I liked Season 4 because it had a lot of good contestants like Michelle, Sasha Allen, Judith Hill, Amber Carrington, but the winner was underwhelming.

I really loved Season 7 (I voted for that) because Matt McAndrew, Taylor John Williams and Damien made the season special

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Season 5 

It was so good that it seemed it was anybody´s game at some point. Loads of great talent, variety, including some electic artists like Cole ( my favorite of the season), and a worthy winner in Tessannee, who killed it in her entire run.



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Obviously S5. I also enjoyed S4, S7 (objectively not a great season, but having better male talent for once was refreshing for me) and S8.


Not a big fan of S9. I love Jordan, Jeffery and Amy but having Braiden, Zach and Barrett, three of the worst contestants ever, on the Top 9 really drags it down for me.


S6 was not bad, it was just very boring (the only contestant I really loved was Josh).


Didn’t watch the first three seasons.

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Surprised to see S5 beating out S4...


That being said, Season 5 with the exact words of Misirlou.

S4, undoubtedly next.

S9 will be next.


S8 was fun, as well.

S6, priority Josh and Christina

Season Three

Season One

Season Two



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S5 is the best season in the history of Voice . This season had amaizing blinds, amaizing battles, amaizing knockouts, amaizing live performances and at the end a well-deserved winner THE QUEEN TESSANNE CHIN 

S9 is the secound best season after S5 , Jordan makes it 100% for me. I also really enjoyed S7, S6 and S4


So Overall

1- S5

2- S9

3- S18

4- S7

5- S13

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