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Which coach has the best team so far?


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Team Kelly

Tayler Green 

Megan Danielle


Sara Collins

Samantha Howell 

Anaya Cheyenne

Mandi Thomas 



Team Nick

Tate Brusa

Joanna Serenko 

Arei Moon

Allegra Miles 

Samuel Wilco

Jacob Miller

Roderick Chambers

Michael Williams


Team Legend

Nelson Cade III

Darious Lyles

Zach Day 


Thunderstorm Artis 

Zan Fiskum

Mike Jerel


Team Blake

Todd Tilghman

Todd Michael Hall

Levi Watkins

Toneisha Harris

Joei Fulco

Jamal Corrie

Jon Mullins

Jacob Daniel Murphy



My ranking

1. Team Legend  

Standouts: Thunderstorm, Zan, Mike

2. Team Kelly  

Standouts: Tayler, Samantha, Mandi

3. Team Nick 

Standouts: Joanna, Allegra

4. Team Blake

Standouts: Toneisha




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1. John, by far.

Standouts: Zan Fiskum, Thunderstorm Artis, Zach Day

2. Blake, although in addition he does have some of the weakest contestants

Standouts: Todd Tilghman, Todd Michael Hall, Joei Fulco

3. Kelly, a mix of good and iffy but no real contenders

Standouts: Tayler Green, Mandi Thomas

4. Nick, one standout and a handful of people with potential to grow

Standouts: Joanna Serenko

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My Ranking


1. Team Legend - has some potential winners but with only 3 live shows, I don't think one of his team members will win it all. I think he might end up 3rd again.

Standouts: Zan Fiscum & Thunderstorm Artis


2. Team Blake - there are underwhelming artists on this team but I can see artists who are more likely preferred by Team Minivan. A country artist might win from this team just because Season 18 is stacked with mostly R&B singers
Standouts: Todd Tilghman & Toneisha Harris


3. Team Nick - still put this team on the third spot just because he is the new coach and TPTB will most likely pimp his team members this season

Standouts: Joanna Serenko & Allegra Miles


4. Team Kelly - a team full of non-finale worthy artists which makes me put this team on the last spot

Standouts: Samantha Howell & Megan Danielle

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