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ASB7 (Top 20 Performance Show Posted!)


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For those that don't know ASB (or "Auditionees Strike Back") was a So You Think You Can Dance redux created by Jimmy (buffmetube).

Over the years, the redux featured contestants like Mariah SpearsSerge OnikEmilio Dosal and runner-up Jaja Vankova long before their runs on the show.


In 2015, the redux had started, but never finished, its sixth season. I've decided to revive the redux with a seventh season featuring contestants from the seasons since ASB6 was cast (Seasons 14, 15 and 16). The format will be similar to seasons 8, 9, 10 and 11 where the Top 20 will dance in pairs until the Top 10, where they will begin dancing with All Stars.



Top 10 Guys

1. Aleksandr Ostanin (Tap)

2. Allen Genkin (Ballroom)

3. Howard Johnson (Contemporary/Jazz)

4. Jarrod Tyler Paulson (Contemporary)

5. Justin Pham (Contemporary)

6. Kevin "KonKrete" Davis Jr. (Hip-hop)

7. Kyle Bennett Jr. (Animation)

8. Nathan Cherry (Hip-hop)

9. Peyton Albrecht (Contemporary)

10. Vlad Kvartin (Ballroom)


Top 10 Girls

1. Brianna Penrose (Tap)

2. Dayna Madison (Jazz)

3. Kennedy Brown (Ballet)

4. Nathalie Delgado (Hip-hop)

5. Nazz Syldran (Ballroom)

6. Ramita Ravi (Bollywood/Contemporary)

7. Sarah "Smac" McCreanor (Jazz)

8. Sofia Ghavami (Ballroom)

9. Sumi Oshima (Hip-hop)

10. Sydney Moss (Contemporary)



Top 20 Performance Show

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Cast Reveal & Showcase


As with seasons past, we'll start by revealing a group of contestants that made the Top 20, then that group will take the stage for their first group routine together.


Let's start with a ballroom dancer that made the Top 20 in Season 16.

He auditioned in Season 15 with future Top 10 contestant Magda Fialek and Season 14 Kiki Nyemchek's brother Marcus.




Congratulations to Allen Genkin for being the the first guy to make it through to the Top 20!


Next up is a girl that made the Top 20 back in Season 16, but fell short of the Top 10 after dancing a Jazz routine with Season 8's Marko Germar.

She also auditioned with Season 14's Kiki Nyemchek to high praise from the judges.




Sofia Ghavami is the first girl in the Top 20 this season!


The next dancer also auditioned last season with Season 15's Magda Fialek 

He went as far as making the Top 20 to dance with Season 8 winner Melanie Moore

But fell short when it came time for the final cut.




The second male dancer in our Top 20 is Vlad Kvartin!


And last, but certainly not least, her elimination was probably the most talked about cut last season.

After being an underdog in Season 16's Top 20, she danced a fiery hip-hop with Season 10's male winner Fik-shun.

We were all stunned when she didn't make the Top 10, but she's back, back, back again for another shot!



Please welcome Nazz Syldran as the fourth member of Top 20's ballroom troupe!


And now, it's time to watch them all dance together in a Sasha Farber and Emma Slater Cha-cha!



Allen, Nazz, Sofia & Vlad | Cha-cha choreographed by Sasha Farber & Emma Slater


Coming up next: Four more dancers in our Top 20 are revealed before they dance their first routine on the ASB Stage!

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Cast Reveal & Showcase


We already know that four ballroom dancers – Allen, Nazz, Sofia and Vlad – are in our Top 20.

Let's see what lyrical dancers will be joining them...


First up is someone who auditioned with his girlfriend, Madison Jordan, last season.

Despite a promising audition and Vegas Week, he fell short of the Top 20 but she made the Top 10, but now he's back to try again!



Jarrod Tyler Paulson is the first contemporary dancer in our Top 20!




Next is a ballet dancer who auditioned for the show's 14th season and was chosen by alum Jasmine Harper for her team.

In the end, we all know that Jasmine chose Robert Green that season, but she's here to prove she should have been the one picked!



Congratulations to Kennedy Brown for joining our Top 20!




Next up is another male contemporary dancer that almost made the Top 10 back in Season 15.

At the Top 20, he danced a hip-hop with all-star Comfort Fedoke, but fell short of the final cut.

He's here to prove he deserves a second chance!



Joining the other six members of our Top 20, it's Justin Pham!




This last dancer also auditioned for Season 14 and was chosen by all-star Paul Karmiryan.

She made the final round that season, but as we all know, Paul chose Sydney Tormey instead.

She's here to prove that she's improved her skills since then...



Please welcome Sydney Moss as the last member of the contemporary crew!




Now, let's see them dance together in a Travis Wall Contemporary piece!



Jarrod, Justin, Kennedy, & Sydney  | Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall


Coming up next: We reveal five more dancers in our Top 20 and they team up for another fantastic routine!

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Cast Reveal & Showcase


We've already reveal 8 dancers - 4 lyrical dancers and 4 ballroom dancers.

Now let's add some hip-hop dancers to the mix.


First up is someone who auditioned in Season 14 and had the privilege of being on both Allison and Jenna's teams!

He almost made the Top 10, but fell short when Jenna picked Kiki instead. 




Kevin "KonKrete" Davis Jr. is the first hip-hop dancer in our Top 20!




Next is a female contestant who just narrowly fell short of the Top 20 last season, though some think she should have advanced.

Especially after her breathtaking contemporary with Season 14 winner Lex Ishimoto.



Congratulations to Sumi Oshima for joining our Top 20!




Next up is animator that almost cracked the Top 10 in Season 14 and 15.

In Season 15, he danced a gorgeous contemporary number with Season 7 winner Lauren Froderman,

but the judges said it wasn't enough. Will he have what it takes this time around?



Joining the Top 20, please welcome Kyle Bennett Jr.!




Next up is another girl that made it all the way to the final cuts in Season 14.

Back then, Season 12 winner Gaby Diaz was deciding whether to pick her or Lex.

Even though she won with Lex, can this girl follow in their footsteps?


Please welcome Nathalie Delgado as part of Team Hip-hop!




Last to join the hip-hop group number tonight is a dancer that many fans thought should have advanced to the Top 10 last season.

He surprised us all when he and Season 8 winner Melanie Moore delivered a stunning Contemporary number at the eleventh hour.

It may not have been enough then, but it's enough now.




Congratulations to Nathan Cherry for being the last of the hip-hoppers to join the cast!




Now, let's see all five of them dance a dirty Luther Brown hip-hop number!


KonKrete, Kyle, Nathalie, Nathan & Sumi   | Hip-hop choreographed by Luther Brown




Coming up next: We reveal four more dancers in our Top 20 and they team up in two pairs routines!

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Cast Reveal & Showcase


We're now 13 dancers deep into our cast reveal. Now it's time to reveal some dancers with a unique style all their own.


First up is a jazz dancer that made the Top 10 Girls in Season 15, but her Cha-cha with Paul Karmiryan

wasn't enough to earn her a spot in the finals. This year, she's back and better than ever!



Dayna Madison is the next contestant to join the Top 20!




Paired up with Dayna for the showcase tonight is a quirky dancer whose audition caught the attention of judges and fans alike,

but after she failed to pick up the other styles in Vegas, she was forced to dance for her life and missed out on the Top 20.



Congratulations to Sarah "Smac" McCreanor for making the Top 20 this year!




Now, let's see how their dance styles come together as they dance a hard hitting Brian Friedman jazz routine!


Dayna & Sarah  | Jazz choreographed by Brian Friedman




Now, let's see who else will join the Top 20...


This dancer was paired with Lindsay Arnold in Season 16's Top 20 round and despite being out of his element,

deliver a surprisingly good Cha-cha, but the talent pool was deep, so he was told to come back next year!



Making a triumphant return to our Top 20, it's tapper Aleksandr Ostanin!




And we can't have just one tapper. This contestant made the Top 20 in Season 15,

and was fortunate enough to be paired with Season 5 runner-up Brandon Bryant for a contemporary piece.

Will Brandon's talent rub off on her this season?



Please welcome Brianna Penrose as part of this tap duo!




Now, let's see Aleksandr and Brianna pair up for our first Tap number of the season, choreographed by Season 12 winner, Gaby.


Aleksandr & Brianna   | Tap choreographed by Gaby Diaz



Coming up next: We reveal the last three dancers in our Season 7 cast, and the Top 20 come together for a haunting Travis Wall group routine!

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Cast Reveal & Showcase


Just three dancers left before our cast is complete. 

Let's found out who will round out our Top 20...


First up is someone that the one and only Jasmine Harper almost chose to be on her team back in Season 14.

He has that same infectious energy as Robert Green, who she ended up choosing.



Bringing that energy to the stage this season, it's Contemporary-Jazz dancer Howard Johnson!




She was also part of the show's 14th season after Paul Karmiryan almost chose her for his partner that season.

Although she showed off her Bollywood skills in her audition, she's also a trained Contemporary dancer.



Give it up for Ramita Ravi as she becomes the last girl to make the Top 20!




And now, the last member of Top 20. He most recently made the Top 20 in Season 15, 

where he danced a Cha-cha with Chelsie Hightower that just wasn't enough to secure his spot in the finals.



But this season, he's back with a vengeance. Give it up for Contemporary dancer Peyton Albrecht!




Now, let's see the three of them dance together in a unique routine choreographed just for them!


Howard, Peyton & Romita  | Bollywood-Jazz choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan


And now, let's see your Top 20 together for the first time!


The Top 20 | Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall



An amazing routine to kick off what hopes to be an amazing season!


Next week: We'll find our their partners as they take on their first routines together!

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