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  1. Think it's 10 by public vote + 2 wildcards chosen by judges
  2. I liked Willie, though some parts of the arrangement were kind of odd to me
  3. I love both Alanis and this song, but I have mixed feelings about this, sounded great at some points and other parts were meh
  4. I know for AI, contestants aren't allowed to share stuff if the relevant episodes haven't been aired yet, and I'd assume this is something true for all (or at least the wide majority of) reality shows.
  5. Landslide is a Fleetwood Mac song, which is the version she did and it's right in her wheelhouse (on the show anyway). Might it have helped that The Chicks have a hugely popular country version of it? yeah a bit, since minivan is at least familiar with the song, but not nearly as much if she had actually sang that version (there's always the chance that minivan would hate the original version, but it's iconic enough that I think it's safe)
  6. Well then I guess we'll see what happens, because there is an extremely wide range of how well/badly this could go
  7. If this is true, having 10 of them back seems like overkill (unless they get cut down to a small number real fast). I get that they lost their chance to perform on stage, and I'd love to see them get that chance, but throwing them into the competition with this top 24 doesn't seem fair, especially since this doesn't appear to have been a thing from the start. If it was just non-competition performances or a side competition of sorts then that could potentially work well though. (and then there's always the chance this isn't true and this is all moot lol)
  8. There are probably more but thought of these three off the top of my head Karli Webster & Addison Agen - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Addison Agen - Lucky Amy Vachal - Hotline Bling
  9. Added songs for Jason and Casey based on videos posted (weren't up yet when I initially posted the list)
  10. Cecil Ray & Mignon sang Dancing On My Own for duets and apparently got a standing ovation and good feedback from the judges. Would've liked to see that (especially compared to some of the not so good duets we saw) but oh well
  11. There are like 200 (maybe even more) contestants that get golden tickets, which has to get cut down to 24 at the end of next week's shows (showstopper round). It's impossible to show everyone's performances every round, so they pick and choose. They'll generally air a decent amount of the performances for those that make it farther (i.e. the top 24), and some of the other more notable contestants or those with eventful backstories. Many artists never get aired at all.
  12. Photos for next week are up! Sunday: https://www.dgepress.com/abc/shows/american-idol/episodes/408-showstopper-final-judgment-part-1/ Alyssa Wray Alex Miller Graham Defranco Anthony Guzman Alanis Sophia Casey Bishop - She Talks to Angels (The Black Crowes) Beane Amanda Mena Wyatt Pike Andrea Valles Caleb Kennedy Hannah Everhart Jason Warrior - Believer (Imagine Dragons) Murphy Chase Beckham Cassandra Coleman Monday: https://www.dgepress.com/abc/shows/american-idol/episodes/409-showstopper-final-judgment-part-2/ Grace Kinstler Colin Jamieson (with Zach Sines for decision) Zach Sines (with Colin Jamieson for decision) Lizzy O'Very Althea Grace Drake McCain (with Cecil Ray for decision) Cecil Ray (with Drake McCain for decision) Liahona Olayan Anilee List Ava August Emisunshine Camille Lamb Ronda Felton Mary Jo Young Madison Watkins Nia Renee Alana Laila Mach Funke Lagoke Deshawn Goncalves Hunter Metts Willie Spence
  13. I don't think they will, since in the promos they talked about Kelly watching remotely and sort of showed her on the phone
  14. Photos for tonight are up! https://www.dgepress.com/abc/shows/american-idol/episodes/407-hollywood-duets-challenge/ Chayce Beckham & Christina Daugherty - July (Noah Cyrus & Leon Bridges) Cameron Allen & Graham Defranco Liv Grace Blue & Michael Gerow Laila Mach & Liahona Olayan Alex Miller & Emisunshine Wyatt Pike & Cassandra Coleman Ava August & Hunter Metts Camille Lamb & Althea Grace Beane & Kari Erickson Murphy & Lizzy O'Very Henry Thompson & Ben Dodson Sloane Simon & Zachary D'Onofrio Claudia Conway & Hannah Everhart Deshawn Goncalves & Madison Watkins Louis Amanti & John Dicaro Samantha Sharpe & Alana Also shown but not with a partner - possibly partners with each other and/or montaged/shortclipped Alec Shaw Sadie Leigh Anthony Guzman Adriel Carrion Monica Leah Miguela Funke Lagoke Ronda Felton Willie Spence Kya Monee Jazzy Rose & Re'h (together in one of the wide shots) Alyssa Wray & Grace Kinstler (not shown together, but seen together in a previous promo)
  15. Taryn mentioned post-show that the KO's were taped at the time of the California fires and all the smoke etc. impacted her voice a lot (you can tell her tone was different and her voice sounded shot). I wouldn't be surprised if some other KO flops were due to related issues. Some people are going to be more susceptible to things like that but not much you can do. I'd be interested to hear her sing it with her normal voice, since I think she can do it
  16. Reality shows (on their own) are never going to be the huge career launchers that they used to be. The industry in general has changed a lot. A big part of this is due to streaming/accessibility - artists don't need to go on TV to become known, and the regular person can seek out whatever music they want to and only listen to that. Having a massively popular song on social media or whatever is a much more genuine way to get real fans and also to show that the artist can have success in the industry. There's also the decline of TV in general, and the prime demographic that watches these shows is often not the same demographic that would be super helpful after it. Then there's the nature of reality shows - they get you invested during the season, but a lot of viewers don't pay any attention after the show is done/ the contestant is eliminated. And there's always going to be at least some producer manipulation/ whatever behind the scenes stuff that goes on (these shows exist for entertainment first), so the artists may not have the freedom to sing what they want, they may not be presented that genuinely, and in general what it takes to be successful on a show can be pretty different than in the industry. After the show, they also no longer have the draw of being on national TV and the guaranteed publicity that comes with it, so they have to maintain engagement on their own. They can also choose to go in a different direction post-show. Of course, for (most) artists, being on the show has lots of benefits. They get to work with vocal coaches and other staff who can help them improve and grow a lot. They can get exposure and many new fans. Especially for the younger and/or less experienced artists, they can figure out their lane artistically and keep growing. They can also make connections within the industry. So even for artists who don't win or get that far, these experiences help them to continue growing and potentially be more successful later on. So even though it is very unlikely to be successful directly from a show, it can still play a very significant role in their future success. Also not every artist's goal is to become a massive star.
  17. For me the contestant comes first, but it does make it nicer if I like their coach too.
  18. Can't say I'm too surprised unfortunately, this is at least the third major incident I can think of in the past year (got arrested for intoxication, kicked off SNL) and every time he "apologized" and said he'd do better but clearly that hasn't happened. He's been given chances but keeps giving them away and it's not a good look for anyone. I hope that he can get the help that he needs (therapy, rehab, etc.), really learn from his mistakes, and get his life more together to become a better person. My more cynical self thinks that he'll be back in several months after he "takes some time off to work on himself" + some more PR statements, and it'll all kinda blow over. Because lets be real, many of his fans don't care so he could at least have a strong independent career even if the label won't pick him back up.
  19. Mignon (Grabois) - confirmed audition on her Instagram country/country pop singer-songwriter Website Instagram YouTube Spotify
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