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  1. Kert

    NBA Thread

    Warriors Cavs Timberwolves Hawks Pistons Knicks Bulls Hornets won't be playing.
  2. Kert

    Baseball Thread

    Chris Flexen plays for KBO... edit: and Dan Straily
  3. Kert

    Baseball Thread

    Stoked. Much better than nothing! 1 AM and 5:30 AM games FTW!
  4. Kert

    Tennis Thread

    Tennis Channel - UTR Pro Match Series: May 8-10, 12 PM EST ft. Opelka, Paul, Kecmanovic, Hurkacz May 22-24 ft. Alison Riske, Danielle Collins, Anisimova, Ajla Tomljanovic
  5. Kert

    Baseball Thread

    I miss sports, dang... First time for me without MLB or NBA in April/May. Bored out of my mind. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh......
  6. Kert

    Baseball Thread

    ^highly doubt anything materializes, but it would Be Better than nothing.
  7. Kert

    NFL Thread

    NFL draft date is still on for now (as scheduled), so there's that...
  8. RIP Smilies RIP Friends List (replaced by Follows)
  9. How's this season going?? So far do you approve? How was last season? Edit: I'll be on the lookout for renewal news.
  10. Kert

    Baseball Thread

    Not feeling like this season is going to happen... Several pitchers opting for eventual TJS recently: Chris Sale, Severino, Thor, Beede, Munoz, etc.
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