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  1. UPDATED DATA (after 0600 hours): NOTES: Not much changed in ranking except the average rank values for overall average tightened up among the Top 3 and they're almost tied. This was due to swap in rank between GNT and Wendy on FB Likes and Twitter Likes (Wendy is now ahead of GNT). 1. GNT is still winning according to the 5 summaries/averages. 2. Wendy is 2nd in 4 out of 5 ranking summaries. Hailey is slightly ahead of Wendy for 2nd on the overall average, due to Hailey's leads in YT, IG and TW. 3. According to the ranking summaries, Jershika's ceiling is 4th and Paris' ceiling is 3rd.
  2. This post is for those who like numbers Back in S20 Finale, I logged and averaged the different social media metrics at around end of voting, and compared them to actual results. Here are the final stats: Notes: 1. Cam would win according to all ranking. 2. YT, Twitter and IG showed Victor 2nd and Rachel 3rd. 3. FB didn't like Rachel and she's 5th there. (many IDF posters predicted her to finish LAST partly due to her FB numbers) 4. Taking just the average of all data had Kenzie at 4th and Jordan 5th. 5. Taking the average of all Likes-to-Views Ratio (yellow shaded data) somewhat predicted the actual results. So I decided to recycle this spreadsheet for S21 and added iTunes and GT data. Here are the data after the West Coast broadcast: Notes: 1. GNT wins according to 5 summary rankings. 2. Hailey's lead on YT, IG and TW put her at 2nd based on overall average (gray shade) and Wendy 3rd. 3. Taking the average of the 3 Likes to Views ratios (the predictive average in S20, yellow shade), has Wendy at 2nd and Hailey at 3rd. 4. FB, iTunes and GT have GNT 1st and Wendy 2nd. 5. Looking at the various data, it seems the Top 3 in order would be GNT, Wendy and Hailey while 4/5 is a toss up. I may update the data before voting closes.
  3. SETS: 1. Wendy 2. GNT 3. Jershika 4. Paris 5. Hailey PERFORMANCES: 1. Wendy - Over The Rainbow 2. GNT - Baby Now That I Found You 3. Wendy - How Will I Know 4. Jershika - I'm Goin' Down 5. GNT - The Chain 6. Paris - Me and Mrs Jones 7. Jershika - Rolling In The Deep 8. Hailey - idontwannabeyouanymore 9. Paris - Ain't Nobody 10. Hailey - deja vu BALLAD: 1. Wendy - Over The Rainbow 2. GNT - Baby Now That I Found You 3. Jershika - I'm Goin' Down 4. Paris - Me and Mrs Jones 5. Hailey - idontwannabeyouanymore UPBEAT: 1. Wendy - How Will I Know 2. GNT - The Chain 3. Jershika - Rolling In The Deep 4. Paris - Ain't Nobody 5. Hailey - deja vu
  4. Remembering that Chris Blue won over IDF favorite and iTunes leader Lauren Duski (when iTunes actually counted for votes), I think Wendy has a good chance to upset GNT. 1. Wendy 2. Girl Named Tom 3. Paris 4. Jershika 5. Hailey
  5. Anyone remembers how Cam and Kenzie did on iTunes last season? Who was leading?
  6. I enjoyed both their performances tonight. Congratulations to Girl Named Tom on a great journey. Not a bum song choice all season long.
  7. Wow, excellent performances by Wendy. One of the best finale set. And "Over the Rainbow" is the performance of the season for me.
  8. I hope John takes a break next season. Maybe they can bring in Wayne Brady or Jamie Foxx. Or bring back Pharrell.
  9. I love both of Wendy's songs especially the ballad. I hope she closes the show with her ballad.
  10. From thevoiceisthetop's post a couple pages back: Hailey Upbeat - deja vu by Olivia Rodrigo Hailey Ballad - idon'twannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish GNT Upbeat - The Chain by Fleetwood Mac GNT Ballad - Baby Now That I've Found You by Alison Krauss Jershika Upbeat - Rolling in the Deep by Adele Jershika Ballad - I'm Goin Down by Mary J Blige Paris Upbeat - Ain't Nobody by Chaka Khan Paris Ballad - Me and Mrs Jones by Billy Paul Wendy Upbeat - How Will I Know by Whitney Houston Wendy Ballad - Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland
  11. I love Wendy's songs. I kept suggesting "Over the Rainbow" for semis or finale the past couple of seasons. And I'm glad she's singing "How Will I Know" instead of "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" as Whitney upbeat song. Disappointed that Jershika didn't get a Gospel song, and nobody is singing "A Change is Gonna Come" I suggested the covered artists (though different songs) for Wendy (Whitney), Jershika (Mary J) and GNT (Alison).
  12. Found on Gab: Another conspiracy theory becoming true https://gab.com/RealRedElephants/posts/107427651038543857 But it's not "vaccine passport". They're called "digital vaccine passes". /s
  13. Sad to see kids suffering from the experimental vaccines. But kids aren't the only ones who are having adverse effects from the vaccines. VAERS, CDC's self reporting system that tracks adverse events from the vaccines, have logged almost 20K deaths, 30K+ disabilities and 100K+ hospitalizations to date. Some reports say that less than 10% of hospitals actually report any vaccine injury to the VAERS system so the current data is at least 10x less than actual numbers. Here's an analysis of the latest VAERS data (up to 12/3/21): https://vaersanalysis.info/2021/12/11/vaers-summary-for-covid-19-vaccines-through-12-03-2021/ Flu Vaccine vs Covid Vaccine
  14. I saw that Jussie meme last week, and it makes me laugh every time I see it. Strangely, the media has been very quiet about that case. They were all up in arms 2 years ago, outraged at those "homophobic racists" who "attacked" Jussie. They should have listened to Dave Chappelle instead of pushing the obvious hoax. This 5-minute video was posted two years ago:
  15. I hope they'd ask her again. Reba (Country) and Kelly (Pop) would be a hoot, and add two male coaches (one R&B and one Rock).
  16. How about Reba as country coach? Imagine Reba and Kelly at bookends.
  17. Delete this! We don't want The Voice interns to get any ideas.
  18. Wendy Moten Girl Named Tom Jershika Maple Paris Winningham Hailey Mia
  19. Up to 4 doses soon. Three shots will eventually become "not fully vaccinated." Triple vaccinated and infected.
  20. Merriam-Webster defines "anti-vaxxer" to include those who are opposed to the vaccine mandates. Archive link I guess some here are now "anti-vaxxers" according to Merriam-Webster (online) dictionary without realizing it.
  21. Past day trends: Web Search YouTube Search
  22. Maybe Miley saw Ashland's potential for post-show success that's why she picked her to advance in the live rounds. Ashland is now signed to Big Loud Records and just released her debut album. (Other Voice alumni on the label include Morgan Wallen and Jake Worthington). I think Miley's support for Ashland could have paid off if she was given better songs during the season.
  23. Nice article about Danielle on Texas Lifestyle Magazine. *** And here's a gorgeous picture with a cryptic message ()
  24. Blake didn't fodderize a couple of his KO steals before (S7 Craig and S8 Hannah). He even won with one KO steal in S7 (though CWB was a "steal back").
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