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  1. Zae's backstory is very sad. His audition is really good. It's definitely the best audition tonight, and in the top 3 for the week.
  2. What a surprise to see Ethan's audition tonight. I love his voice on that song. [h/t Dany]
  3. It's a good episode but could have been much better IMO. I agree about the Kenzie opener (but show the triple block vs Blake). I think they should have closed with Cam (Nick blocking John and Cam picking Blake unexpectedly). Dana closing the first hour and Victor opening the 2nd hour would have spread out the top auditions more. Showing Victor before Cam would have been more consistent with Blake's pitch to Cam that he won't go after someone who is slightly in Cam's lane if he picked him as coach. Also, it needed more genre diversity. Maybe 2 singers in the pop, rock,
  4. My ranking. Jake Worthington Kenzie Wheeler Dalton Dover For me, Jake's raw performance edges out Kenzie's more polished version. I prefer Jake's tone more. Kenzie started good but it got messy with the semi key change. Dalton's higher tone is my least favorite but I still like him enough that season that I made a fan thread for him. I like all three contestants but Jake W is my top favorite among three. Season 6 was the last season tha
  5. They both look great and healthy. I like that they call Danielle "Country Star" .
  6. All great songs. I love "Jealous" and I bet Zae would sound great singing it.
  7. Where's the list? Also, thanks for the warm welcome. I hope @Jacksonboregan adds me to the fan list.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2uFJlT58rc
  9. Here's the full cover image (click for bigger picture) --
  10. We've got this episode on DVR so we can fast forward through it later. Just reading y'all's reactions and comments in the meantime and it's quite entertaining.
  11. So I guess we'll see the Top 4 tonight. The only unknown would be who's the 5th finalist.
  12. Thanks! I added the latest release to the OP with links to iTunes and Amazon.
  13. 2 hours and 42 minutes !!!
  14. Oh yeah, somehow I am thinking we're in Season 21 now and I thought 3 season ago was S18.
  15. None of my top favorites are on tonight's premiere episode, but I will probably find a couple of additional favorites after tonight's episode. At least one on my watch list will be shown tonight. Before hearing anyone sing, here's my unpopular prediction. On the 10th year of The Voice, Team Blake wins with an R&B artist, just like his first win on The Voice (Season 2, Jermaine Paul). Another deja vu, Team Blake wins with someone who has two first names just like his first win on The Voice. It will be a Team Blake vs Team Kelly Top 2 like Season 17, but this time, Te
  16. As I mentioned above, I prefer "Break My Heart Again" over "Look at the Mess I'm In." I think the BMHA chorus is much stronger and tend to get stuck in my head for days. BMHA is radio-ready IMO and most of the song sits on Danielle's voice's sweet spot. I think LATMII would depend a lot on production; probably have to lower the key a tad for live performances.
  17. Added! Welcome to #teamRachel. I wish she posts her covers on YT as well. Many (potential) fans aren't on Instagram...
  18. Wow, that song sounds really difficult to sing. I'm no music expert but the song seems to have a very wide range. Between the two new songs, I prefer "Break My Heart Again." Here's my new favorite Danielle song from the same Nashville show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JWed0V3Flk PS: I wish the crowd would just shut up when Danielle is singing...
  19. I guess I'm the only one here who likes Nick on The Voice. Especially since he made decisions that I like. I also like Shakira on The Voice and I wish she'd be back in some capacity, as mentor or coach.
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