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FloorWax ranks the Season 24 Blind Auditions


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Alright, some of you may be asking, “Why the hell are you starting a new ranking thread when you haven’t even finished your winners ranking?” Well, I’m 22 seasons into that one, aren’t I? I do plan to eventually wrap it up, but as of now, I felt inspired to do this (inspired by jarmon’s S23 thread). Season 24 Blind Auditions were much more interesting than usual, and I thought it would be fun to rank them this way. 



- Montaged/shortclipped auditions obviously won’t be included.

- I’m gonna reveal my rankings in groups of 4, and I’ll be posting clues that correspond to the contestants in each set so y’all can guess.

- The clues won’t be numbered.

- There will be a point system in place. It’s similar to what Someone648 did in his thread, but with a twist.

- The first user to figure out a clue gets 1 point, but also, anyone who guesses the right four contestants (you don’t have to be the first to figure out the clue) in the correct order gets 5 points.


That’s all!

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Team Legend

50. Claudia B

37. Elizabeth Evans

34. Stee

31. Taylor Deneen

30. Talakai

21. Caleb Sasser

20. Ephraim Owens

19. Willie Gomez

18. AZÁN

17. Mara Justine


Team Gwen

52. Calla Prejean

49. BIAS 

48. Eli Ward

47. Brandon Montel

46. Claire Heilig

45. Kara Tenae

40. Kristen Brown

39. Jenna Marquis

27. Jason Arcilla


Team Niall

42. Julia Roome

41. Sophia Hoffman

36. Brailey Lenderman

35. Olivia Minogue

33. Laura Williams

29. Lennon VanderDoes

26. Tanner Massey


22. Olivia Eden


Team Reba

51. Angelina Nazarian

44. Caitlin Quisenberry

43. Al Boogie

38. Ms. Monet

32. Rachele Nguyen

28. Dylan Carter

25. Mac Royals

23. Jordan Rainer

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Points so far:

1. QueenCami - 21

2. MILO JAY - 17

3. Someone648 - 10

4. allistr - 7

5. jarmon - 4

6. Daillon - 3

7. nytsch - 2


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Okay, first batch of clues!


In no particular order, #52-49:


- Are they related to Belcalis Almanzar?

- Բարեւ Ձեզ!

- *rubs lamp* Okay, you have three


- This contestant is the first ever to join a team after it has been completed

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omg i was thinking of doing this but with 56 auditions i felt lazy




- Are they related to Belcalis Almanzar? Kara Tenae Claudia B

- Բարեւ Ձեզ! Angelina Nazarian?

- *rubs lamp* Okay, you have three Kara Tenae


- This contestant is the first ever to join a team after it has been completed Calla Prejean

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btw im following this i just couldn’t figure out the clues.


i would consider doing smth like this but i’m a little checked out from this.. maybe i’ll do a top 20 performances of the season or smth if the season grows on me

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Figures another one would start up before I even update my all-time list :haha:


Claudia B

Angelina Nazarian

Eli Ward

Calla Prejean


If we're focused on order:

53. Angelina Nazarian

52. Eli Ward

51. Claudia B

50. Calla Prejean

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On 11/5/2023 at 9:33 PM, FloorWax said:


Still nope 👀

Still feeling confident about Calla, Claudia, and Angelina... could the last one be Kristen Brown (instead of my Claire Heilig/Eli Ward guesses?)

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5 hours ago, FloorWax said:

i forgot to mention, @allistr got the last one correct. But everyone else can still get bonus 5 points if you guess the order correctly.

I'll guess:

53. Angelina Nazarian

52. Calla Prejean

51. BIAS

50. Claudia B

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52. Calla Prejean (Team Gwen)





At the very bottom of the list, we have Calla Prejean, who, coincidentally, was also the last contestant to receive a chair-turn this season. Calla’s got a decent enough voice, but sadly, this performance suffered from pitch problems the whole way through. And, unlike some others who also had issues, there wasn’t really a single impressive moment or vocal line that made me go “Ok wait… that part was good.” It makes me feel bad to rank her this low because she seemed like a nice person to me in the package, but it’s a ranking, and someone had to come in last.


Clue: This contestant is the first ever to join a team after it has been completed - Gwen mistakenly announced that her team was full after getting Claire, when she actually still had one spot left, which she gave to Calla.


51. Angelina Nazarian (Team Reba)





Next on the list is Angelina, a young singer with a ton of raw talent. However, the trouble with Angelina is (lol) that she may have come on the show a little too underbaked. She has a pleasant tone, but it seemed like she was hitting bum notes at every turn, and they’re much too obvious to ignore. The only reason she edges out Calla is because a) I like her tone much better, and b) the low run she did on “It doesn’t care how fast you fall” was genuinely really good. She could be an excellent singer in a few years’ time. Right now though? She has a lot she needs to work on.


Clue: Բարեւ Ձեզ! - This phrase is a common Armenian greeting, and Angelina is of Armenian heritage.


50. Claudia B (Team Legend)





Barely cracking the Top 50 is Claudia, who did a jazzy version of a classic Michael Jackson song. While I appreciated what she tried to do with the arrangement and everything, the vocals… just were not there. She seemed a little too nervous/excited to be singing up there which is understandable, but nonetheless had a noticeable effect on the performance quality. The run she did on the word “voice” that prompted the coaches to turn was really satisfying, but besides that… her vocals were just too shaky.


Clue: Are they related to Belcalis Almanzar? - Could Claudia B be related to Cardi B? Who are the other members of the B family?


49. BIAS (Team Gwen)





The highest ranking contestant in this set is Mr. Grant Bias himself. I had high hopes for him before his audition aired, as the little I’d seen from his social media pre-season was pretty good. I’m pretty sure most spoiler people on here were expecting him to do great—which made this performance all the more shocking. His voice was just way too reedy for the song choice, and it wouldn’t have worked even if he stayed completely on pitch (which he didn’t). He was still technically better than the people below him, and probably a few above him even, but personally I just found the whole thing kind of unpleasant to listen to. It’s great that he got to redeem himself with the Battle at least.


Clue:  *rubs lamp* Okay, you have three wishes - BIAS' real name is Grant. What does a genie do? Grant wishes. 🧞

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Next batch of clues:


- A certain coach hasn’t heard this song performed since their debut season. They clearly preferred the older version.

- noun: a decisive or final defeat or setback

- The wardrobe department had ONE job with that song

- This contestant comes from a particularly gorgeous house

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