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Spoilers: Rank Gwen’s Playoffs Team by Auditions


Gwen’s Playoff Team Auditions  

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  3. 3. Least Favorite?

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Honestly, not that good of a first impression for this team IMO.  I´m sure they will grow though, we´ll get better performances. 


My favorite ended up being Tanner lol, dude has a good voice, he needs to polish up and get rid of the nerves.


2nd favorite is Rudi. Girl has a gorgeous tone, but I was turned off by the lack of agression in that particular song. She needed to give it more anger.


Least favorite was BIAS. One of the roughest blinds this season. Dude has advanced cleanly through each round, so I´m betting he stepped it up, and I´m open to see it.

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1. Rudi (Great introduction, no complaints)

2. Tanner Massey (Strong introduction, but nervous - can continue to improve!)

3. Stee (Good performance, not best showcase of vocals that he could've done)

4. Kara (Fantastic vocals, would've been at the top of this list with a proper song choice/pacing)

5. BIAS (Good voice, got a not-so-great song for his blind)

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