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Favorite Team Kelly battle (S23)


Favorite Team Kelly battle (S23)  

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    • Cait Martin vs Allie Keck - It Must Have Been Love
    • ALI vs D Smooth - Unaware
    • Holly Brand vs Katie Beth Forakis - Lady Like
    • Rachel Christine vs JB Somers - Light On

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1. Allie vs. Cait: Beautiful arrangement and both of them rose to the occasion. One of my favorite battles ever.

2. Rachel vs. JB: Rachel improved a TON and carried this battle.

3. D Smooth vs. ALI: Neither of them are really my cup of tea, but the battle was good.

4. Holly vs. Katie Beth: Sleepy, boring


I probably would've put Marcos and Sheer Element at 3 if their battle had aired. They sounded decent in the Instagram video Sheer Element uploaded.

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