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Cross Battles S16 situation (part 2)


Cross Battles S16 situation  

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  1. 1. Which steal is least deserved

    • Adam - Betsy Ade
    • John - Celia Babini
    • Kelly - Rod Stokes
    • Blake - Kendra Checketts
  2. 2. which save is least deserved

    • Adam - Domenic Haynes
    • John - Jacob Maxwell
    • Kelly - Abby Kasch
    • Blake - Selkii
  3. 3. Which future coach will get a near team wipedown instantly if cross battles are featured without blake or kelly (in the future)

    • Gwen
    • Nick
    • Ariana
    • Camila
    • Niall
    • Chance
    • Others

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1) Can't really argue with choosing Celia here, although I kinda understand why John did it

2) Selkii - let's just say I'm very attached to the original version of her BA song and I did not think she did it justice. Rough CB was the nail in the coffin.

3) Gwen/Ari/Nick (based on them being less convincing to get strong artists in the first place)

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1) I actually think Celia’s CB is kinda overhated so I’ll go with Betsy even if I like her better overall.

2) Selkii, I remember it being my least favorite performance of the episode lol

3) Accidentally voted Chance but my answer would probably be Ari for the reason nytsch mentioned.

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Last question seems more like it should be reversed. Which coach wouldn't get wiped out due to how they role. I think Camila would do fine, as well as knowing how to sell her contestants to the audience. Niall and Chance are just starting out, give them more time.


But if not, probably Ariana or Nick getting bodied. I'm convinced Gwen knows enough to have a few of her's survive at least. 

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1. I voted Celia because I disliked her performance the most (And I also preferred her opponent in her battle).

2. I voted Abby. Selkii may have had the worst performance, but I never liked any of Abby’s performances. 

3. Ariana. I remember her team being much worse than the others in S21

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1. Celia (tragic)

2. Abby (tragic)

3. Nick (tragic)


We know that Gwen can win with the right contestant, and she knows better. Ariana is a hit or miss, but had she gone with her last playoffs team I don’t see them going through, except Holly if she plays it safe and doesn’t throw her against a strong contestant.

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1. Celia got my vote, as I simply thought that Betsy was more underwhelming than bad, and Kendra and Rod both gave good to great performances.

2. Selkii got my vote here, though Abby and Jacob did poorly, too, and were also huge wastes of saves (and Abby's was particularly egregious when you heard Kelly basically admit that she did it out of nothing but panic when she still had the Bundys left to await!).  Still, there's something about being so bad, that being on the most disproportionately loved coach's team can't even save you with the voters, and that's what Selkii acomplished.  So she got my vote for that reason.

3. Ariana, only because she's so widely despised by Minivan for what's really no good reason.  I can see any of the other coaches winning several Cross-Battle rounds.  Even Nick and Gwen.

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