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The Voice Australia Season 11


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Given what we know about the Callbacks, I wonder if the reason the show decided to stock the first promo of the season with female contestants is because they eliminated most of the males by then. I'm anticipating something like a 20:4 female/male ratio by the time the Battles start.


God I hate these cull elimination formats. This is why I never latched on to X-Factor and AI. 

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So I listened to most of these names now, and there's only one person who immediately perked my ears.... it's Connor Wink.








His tone is so beautiful. Clear as a bell. And I love the sincerity in his presence. He's not the most polished or techically proficient singer, but when he's on, it's magic.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that he completely flew under my radar during my spoiler search (he literally follows no one from my follower circle), and the fact that he's been silent on social media, I don't think he made past the Callbacks. Not even sure if he turned a chair TBH. Would love to be proven wrong though, I'd like to see someone like him thrive in a setting like TVAU. Fingers crossed!


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3 hours ago, steve2013 said:

The AU producers just care about drama even more so than US like its UTTER RIDICULOUS they can block during the pitch 

Yeah, this might be the most annoying pitch.

I don't mind a regular block like on the US because it's done fairly before the actual coach turns and it's only once. Two blocks was whatever, Blocking at any time during the performance (after the coach turned) was annoying, this is chaotic and not good.

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7 hours ago, searomordep said:

Apparently, that's the cast for tonight:


Ally Eley (@ally.eley)

ASHA (@ashamusicc)

Faith Sosene (@faithsoseneofficial)

Jordan Tavita (@jordantavitaofficial_)

Lachie Gill (@lachiegillmusic)

Lou P Scarlett (@i_am_lou_p)

Shaun Wessel (@tallshaunmusic)
Thando (@thndo.music)


(At least) 3 4 chair turns in one episode, LOL. Never change, TVAU.

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