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  1. Considering that channel 7 potentially promoted Arlo performance on the knockouts before the season even started, like they did with Bella, I believe they are both on the grand final. They are both my favorites, so good for me lol
  2. My top2 would be Team Guy: Bella/Jordan Team Rita: Siann/G-NAT!ON Team Keith: Arlo/Cassie Team Jess: Ella/Seann/Mick (Ella wasn't a favorite for me, but her seconds singing today got me lol) My final would something like Bella/G-NAT!ON/Arlo/Mick
  3. Team Guy: Bella, Adrian Hood, Jordan, Chantel and Penelope Team Jess: Ella, Janaki, Evile, Seann and Mick Team Rita: Sofia, Siann, G-NAT!ON, Tanya and Halimah Team Keith: Arlo, Jediael, Lozz, Lau and Cassie
  4. So The voice Within voice was really Bella, on the finals (?)
  5. Some like Abbey and everyone else paired with Lau wasn't even showed singing, they just said they were paired with Lau and she won lol
  6. And now Seann and Mick pairing wich I wanted both lol
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