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  1. I think it's due to the terrible year 2020 and early 2021 with the covid which makes people from your country go out and are less in front of the TV, I don't know if in your country there is still a lockdown, but if there is more at all, I think people prefer to go out to forget about this tragic year which is understandable, in France we have started our 3rd lockdown and people can't stand it anymore, so TV is the only remedy for all that haha
  2. on an ariana fan instagram account : "Earning $ 20-25 million, Ariana Grande is reportedly going to be the highest paid coach ever on“ The Voice ”. " for the fans of ariana, she must be above everyone even on the money haha
  3. i think they wanted the surprise to be total, she would have been at the mentor knockouts, we would have been surprised that she was a coach but less than if she had done nothing to keep the surprise even greater
  4. for the seats, ariana is on John's chair this season in the official photo, it may not mean anything but maybe they will remake Blake / John / and the two girls next door
  5. even in france on twitter, everyone wants to participate in the voice USA because there will be ariana ahah
  6. you think they'll keep the twitter instant saves with Ariana?
  7. the instagram followers of the candidates who will go to the ariana team
  8. i think that in 20 seasons, this is the most incredible and above all UNEXPECTED coach announcement
  9. like instagram posts from the voice like candidate videos who have chosen Ariana as a coach on youtube the instagram pages of the candidates of the ariana team
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