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  1. Is it forbidden on this planet to not like Gwen Stefani or is it just forbidden by you?
  2. first promo in tv, so I think it will be before the Olympics, from the beginning of May until the end of June/beginning of July
  3. the season started with unimpressive auditions compared to last season BUT the battles are fixing that, this season's battles are incredible, well done to NBC and the production and coachs
  4. for me, Nathan won this battle, what technique, he was incredible Bryan will be stolen by the other 4 coaches anyway, or vice versa for Nathan
  5. they partly listened to the viewers, that's good (hoping that next year they bring back the lives and it will be perfect) the days of filming show that a premiere in May is very likely before the Olympics
  6. the fact that Kelly publishes this publication on her account does not mean that she is officially coming back but she is sending a message to the channel, especially to try the double chair, maybe she needs new things to come back and this double chair fits him in it and she can find a way to do her show and the voice, if she really wants to come back...
  7. John posted on his account about being in the double chair with Kelly and... Kelly also posted this video on his account with the comment "Don’t invite mama, she’ll show up " I think they want to tell NBC to put them together, it's obvious, especially since Kelly has never published a post from the voice on her Instagram account since she left.... SO NBC, PUT THEM IN THIS CHAIR
  8. almost no one talks about Asher's audition????? the best audition for me, this guy has a crazy voice, his controls, his power, with work he can go very far
  9. dan + shay both get paid, why would they only have a salary?
  10. on instagram they put this post where he asks Reba who she would go in the double chair with and she says Niall : https://www.instagram.com/p/C38odChrfOB/ and on twitter, it's John with Kelly what if they prepared us to put former coaches together for S26 in the double chair?
  11. Reba responded to rumors of her departure after S25 Reba is on her way to S26
  12. I find you hard for this first maybe there is not an EXCEPTIONAL performance, but it is only the first then you forget that a talent evolves over the performances, that is the goal of the show with the coaches for this panel of coaches, I don't find it bad at all, I like Dan + Shay it's clear that they enjoy being there, I always love Reba, and having John/Chance allows for more competitiveness , they are fun and between them they do not hesitate to laugh and tease each other, you prefer the atmosphere with Nick Jonas maybe? haha the only negative point of this season and which will be seen is that the teams are only 10 so fewer blind auditions, but otherwise the season really has potential
  13. Reba will be almost identical for S25 because the blind audition recording dates between S24 and S25 are very close
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