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  1. on the singing videos on their instagram, Anna >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kenzie
  2. or they can blind auditions only once a week, which would give them time to do the knockouts, knowing that the knockouts represent only 2-3 days in the episodes, so with once a day audition and then the battles, they will maybe put the first one in February and have time to make the knockouts
  3. the boy was much better than the first hahahah the season starts well, Olly really needs to be fired
  4. olly who turns around at the zero start of the first singer ?? i really hate this guy haha
  5. i hate both, but Will, it's a disaster i don't understand why he has his place every season, maybe in England they like him ...
  6. i hate will i.am and olly murs... and the last two seasons the talents were really bad ... Jessie J is sorely missed but I'm still going to watch without expecting anything good ..
  7. i fully agree with you that Nick made excellent battles and surely had the best team of season 18, and would surely have won if the talents had performed on stage and not at home because they did not were unable to showcase their talent in their home but despite all that i found him a bit boring on auditions, hope he will be better this season
  8. although nick is back, i think talent level will be an excellent season so that's normal +
  9. for this to happen, NBC must only let IDF members vote
  10. when i say his victory, there is also the fact that he was very good for his first season, so i think they have signed him for several seasons since he does not have a busy schedule like can have it Jhud or Usher
  11. John after his first win had to sign for several seasons in a row anyway, so he won't be leaving now
  12. he's a good coach and for 3 seasons he had the best candidates in his team but since this season, I have the impression that he takes less pleasure in playing this role...
  13. the majority of the public want at all costs that a country artist of the blake team win every year, but when the artist wins, that same public are not behind them to help him create a career after the voice ahah all that for this...
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