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  1. maybe the coaches will have the same number of talent for KOs, but it seems complicated if they can turn around as much as they want, after if one of the coaches has more talent, he will do KOs with more people for eliminate more talents and have the same number of talents at the end of the lives ‎
  2. yes it can be like that, so in my opinion the audition phase will be longer than the old seasons and maybe several coaches will have more talents than the others ahah
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRvqlziCat5/ unlimited chair turns?????????? this season is going to be crazy ahah
  4. yes indeed, in terms of career not to mention the voice, Gwen was more successful i think Kelly, in terms of images of her, her looks, then her career took off her style which was really a success at that time
  5. Kelly can sing any song, she will always succeed in her own way with her powerful voice (we have the example in her talk show, every cover she does, it's just amazing) Gwen, i can't remember that she can sing a song by whitney houston then the next day sing a song by adele perfectly
  6. i discovered Jessica 3-4 years ago with her duet with queen Alicia, and she is awesome
  7. yes they have removed the battles, it's a shame because in Australia, there are so many good talents that very often the battles are INCREDIBLE but i think they must have added more blind auditions or other ordeals to contemplate the battles then i'm so happy that Rita and Jessica are in the pannel, it will give a fresh air because Delta and Kelly were very good but by force, we knew them by heart, we knew before if they would turn around or not
  8. from what i have seen this season will be the best of all we would have been wrong to think that similarly that The Voice UK, when it changes channel, the series becomes not terrible on the contrary i think Channel 7 really made the series better than Channel 9
  9. the notes from 2:04, where does his voice come from ??????????? amazing
  10. wait........... SHE IS AMAZIIIIIIIIIIIIING, she is a diament https://www.instagram.com/p/B_nzVImJUlC/
  11. maybe Ariana was not convincing and Kelly was excellent in her arguments...
  12. this is the first season of ariana, maybe she did not succeed in convincing this person and that Kelly in view of her experience in this program had better arguments, but it is true that we can ask yourself questions about this case haha
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