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  1. Even without a source, I have no doubt that he will get us out of our seat with every high note, I think that will be the performance that will make him favorite this season eheh
  2. I'm just waiting to see John on All By Myself, I think it can be one of the best performances of The Voice eheh
  3. I was re re re re watching this performance of Patrique S15, and this time his voice reminded me a little of that of John H ahah
  4. what? why does it do that to me when i post instagram post????
  5. Tanner will therefore go to the lives ... well ... maybe Kelly had ear problems at the time..
  6. FINALLY an episode where there are immense talents Desz omg Rio vibes omg hight note of Kelsie omg
  7. What's with Nick's notebooks? already S17 he always had one with him, and there he will give some ... he does not seem to want to change in the coming season, to see
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