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  1. the best thing to do for ariana fans who insult candidates who don't fit on their squad (they don't represent the majority of ariana fans, they're just a few idiots) is not to give them any 'important because that's what they are looking for at all costs. They want to be seen, so in my opinion the only way to fight them is ... to pretend they don't exist
  2. i think they would have preferred that we discover this performance tonight and not before, but i could be wrong
  3. yes i know that was a way of saying it won't be as big a surprise as they would have liked
  4. yes and it's useless since .... almost everyone has already seen the performance
  5. FINALLY an answer they just wanted to show the performance of the coaches on the same day and not a few days before it started
  6. aaaaah ok, i didn't know, thanks but then The Voice made the mistake of deleting it, it had to be published as soon as they saw their error so that everyone does not look at it on another account so that the surprise is still intact
  7. it's really weird this story, how the fans got to have it all without there being an official video
  8. there are still performances from coaches on youtube with even the preparations
  9. oh okkk i was trying to find out why they didn't release the performance of the coaches before the auditions started but so it's not for that reason
  10. maybe they will release it before the battles phase they did this for the JEALOUS performance with Nick they released it just before the battles started or am i wrong ???
  11. why did they not upload the performance of the coaches to RESPECT? and how the fans managed to release it before its official release ??
  12. the entry of ariana and kelly with the choristers before singing is just epic haha and when they sing together, what a wonder
  13. let's go to the topic for the S21 eeheh Vaughn is good i can't wait to see how Ariana will coach him
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