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  1. do you find it funny to be violent? calm your heart like I told you, and question yourself
  2. and I am honored that you took the time to create an account just for me and on top of that you read my posts before creating an account, you became my first fan and on top of that thanks to me , the site now has one more member I will sign you an autograph when I have the time, there for the moment I have no more time to grant you, continue to be my first fan to read all my posts, kisses
  3. the guy who quoted me, said he's been there for a long time = account created today, 1 post next time talk with your real account instead of hiding however, the next season starts tomorrow, FINALLY
  4. Ah ah ah ah I absolutely never hid the fact that I was not a fan of Gwen, but why are you saying HATE? why do you have to make it worse? I hate nobody in my life, you know what the definition of hate is to say that? Don't you think you have to know the person personally to hate them or is it too difficult for you to know the exact definition of a word before using it? I have always defended the fact that everyone can have different opinions and that they can say them without being taken to task by someone who does not think the same, you are everything that I don't like here and I
  5. fortunately, because it's not American Idol or Mask Singer who will replace The Voice
  6. the voice is a show that will never be exhausted for good, you just need to change one or two coaches every year and there will be fans of this new coach who will come and watch (like what happened with Nick for his first season, when Gwen replaced Adam the audiences went down, and when Nick replaced Gwen, the ratings went up super high) the concept of this show is amazing too it's like that in a lot of countries, there are a lot of fans, and what is incredible is that the fans of the voice watch all the voices in the world (in the youtube comments you can have lots of
  7. anyway, Kelly will be there for a long time, Blake too, John has not left the voice despite what happened in his personal life so he is also there for a long time so if change of coach, he there will only be one in my opinion
  8. i think the same haha they are 1.5M views and only 1800 likes haha and no human can like this song like this :
  9. in all the pages, he is present, that's why i was wondering if i had missed something on him
  10. it's not a complaint, it's really a question, i'm not there every day, so i may have missed a good cover of him, or a story about him
  11. it's already talking about the winner when there are 2 weeks left before the start of the season and no performances have been broadcast
  12. i think that the blocks give more pleasure to watch the coaches it allows to put even more action between them because after 20 seasons, without the blocks it would have become boring to see them always with the same ways of doing to have the talent then the coaches often have the means to recover the talent for which they were blocked during the battles
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