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Which Blind Audition Season Opener is your favorite?

erik g


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  1. 1. Which Season Opening Blind Audition is your favorite?

    • Tarralyn Ramsey
    • RaeLynn
    • Terry McDermott
    • The Morgan Twins
    • Kat Robichaud
    • Christina Grimmie
    • Luke Wade
    • Sarah Potenza
    • Mark Hood
    • Paxton Ingram
    • Jason Warrior
    • JChosen
    • Chris Weaver
    • Britton Buchanan
    • Sarah Grace
  2. 2. Batch 2

    • Gyth Rigdon
    • Katie Kadan
    • Todd Tilghman
    • Tamara Jade
    • Kenzie Wheeler
    • Girl Named Tom

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I hope this isnt already a thread lol.  Which Blind Audition that opened the season is your favorite?


Season 1- Tarralyn Ramsey


RaeLynn- Season 2


Terry McDermott- Season 3



The Morgan Twins- Season 4



Kat Robichaud- Season 5


Christina Grimmie- Season 6


Luke Wade- Season 7


Sarah Potenza- Season 8



Mark Hood- Season 9


Paxton Ingram- Season 10

Jason Warrior- Season 11


JChosen- Season 12


Chris Weaver- Season 13


Britton Buchanan- Season 14


Sarah Grace- Season 15

Gyth Rigdon- Season 16


Katie Kadan- Season 17


Todd Tilghman- Season 18

Tamara Jade- Season 19

Kenzie Wheeler- Season 20


Girl Named Tom- Season 21





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Christina Grimmie and Girl Named Tom.


I actually haven't watched many performances in the first poll but I checked out Luke Wade and he sounded good + I remember Chris Weaver being great as well.

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Kat’s is a blast and a half every time, but Christina’s is iconic tier for a reason.


In poll two, GNT wins it but Katie and Todd were also pretty good. Were the groups more evenly distributed (for example, S11-21 in the second group vs. S1-10 in group one), I’d have gone for Chris and it wouldn’t be close 💀

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