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How far would've Gymani gone, had she chosen Ariana?


Gymani's placement on Team Ariana:  

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  1. 1. Choose one

    • Wouldn't make lives
    • Top 20
    • Top 13
    • Top 11
    • Top 10
    • Top 8
    • Top 5 (but not the winner)
    • The winner

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It's obvious she was never a priority for Kelly or for the producers on Kelly's team. However, if she made lives on a team that very clearly struggled when the lives started, would she stand out more and how much would it help her if the producers pushed for her? Also, they'd have the perfect storyline in the blinds that they wanted when they gave her an Ariana song.

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TPTB would have pushed her more, definitely, but I don´t think it would have made much of a difference. honestly. The audience wasn´t into her from the get go, despite her being a consistent performer. 


I´m tempted to say Top 10, since they would have pimped her in this last IS and she would have gotten a better song choice, therefore winning it. But that´s it I think.

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If Gymani had picked Ariana, I think she would’ve most likely made it at least to the top 10 (especially because Ari’s song + picking Ari as her coach + AA female on a show where one hasn’t won yet = easily getting Chosen One status), but if she needed an Instant Save to advance to the top 10, she’d have only gotten the one pimp spot + smart song choice.


She was struggling to click with viewers on a season loaded with strong R&B talent (despite being very good herself and running more pop/R&B than R&B/soul), so I don’t know if she would’ve made the finale or won, but I don’t think Semis would be too out of the question assuming she didn’t need an Instant Save before top 10 week.

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She might not have gotten a save at all, but let’s just assume she would have.


Gymani makes it past Top 13 in an instant save because she can sing well enough. Past that there is no reason to fight for her because she is not a finalist, and she is probably dropped at Top 11. She is no better off on Team Ari because Holly already exists, and Jim and Sasha are already there to cause plenty of trouble. Pushing a Black female in her R&B/Pop lane would have been very difficult to see much return on.

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She would’ve been the TCO on Ariana’s team for sure cause she checks almost all the boxes. Definitely make the lives on her team and get a PV considering the lack of Minivan appeal overall. From that, I guess they would’ve pulled all the shenanigans they’re gonna use to make sure Holly is in the finale. Whether that’s successful or not is another question.


Floor is Top 10, ceiling is 5th ?

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