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S21 Ep 4 Battles: Rank them and pick your winners


S21 Ep 4 Battles: Rank them and pick your winners  

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  1. 1. Choose

    • Ryleigh vs KCK3 - Come On Over
    • TCS vs Parker - Its My Party
    • Paris vs Jonathan - Here and Now

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1. Paris Winningham (9.5) vs. Jonathan Mouton (9) - DAMN. Preferred Paris just a smidge over Jonathan but DAMN. 

2. Ryleigh Plank (8.5) vs. KCK3 (7) - Both of them definitely improved from blinds! Ryleigh's performance felt much more confident and consistent than the sisters. There's one sister who's a standout and the other two kind of just fell to the background. They still sounded pretty decent with Ryleigh, though! Can't help but think Ryleigh would've been even better with a different opponent.

3. The Cunningham Sisters (8) vs. Parker McKay (8) - They both definitely improved as well but tbh I didn't like the arrangement at all lol. Voted the sisters for the harmonies, but Parker did a pretty solid job as well!

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1. Paris  vs Jonathan: That was fantastic. I preferred Paris by a bit but both deservingly moved on. The blending was exquisite.


2. TCS vs Parker: A pleasant surprise. Loved this as well. I personally think Parker took it, but I can see why TCS were chosen. Very unique arrangement but it worked for all four voices.


3. Ryleigh vs KCK3: Easy winner here, but it got messy.

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1. Paris vs Jonathan - It's really hard to pick because they were equal vocally, but I think Paris has the more powerful voice so I'm gravitating a bit towards him.


2. The Cunningham Sisters vs Parker - The arrangement was really weird but the vocals were nice. Going for the Cunninghams because I like the younger sisters' tone (Marie?) the most out of everyone in the battle.


3. Ryleigh vs KCK3 - This was fine, but pretty underwhelming song choice tbh. Ryleigh took this but I liked her stage presence more than the vocals.

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1. Paris vs Jonathan - Didn't expect this one to be this good. They sounded great together.



2. TCS vs Parker - Not sure if I buy this arrangement but there some really beautiful moments here. Extremely even.

3. Ryleigh vs KCK3 - Good battle, just happened to be my least favorite of the night. Ryleigh's entrance was my favorite part, and enough to put her above the trio.

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