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RuPaul's Drag Race UK - Series 3


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Tweet in the first post has all the Meet the Queens, but here’s a full list.


Anubis, 19, Brighton

Charity Kase, 24, Lancashire

Choriza May, 30, Newcastle

Elektra Fence, 29, Lancashire

Ella Vaday, 32, Dagenham

Kitty Scott-Claus, 29, Birmingham

Krystal Versace, 19, Kent

River Medway, 22, Kent

Scarlett Harlett, 26, East London

Vanity Milan, 29, South London

Veronica Green, 35, Lancashire

Victoria Scone, 29, Cardiff


Would have liked to have seen more diversity in this cast but I enjoyed them from the Meet the Queens. My early favourites were (in no particular order) Ella, Kitty, Krystal, River, Vanity, Veronica (excited for her to get a second chance) and Victoria (first cis female queen!!).

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Good first episode, here are my thoughts.


1.  Victoria Scone – you go Victoria.  One of my favorites on the runway, made me laugh.  Good performance in the lip sync!

2.  Ella Vaday – Would have had her in the Top over Krystal.  Also swoon.  But I like the message she sends.

3.  Kitty Scott Clause – I found her very likable, and that goes a long way at the start of a show.  Middling runways this week, but she made me remember her.

4.  Veronica Green – Still love her, but wasn’t super impressed with her week 1 drag.

5.  River Medway – the statue and pointing made me lose it like Ru, bad second runway.  I liked her backstory, and I hope she steps up!

6.  Krystal Versace -  Looks A+, personality womp womp.  Congrats on the first win!

7.  Vanity Milan – good week 1 all around.  Only a year in drag, that’s pretty impressive for what she turned out.

8.  Charity Case – that was some out of the box drag, feels very anime.  Something the UK show hasn’t had yet.  I feel like they were some great concepts and execution was great, but the it was a little much at times.

9.  Scarlett Harlett – Another Scarlett eh.  Don’t have much of an opinion so far.  She’s a cutie but I also didn’t think she should have been in the top.

10.  Choriza May – I like her personality more then her drag I think.

11.  Anubis – here by default I think

12.  Elektra Fence- she had the Sister Sister mouth in her second look.  Don’t find her interesting, and week runways so  far.  Did win that lip sync.  Felt like a cracked out Lemon, but I don't like her.

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Ranking after episode 1!

  1. Victoria Scone
  2. Ella Vaday
  3. Choriza May
  4. Scarlett Harlett
  5. Veronica Green
  6. Vanity Milan
  7. Charity Kase
  8. Kitty Scott Clause
  9. River Medway
  10. Krystal Versace
  11. Elektra Fence
  12. Anubis
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01. Krystal Versace

02. Choriza May

03. River Medway

04. Scarlett Harlett

05. Kitty Scott Clause

06. Elektra Fence - Fantastic lip-sync.

07. Ella Vaday

08. Victoria Scone

09. Anubis

10. Vanity Milan

11. Charity Kase

12. Veronica Green - Those runways were horrific.

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Yeah challenge was a mess. I thought Krystal did decently and loved her runway, so fine with her win, but I would have probably given it to Kitty who stood out to me the most in the middle of all that was going on.

I was also just kinda confused about the critiques because I didn’t really know what was the standout quality they were looking for in this challenge. Critiquing Vanity for the wig was weird to me, but then she went on to slay the f**k out of that lip-sync so I’m not that mad.

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I’m really annoyed how Victoria and Charity were safe. Victoria did absolutely nothing and Charity looked as though she messed up every single step.


Elektra was ahead of the music but at least she knew the choreography and killed it. Krystal also underwhelmed me but her runway was by far the best. The entire episode seemed off.

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That challenge? Sis, it's a no.  I think it would have been better if it was filmed as a video and seperately? 

I was living for Oti as a guest judge. Bring her every season, please and thanks!

I am sad regarding Victoria - I think we can all agree that we know the outcome. I thought Veronica should have won this week - I didn't think Krystal were that great? Good runway but at least Veronica had both?.  Or Kitty, who impressed me. 

Regarding the eliminated queen? I am indifferent. I relate to her as a fellow shortie but she wasn't bringing anything to the competition. Her runway was a boot. 

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01. Kitty - By far the best character this week. Horrible runway though.

02. River - I’m glad she got a Rudemption this week. I loved her and her runway.

03. Krystal - By far the best runway and a solid character. I hate when queens don’t cover breast plates though.

04. Choriza - A few messy moments but she’s one of the few who made me remember her.

05. Ella - It was solid. I see she’s going for the Jan storyline already.

06. Scarlet - Meh.

07. Veronica - I liked her last season so I don’t know why I don’t this season. I don’t remember anything she did this week and I hated the dress.
09. Vanity - No thank you.

10. Charity - Horrendous. 
11. Victoria - I do not like her at all. I don’t think she paints her face well and her runway this week was abysmal. It was an awful dress and looked like it had been made in an hour. She did nothing this week and I wouldn’t care if her injury removed her from the competition.

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1.  Ella Vaday - Memorable performance, loved her runway

2. Victoria Scone - love her, meh performance this week but with her knee, what else could she do.

3. Choriza May - found her hilarious this week.  

4. River Medway - cute!

5. Kitty Scott Clause - I really like her too but this episode was meh.

6. Veronica Green - She was one of my favorite performances of the week but I am not loving her confessionals this round.

7. Scarlet Harlett - Meh!

8. Charity Case - meh! 

9. Krystal Versace - 2 episodes, and 2 wins.  I don't like her personality. 

10.Vanity Milan - gave a good lipsync so ill give her that one!

11. Elektra Fence - pretty bad this week

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