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RuPaul's Drag Race UK - Series 3


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Tweet in the first post has all the Meet the Queens, but here’s a full list.


Anubis, 19, Brighton

Charity Kase, 24, Lancashire

Choriza May, 30, Newcastle

Elektra Fence, 29, Lancashire

Ella Vaday, 32, Dagenham

Kitty Scott-Claus, 29, Birmingham

Krystal Versace, 19, Kent

River Medway, 22, Kent

Scarlett Harlett, 26, East London

Vanity Milan, 29, South London

Veronica Green, 35, Lancashire

Victoria Scone, 29, Cardiff


Would have liked to have seen more diversity in this cast but I enjoyed them from the Meet the Queens. My early favourites were (in no particular order) Ella, Kitty, Krystal, River, Vanity, Veronica (excited for her to get a second chance) and Victoria (first cis female queen!!).

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