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s5 vs s13 vs s20(Part 2)

Hamza Tufail


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  1. 1. Playoffs

  2. 2. Semi-Finals

  3. 3. Finals

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Best playoffs : S13 but it was taped so it is what is lol, many standouts


Best SF : I don't know but I'd go with S13 I think, I liked the top 8 performances and duets more overall


Best Finale : S13 for the iconic line-up, maybe not the best in terms of vocals (Tessanne would take that crown)

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Playoffs: Season 13 - loved many performances there (Noah, Janice, etc.)


Semi-Finals: Season 13 - Brooke's (phenomenal) Faithfully, Chloe's IWTWLI, and Addison's Both Sides Now- yup, that season won this by far (add those beautiful duets of Noah and Chloe and the others)


Finals: Season 13 - the queens owned the night (and the duet of Adam and Addison though 🤩)


as much as  I love Season 20, there were just certain stand outs per round imo, they came close to the Finals though. Season 5- I would've loved it but Jacquie's pitchy AITYIG turned it off for me 

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Playoffs: S5 (Jacquie, Matthew and James)

Semifinals: S13 (Noah and Brooke slayed, and Addison, Keisha and Chloe were enjoyable that night)

Finals: S5 (My favorite group of finalists, and I Have Nothing happened)

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