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Favorite Victor Solomon performance?



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  1. 1. Favorite Victor Solomon performance?

    • Glory
    • U Got It Bad
    • My Girl
    • I Wish
    • I Can Only Imagine
    • I Can't Make You Love Me
    • Freedom

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I'm glad we're finally appreciating Victor on IDF! In my opinion, the only performance where his vocal performance was bad is I Can Only Imagine. He shows up every week with entertaining performances, gorgeous runs, and a robust tone. I think we overlook him just because he may not be the favourite. 

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1. U got it bad

2nd best battle of the season imo


2. Freedom

Best finale performance, and most entertaining performance of the season


3. Glory

One of the best auditions of the season


4. I can't make you love me

Top 4 finale performance


5. I wish

6. My girl



7. I can only imagine

One of the weaker performances that night


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