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If everyone eliminated in the Battles went onto a comeback stage, what would happen?

British Man

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So, just to remind everyone, the 12 eliminated battle contestants were...


Lindsay Joan


Bradley Sinclair



JD Casper

Halley Greg

Savanna Chestnut
Aaron Konzelman


Deion Warren

Denisha Dalton

Durell Anthony

Christine Cain


Now, there's a different amount of people for each team, so we can't do the comeback stage by Team unless we moved on of Team John's members onto Team Blake, which, we aren't doing.


Instead, think of this like a tournament bracket, where, at random, 2 contestants would be paired up, and they'd both sing a song, and then the comeback coach (whoever it is) would save one of them.


I'm giving you all as much creative liberty as you want. You can make up who goes against who, what songs they sing, who the comeback coach is, and who they'd pick. If you don't want to make up songs, you don't have to.


Have fun!

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Lindsay vs Bradley - Lindsay wins

Awari vs Ainae - Awari wins

Halley vs JD - Halley wins

Savanna vs Aaron - Aaron wins

Deion vs Durell - Durell wins (very tough one for me)

Denisha vs Christine - Denisha wins


Round 2:

Lindsay vs Denisha - Both move on (omg double win?? Yes that’s right both are queens (and I needed an even number lol sorry))

Durell vs Awari - Durell wins

Halley vs Aaron - Halley wins 


Round 3: 

Durell vs Denisha - Durell wins

Lindsay vs Halley - Lindsay wins

these were both TOUGH for me let’s just call it a 4 way win✨ 

Round 4

Lindsay vs Durell - Both snapped! 5th coach Kelsea Ballerini is shook and doesn’t know wtf to do! She says f*ck it and sends both to the lives period DOUBLE WIN



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Ok imma do this but for the pairings imma use a Random Number Generator and imma just make Kelsea the comeback stage coach because I'm sure she wants to take someone good to the playoffs.




Savanna vs Christine: I think she'd choose Savanna, though neither are special.

Halley vs Denisha: Halley for sure. I love Denisha's audition, but Halley is something special

JD vs Awari: Awari has such an interesting tone. JD's 53 instruments could never.

Aaron vs Bradley: Bradley. I mean, why WOULDN'T you choose Bradley?

Durell vs Deion: Oof. I think Durell is better but they both great.

Ainae vs Lindsay: Another oof because I love them both but I'll give it to Lindsay.




Durell vs Savanna: Durell. I got lucky to get such an easy pairing

Bradley vs Awari: Bradley. Better battle, better results

Halley vs Lindsay: Halley. Yeah, I did that. 




Durell vs Bradley vs Halley: I think the worst out of the three would be Durell so Bradley and Halley are going through




Bradley vs Halley: I'd give this to Halley


Halley wins and joins Kelly in the Top 17, where she is then not given the public vote, or the coach save, or the wildcard.

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1 hour ago, TheVoiceFan2 said:

(and I needed an even number lol sorry)

Yeah sorry I forgot to say something


If you'd like, you can do a double steal on the first round so 8 go through.

You can also do a steal on the second round so 4 go through

Or you can do what I did and have 2 go through on the third round (or just crown the winner there)

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Lindsay Joan vs. Ainae

Awari vs. Halley Greg

Bradley Sinclair vs. JD Casper
Savanna Chestnut vs. Durell Anthony

Deion Warren vs. Aaron Konzelman

Denisha Dalton vs. Christine Cain


Lindsay Joan vs. Halley Greg

Durell Anthony vs. Awari

Deion Warren vs. Bradley Sinclair

Denisha Dalton vs. Ainae


Denisha Dalton vs. Durell Anthony

Lindsay Joan vs. Deion Warren


Everyone wins cause I can't pick lmao

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