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Is a Cam/Victor/Jose/Kenzie/Corey finale inevitable?


Is a Cam/Victor/Jose/Kenzie/Corey finale inevitable?  

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  1. 1. Is a Cam/Victor/Jose/Kenzie/Corey finale likely

    • Yes, very likely
    • No, very unlikely

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Kenzie/Cam seems pretty much locked in(Cam could win the Semis IS if needed)

Corey is likely too, but depends on his competition so we'll have to see, this spot could very well go to an unexpected artist.


Dana or Rachel will be Nick's finalist, Jose got montaged and is forgettable. Andrew is the next threat, but he's not showing anything else that a pop white male hasn't done so far.


Zania has to face off against Victor which could go either way, but I say she has a shot.


So no, its unlikely this will be the Finale.

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I think cam and Kenzie are the only thing close to a lock. Victor hasn’t been nearly as well received since his audition so I wouldn’t fill count on him just yet. Jose also seems to be the least popular person on team nick so I don’t expect him to even make it to the t9. Corey also seems to be on a Max Boyle trajectory so we’ll have to see if he gets into the t9. 

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Cam and Kenzie are almost certainly gonna be finalists, Corey has a good shot, but Victor and Jose are probably just gonna end up being fodder.  I only see Victor advancing past the playoffs since John really likes him and will probably save him, and I'd be shocked if Jose got past the playoffs.  But honestly given the amount of talent this season, anything can happen.

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Out of the 5, the only locks are Kenzie and Cam.


Zania will give Victor a run for his money, even if he gets PV in the playoffs and she gets CS, she still could get the PV to the finale imo that’s gonna be close.


Corey will have to grab the 5th spot over Pete. It could go either way.


Jose ...

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