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Best Team Legend steal (S17-S20: one steal per round)


Best Team Legend steals  

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  1. 1. Best Team Legend battle steal? (Seasons with only one steal in battles)

    • James Violet (Season 17)
    • Joanna Serenko (Season 18)
    • Lauren Frihauf (Season 19)
    • Gean Garcia (Season 20)
  2. 2. Best Team Legend knockout steal (S17-S20)

    • Alex Guthrie (Season 17)
    • Cammwess (Season 18)
    • Chloé Hogan (Season 19)
    • Ryleigh Modig (Season 20)

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In terms of how good their battle/KO performances were:

- Lauren Frihauf

- CammWess (Chloé is right behind him, like one nanometer behind)


In terms of strategy:

- Joanna Serenko

- CammWess


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3 hours ago, AliXRose said:

1. Joana

2. Ryleigh/Chloe


The fact that John stole Joana and only used her as a fodder was a dumb move, she had more voting power than his entire team imo


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