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Best Nick/Gwen (rotating coach) steal (S17-S20; one steal per round)


Best Nick/Gwen (rotating coach) steals  

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  1. 1. Best Nick/Gwen battle steal?

    • Destiny Rayne (Season 17, Team Gwen)
    • Jon Mullins (Season 18, Team Nick)
    • Joseph Soul (Season 19, Team Gwen)
    • Keegan Ferrell (Season 20, Team Nick)
  2. 2. Best Nick/Gwen knockout steal?

    • Joana Martinez (Season 17, Team Gwen)
    • Thunderstorm Artis (Season 18, Team Nick)
    • Ben Allen (Season 19, Team Gwen)
    • Andrew Marshall (Season 20, Team Nick)

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7 hours ago, AliXRose said:

1. Destiny

2. Joana


4 hours ago, Angeles said:
  1. Destiny 
  2. Joana/Thunderstorm

Y'all continuing to slay, with the taste; I agree with Destiny and Joana (two underrated queens).


I'll say, however, that strategically, Thunderstorm was the best for #2, but vocally I don't care for him lmao (oops), so Joana >>> Thunderstorm for me

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