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Top 24 group A ranked best to worst


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1. Grace Kinstler

2. Willie Spence

3. Cassandra Coleman

4. Alanis Sophia

5. Alyssa Wray

6. Wyatt Pike

7. Anilee List

8. Andrea Valles

9. DeShawn Goncalves

10. Alana

11. Graham DeFranco

12. Cecil Ray Baker

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1. Grace Kinstler

2. Andrea Valles

3. Alana

4. DeShawn Goncalves

5. Graham DeFranco (on singing talent, but his song choices seem like he's trying to win in season negative 30)

6. Alyssa Wray

7. Willie Spence

8. Cassandra Coleman

9. Wyatt Pike

10. Alanis Sophia

11. Anilee List

12. Cecil Ray


Big gap between Willie and Cassandra, though.

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