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Beane fan thread


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May be an image of 1 person and text that says "American Idol abc BEANE TEXT 15 TO 21523 VOTE USING THE APP, AMERICANIDOL.COM/VOTE OR TEXT"










i loved his persanality and voice he is amazing he is very unique i hope he goes as far as he can on idol if you want t be dded just say add me

1 jamescasaki

2 x3Becouse of you

3 Fredrick

4Jazzon the rocks


6 Bobbie helper

7 Katy bay

8Redwood 79

9 Kelsey w


11 Fredrick

12 niki

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I agree but I have a feeling people won’t like him because couse he is saw different in what we get on idol from males if he gets to the voting rounds which he should we need to protect him and vote for him to get as far as he can on idol

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