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  1. There was a channel on Youtube that had every single episode. I was binging it these past few months and then it all got removed when i was in the middle of season 12. Might still be worth a search though to see if another channel has them.
  2. Kellie Pickler. Couldn't stand her at all on the show but then I went to the Idols Live show and she was great! I've liked her since then.
  3. Totally did not expect it but I am here for it!
  4. I've had it on repeat, so good!
  5. I was really hoping it’d be anyone but him.
  6. Just finished watching and she definitely deserves all the votes.
  7. Haven't watched the episode yet but I already got my votes in!
  8. hahaha love it! And then Andrea commented too so basically my day is made.
  9. So Andrea Valles posted a pre-show vlog on Instagram and Alanis talks about wanting to pop a pimple on Andrea's shoulder. I commented about it (I love to pop pimples too lmao) and Alanis commented me back. hahaha Keeping that screenshot forever.
  10. Anilee and Andrea did a live and they were discussing fan names. Anilee suggested A-Listers for her fans. I love it!
  11. Agreed! I'm just starting to watch the episode now but I think he's a solid contender.
  12. I’m mad at her edit cause I’ve known all along she’s amazing! But the fodder edit might screw her.
  13. Haven’t watched yet so just read this thread and I’m so glad Andrea did well! Will it save her? I’m not sure but fingers crossed!
  14. Can I get an Andrea Valles signature with the 3 pics at these links? IDF wouldn't let me upload them here. Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Can i also get an avatar using picture 1? Thank you!
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