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  1. I don't remember any negatives about Diana's mom but Brielle's mom definitely hurt her in the competition. If I recall correctly she was meddlesome and Idol mentioned her enough that I think that was the main thing people remembered about Brielle (which I hated because I really love Brielle's voice).
  2. I listened to Margie's because I love the song but I just can't really get into it. I have Kat's, Sara Bareilles', and Jessie Mueller's from the soundtrack. Now if only Jordin would record a version... Her dad was the best. I love Idol parents. He's up there with Elliott's mom for me.
  3. Yay, loved reading this list (even though I lurked sometimes). Disagree with Kat at the top but I can sense your love in the writeup. LOL She is definitely one of the Idol greats though. I saw Waitress on Broadway (with Jordin, of course) and I wish I could've seen Kat in it too. I have her version of "She Used to Be Mine" saved on my Spotify and I LOVE IT.
  4. Yay, semifinalists! This is fun. Season 1 Alexis Lopez - Yes, I wish she would've made it too. The song choices did her in though. Angela Peel - Don't really recall her. Christopher Aaron - Same. Kelli Glover - Agree with that weird part of her voice. That's what ruined it for me but otherwise she was good. Melanie Sanders - Don't remember her at all. Season 2 Chip Days - Another one I really don't recall. Equoia Coleman - Same. Hadas - Agree, I liked her. Kimberly Kelsey - Don't remember her either. These seasons were so long ago. Season 3 Katie Webber - One of my favorites. So sad she didn't make it through. Lisa Leuschner - Probably for me the most robbed semifinalist ever. And yes, so stupid they didn't even have her sing. Suzy Vulaca - Another one that should've made the finals. Season 4 Aloha Mischeaux - I have to disagree here. She was OK for me at the beginning but then went downhill. David Brown - Would've been ok seeing him in the finals but also wasn't super disappointed when he didn't make it. Travis Tucker - I'm trying to remember his voice but I can't. I think I liked him though? Season 5 Ayla Brown - I was so glad she didn't make it. Gedeon McKinney - He was OK for me during the show. It was cool seeing him cheering his sister on during The Four. What a talented family. Patrick Hall - If I recall correctly, I was surprised he was eliminated because his voice was good but at the same time not so surprised because he didn't really stand out personalitywise.
  5. 015. Haley Scarnato - WAY too high for me haha.. I didn't like her at all during her season but after a rewatch, I have to say she's not all that bad. Her upper register bothers me though. 014. Brooke White - Yes, she's just the best. I want to be her friend. And her voice is so nice to listen to as well. 013. Pia Toscano - I was a Pia fan before Idol. I remember seeing a video of her where she was trying to sing at the Grammys or something like that, and I was blown away. When I found out she was going to be on Idol I was so excited. 9th place was definitely much too early for her to go. 012. Jessica Meuse - Love Jessica! I don't recall her season much but I remember rooting for her all the way. 011. Candice Glover - Undeniable talent but she's another that I felt the judges raved too much about. Deserving winner but I was more Team Kree (and Angie). Fun fact though: I bought my ticket to my local Idol show the morning of and ended up sitting next to her family. One of her cousins had dental surgery that day and couldn't make the show so they gave me his backstage pass. Candice was super nice and I got to meet a majority of the other Idols (Lazaro was awkward, Paul Jolley was my favorite).
  6. 020. Chris Daughtry - He would've been my winner. I'm mad he also missed out on the "The Masked Singer" crown. He's so crazy talented. I remember having so many audios of his live performances on my iPod. 019. Bo Bice - So good too! I LOVE Vehicle. Still watch it from time to time on Youtube. He had a very well-deserved spot in the final 2. 018. La'Porsha Renae - I remember not wanting her to win. If i recall correctly, I felt like the judges raved about her too much. However, she's obviously crazy talented. I just preferred a Trent win. 017. Allison Iraheta - I didn't like any of her live performances but did enjoy her studio of "Crybaby". Also loved the duet with Adam. 016. Melinda Doolittle - As mentioned before, I think she should've been in the finals with Jordin. She is a phenomenal singer (I love "Home" ) and she's just an all-around sweetheart. She also took my first ever picture with Jordin, so she has a soft spot in my heart.
  7. I'm back 025. Erika Van Pelt - I don't recall my feelings about her too much but I think I kind of liked her but didn't really care much when she was eliminated. 024. Ruben Studdard - I actually really love "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do". It might be my favorite after "Superstar". His voice is just so soothing. I was happy with his win. 023. Vonzell Solomon - She was fun and obviously talented but I wasn't totally in love with her. If she had gone earlier than she did, I would've been OK with that. 022. Haley Reinhart - She grew on me for sure. I remember not liking her at all. Once she started doing the more jazzy tunes, I really started to like her and now she's one of my favorites. I was hoping she'd snag a top 2 spot but unfortunately that was not meant to be. 021. Fantasia - Fantasia's talent is undeniable to me but even though I like her, I still find her voice annoying. It's definitely not everyone's cup of tea but I find her so talented and she's a great performer. I was upset when she won because Diana was my favorite but it wasn't a totally disappointing win (and it was well deserved).
  8. 045. David Archuleta - Archie! He's practically my age but I still think he's adorable. I would've been fine with either David winning the crown and I really enjoyed his run. 044. Angie Miller - So talented. That top 3 elimination was rough. I had a feeling Candice would make it and then I loved both Angie and Kree so I knew I'd be sad either way. I can't wait to rewatch that season because your writeup just reminded me of all of her great performances. 043. Jordin Sparks - You just killed me. JK, but Jordin is my all-time fave. I have so many amazing memories tied to AI6 and Jordin in particular. I have to disagree with Jordin being the worst on Top 3 night; I felt that Melinda and Jordin were the better ones that night (but I might be biased). Had it been a Jordin/Melinda final two, that would've been a tough call for me. Of course, I still follow Jordin and most recently saw her in Waitress on Broadway. She was phenomenal. 042. Avalon Young - Love her. I wish she would've made it further but I think her style wasn't for everyone. 041. George Huff - I love his voice and personality! I was so happy to see him make it as far as he did, especially being a wildcard. I wish he would've made it further but 5th place was OK for me.
  9. 050. Skylar Laine - She was just OK for me. 049. Nikko Smith - I was glad he was the one to replace Mario but I was sad to see Mario leave. I liked Nikko's run and think he should've stayed slightly longer but I wasn't surprised when he was voted off. I really enjoyed his version of Part Time Lover. 048. Naima Adedapo - She was underwhelming for me. But her season as a whole was. 047. Didi Benami - Loved her. I had high hopes for her. 046. Megan Joy - Didn't like her at all. However, her recording of Rockin' Robin was one of my favorites of the season, surprisingly.
  10. You were on a roll! I feel like I missed so much. My thoughts... 065. Michael Lynche - I barely remember his run but I think I liked him at the beginning and not so much at the end. 064. Kimberly Caldwell - I didn't like her during her season but I don't mind her after a rewatch. I don't know if it's her phrasing and the way she pronounces her words or what, but I don't like her much as a singer. 063. Janelle Arthur - I liked her. I tried to keep up with her post-Idol but have failed. haha 062. Michael Johns - I just rewatched Season 7. I always loved him. His voice was amazing. I do wish he had leaned more into the soul side of his voice, as he killed it when he sang more soulful songs. I'm so sad he left us so soon (both on Idol and in life). 061. Sarina-Joi Crowe - I remember I thought she was overhyped. However, I don't think she should've left the competition so early. 060. Carly Smithson - So talented! I think she sometimes wanted to show off her range TOO MUCH. She tended to sound strained when she pushed her voice just a tad too far (which felt like, to me, at least once in every performance). I think she was eliminated too early though. I was happy to see her with her band after Idol. 059. Adam Lambert - I agree with your write-up entirely. 058. LaKisha Jones - Again, agree. 057. Joshua Ledet - I need to rewatch his season but I think I liked him quite a bit. 056. Phillip Phillips - I wouldn't have chosen him as winner but I did enjoy what I heard of him post-Idol. 055. Anoop Desai - This season was pretty forgettable for me and he was one of the most forgettable contestants in the bunch. 054. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon - So good. That bottom 2 with Laci sucked! I didn't want either of them to go. 053. Laci Kaye Booth - Same as above. She was one of my favorites. I'm so happy to see she got signed and I'm so excited to hear her new music. 052. Clay Aiken - I was a Trenyce fan but I can't deny how good he was. I still love Bridge Over Troubled Water. One of the best vocals on Idol ever, in my opinion. 051. Kris Allen - I liked him quite a bit. Never pegged him as winner but I wasn't upset when he won.
  11. 070. Jena Irene - I hated her live performances but I liked her studio recordings. I wouldn't have picked her for runner-up but I also can't say I didn't see talent. She just wasn't my cup of tea. 069. Diana DeGarmo - The first contestant I ever was a super fan for. I started watching Idol during season 2 and Trenyce was my favorite then, but Diana was the first contestant who I really became invested in. I still follow her on social media and I'm so jealous she married Ace. haha (If you recall, he was one of my Season 5 faves) 068. Alex Preston - I think he's super talented. I wouldn't have minded if he won. Side note: I had lunch with him and his girlfriend at the time, Jillian Jensen. It was kind of weird. haha 067. Michael J. Woodard - I love him! I wish we could be friends. I love his personality and think he's super talented. 066. Casey Abrams - I didn't like him much as a contestant but I enjoyed when he sang with Haley. I love that they still do stuff together.
  12. 75. Amber Holcomb - I didn't like her much during her season. However, I saw the group on tour and it made me appreciate her talent. 74. Anwar Robinson - LOVED. Partly because he's from NJ like me and we didn't get a ton of representation in the finals but also because he was SO GOOD at the beginning. I hated when he was eliminated but it made sense. 73. Siobhan Magnus - She did too much for me. 72. Matt Giraud - I don't remember exactly where he stood for me during his season but I do remember really enjoying his voice. I think he's quite talented. 71. Phil Stacey - So talented. His upper register is amazing. And he's such a nice guy... I met him backstage during one of the shows and, besides Jordin, he's one who stands out for me.
  13. Yup! But they did everything so weird last season and I hope they don't do it this season too. I don't recall the exact numbers but there were like 8 finalists in the final and I thought the cuts throughout were weird. But yes, there's phone and online voting (I think text as well, if I recall correctly).
  14. It's in Miami. I'm interested to see how the rest of the season plays out. Background: The season 1 winner released a single and it went practically unnoticed. Now, Covid hits during season 2 and La Voz didn't go the route of Idol and The Voice with remote shows. They just stopped production all together and are about to return in the middle of this month. I'm curious to see if the winner's single does the same or worse than the Season 1 winner's, given that we became invested in these contestants and then they disappeared from our TV screens for so many months.
  15. Yup! She's on Team Fonsi and is doing pretty well (hence, why she's in my signature). I think she's much improved. (Also side note: Karen Galera from The Voice is also on La Voz this season). https://www.telemundo.com/shows/2020/01/27/la-voz-emily-piriz-emily-piriz
  16. Now that I see this, I change my guess to Alyssa. I've been rewatching Idol so I remembered that Ryan mentioned a rumor about Katharine being pregnant and she denied it.
  17. 125. Jasmine Trias - I remember being happy with how far she made it. She was never a top favorite for me but I still enjoyed her voice and personality. 124. Bucky Covington - I don't remember loving his Idol run. However, I've recently rewatched his season and I actually like him more now. 123. Anthony Fedorov - I loved his audition but not everything after. I always thought it was weird he sang the same song as Carrie that one night. haha He made it slightly too far for me. 122. Jason Castro - JASON Yes, I loved him and yes, I still follow him on social media and he has a gorgeous family. Ugh, such good genes. I'm about to rewatch his season. I liked his chill vibe and just the sound of his voice in general but I know he struggled near the end of his run. I was sad to see it end. 121. Malaya Watson - I don't remember much about her but I wasn't a huge fan and thought she made it too far. What to expect for the next set: Thanks to this finalist, Kara really needed a beverage Not Prego - Katharine McPhee Opposite of big sour - Justin Guarini Considered to have given the first true train wreck in Idol history - Nikki McKibbin? Not that Big D
  18. Agree with this. I quite enjoyed Michelle's version and thought she should have stayed after that performance (at least one more week) but there was just no way she was staying any longer.
  19. 140. Ben Briley - I barely remember him. 139. Qaasim Middleton - He was middle of the pack for me. I think I remember feeling he lasted just a tad too long. 138. Olivia Rox - I think she deserved to go further. I think she had a solid voice. However, I hate her stage name. 137. Amanda Overmyer - I wanted her to do so much better than she did because I enjoyed having a female rocker on the show. 136. Michelle Sussett - I love seeing Latino representation on the show. Unfortunately, we don't tend to fare too well (unless you count 1/4 Puerto Rican Scotty winning and of course, Alejandro). I don't think Michelle was good enough to make the finals but she was fun to watch. So no Jordin, Pia, or Haley...for now. Everyone can breathe easy and put their knives away. Glad to see you didn't break my heart Coming up in the next set: Haters can hate... Was told could lose a few pounds by Simon - Mandisa Twilight Laryngitis ain't no joke A fifth place finisher from the same season as one of the finalists in the upcoming set
  20. 145. Paul Jolley - He's so nice. I met him on the season 12 tour and I think he was my favorite of them all, interaction-wise. On the show though, he was middle of the pack for me. 144. Michael Sarver - no opinion 143. Camile Velasco - I always thought she had a unique sound but unfortunately her song choices really showed the weaker side of her voice. Agree with you that she would've been better off waiting a few years. 142. Lindsey Cardinale - AGREE. I absolutely LOVE the sound of her voice (I still watch her audition from time to time). Unfortunately, those song choices did her in. 141. Ramiele Malubay - I thought she lasted too long. I never really got her. What to expect next: Was in a Nickelodeon show - I hope this is not Jordin (she's the only one I can think of who guess-starred on a show). Ballads are boring! - Not Pia please Remember her as a dreamer - Yeah, probably Michelle Sussett Oh Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet - I hope this isn't Haley Reinhart (can you tell I will hate this set if I'm right about Jordin/Pia/Haley? ) Some advantage that was... - No idea but curious to know
  21. Mikalah One of my faves but definitely because of personality haha. I really liked her audition but unfortunately she only really did well with God Bless the Child.
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