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  1. I don't remember any negatives about Diana's mom but Brielle's mom definitely hurt her in the competition. If I recall correctly she was meddlesome and Idol mentioned her enough that I think that was the main thing people remembered about Brielle (which I hated because I really love Brielle's voice).
  2. I listened to Margie's because I love the song but I just can't really get into it. I have Kat's, Sara Bareilles', and Jessie Mueller's from the soundtrack. Now if only Jordin would record a version... Her dad was the best. I love Idol parents. He's up there with Elliott's mom for me.
  3. Yay, loved reading this list (even though I lurked sometimes). Disagree with Kat at the top but I can sense your love in the writeup. LOL She is definitely one of the Idol greats though. I saw Waitress on Broadway (with Jordin, of course) and I wish I could've seen Kat in it too. I have her version of "She Used to Be Mine" saved on my Spotify and I LOVE IT.
  4. Yay, semifinalists! This is fun. Season 1 Alexis Lopez - Yes, I wish she would've made it too. The song choices did her in though. Angela Peel - Don't really recall her. Christopher Aaron - Same. Kelli Glover - Agree with that weird part of her voice. That's what ruined it for me but otherwise she was good. Melanie Sanders - Don't remember her at all. Season 2 Chip Days - Another one I really don't recall. Equoia Coleman - Same. Hadas - Agree, I liked her. Kimberly Kelsey - Don't remember her either. These seasons were so lon
  5. 015. Haley Scarnato - WAY too high for me haha.. I didn't like her at all during her season but after a rewatch, I have to say she's not all that bad. Her upper register bothers me though. 014. Brooke White - Yes, she's just the best. I want to be her friend. And her voice is so nice to listen to as well. 013. Pia Toscano - I was a Pia fan before Idol. I remember seeing a video of her where she was trying to sing at the Grammys or something like that, and I was blown away. When I found out she was going to be on Idol I was so excited. 9th place was definitely much too early for her t
  6. 020. Chris Daughtry - He would've been my winner. I'm mad he also missed out on the "The Masked Singer" crown. He's so crazy talented. I remember having so many audios of his live performances on my iPod. 019. Bo Bice - So good too! I LOVE Vehicle. Still watch it from time to time on Youtube. He had a very well-deserved spot in the final 2. 018. La'Porsha Renae - I remember not wanting her to win. If i recall correctly, I felt like the judges raved about her too much. However, she's obviously crazy talented. I just preferred a Trent win. 017. Allison Iraheta - I didn't like
  7. I'm back 025. Erika Van Pelt - I don't recall my feelings about her too much but I think I kind of liked her but didn't really care much when she was eliminated. 024. Ruben Studdard - I actually really love "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do". It might be my favorite after "Superstar". His voice is just so soothing. I was happy with his win. 023. Vonzell Solomon - She was fun and obviously talented but I wasn't totally in love with her. If she had gone earlier than she did, I would've been OK with that. 022. Haley Reinhart - She grew on me for sure. I remember not liking her at al
  8. 045. David Archuleta - Archie! He's practically my age but I still think he's adorable. I would've been fine with either David winning the crown and I really enjoyed his run. 044. Angie Miller - So talented. That top 3 elimination was rough. I had a feeling Candice would make it and then I loved both Angie and Kree so I knew I'd be sad either way. I can't wait to rewatch that season because your writeup just reminded me of all of her great performances. 043. Jordin Sparks - You just killed me. JK, but Jordin is my all-time fave. I have so many amazing memories tied to AI6 and Jord
  9. 050. Skylar Laine - She was just OK for me. 049. Nikko Smith - I was glad he was the one to replace Mario but I was sad to see Mario leave. I liked Nikko's run and think he should've stayed slightly longer but I wasn't surprised when he was voted off. I really enjoyed his version of Part Time Lover. 048. Naima Adedapo - She was underwhelming for me. But her season as a whole was. 047. Didi Benami - Loved her. I had high hopes for her. 046. Megan Joy - Didn't like her at all. However, her recording of Rockin' Robin was one of my favorites of the season, surprisingly.
  10. You were on a roll! I feel like I missed so much. My thoughts... 065. Michael Lynche - I barely remember his run but I think I liked him at the beginning and not so much at the end. 064. Kimberly Caldwell - I didn't like her during her season but I don't mind her after a rewatch. I don't know if it's her phrasing and the way she pronounces her words or what, but I don't like her much as a singer. 063. Janelle Arthur - I liked her. I tried to keep up with her post-Idol but have failed. haha 062. Michael Johns - I just rewatched Season 7. I always loved him. His vo
  11. 070. Jena Irene - I hated her live performances but I liked her studio recordings. I wouldn't have picked her for runner-up but I also can't say I didn't see talent. She just wasn't my cup of tea. 069. Diana DeGarmo - The first contestant I ever was a super fan for. I started watching Idol during season 2 and Trenyce was my favorite then, but Diana was the first contestant who I really became invested in. I still follow her on social media and I'm so jealous she married Ace. haha (If you recall, he was one of my Season 5 faves) 068. Alex Preston - I think he's super talented. I would
  12. 75. Amber Holcomb - I didn't like her much during her season. However, I saw the group on tour and it made me appreciate her talent. 74. Anwar Robinson - LOVED. Partly because he's from NJ like me and we didn't get a ton of representation in the finals but also because he was SO GOOD at the beginning. I hated when he was eliminated but it made sense. 73. Siobhan Magnus - She did too much for me. 72. Matt Giraud - I don't remember exactly where he stood for me during his season but I do remember really enjoying his voice. I think he's quite talented. 71. Phil Stacey - So tal
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