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  1. OMG that's so exciting! I also hope Canadian Idol will get a reboot!
  2. There was a channel on Youtube that had every single episode. I was binging it these past few months and then it all got removed when i was in the middle of season 12. Might still be worth a search though to see if another channel has them.
  3. Kellie Pickler. Couldn't stand her at all on the show but then I went to the Idols Live show and she was great! I've liked her since then.
  4. Totally did not expect it but I am here for it!
  5. I was really hoping it’d be anyone but him.
  6. Just finished watching and she definitely deserves all the votes.
  7. Haven't watched the episode yet but I already got my votes in!
  8. hahaha love it! And then Andrea commented too so basically my day is made.
  9. So Andrea Valles posted a pre-show vlog on Instagram and Alanis talks about wanting to pop a pimple on Andrea's shoulder. I commented about it (I love to pop pimples too lmao) and Alanis commented me back. hahaha Keeping that screenshot forever.
  10. Anilee and Andrea did a live and they were discussing fan names. Anilee suggested A-Listers for her fans. I love it!
  11. Agreed! I'm just starting to watch the episode now but I think he's a solid contender.
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