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  1. I love these types of lists. Will probably be lurking most of the time but I agree with a majority of your rankings so far.
  2. Using the Grace sig. Thank you!
  3. I'm actually not mad about it this time around... since there's such a drastic cut the first week, I think it'll be nice to have one more get another chance (even though they'll probably choose someone who SHOULD go home, knowing their track record).
  4. For Grace last week, and I also voted last season. However, the last time I hardcore voted was Season 7.
  5. I like them both (literally have listened to "God Made a Woman" every day this week) but I prefer Grace overall so she got my votes.
  6. Going to use one of the Makayla ones!
  7. I'm really considering purchasing a Cameo for myself just so I have something this awesome just for me
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