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Rank the 3rd Placers (S1-S19)


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Vicci Martínez

Tony Lucca

Nicholas David

The Swon Brothers

Will Champlin

Christina Grimmie

Chris Jamison

Joshua Davis

Barrett Baber

Hannah Huston

Wé McDonald

Aliyah Moulden

Brooke Simpson

Kyla Jade

Kirk Jay

Dexter Roberts

Katie Kadan

Thunderstorm Artis

Ian Flanigan

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The Queen And The King

1-  Kyla Jade/Will Champlin


3- Chris Jamison

4- The Swon Brothers

5- Katie Kadan

6- Dexter Roberts


It's impossible for me to rank the remaining contestants separately so I'll just stop here(NOTE: I like almost all of them).

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Top Tier

1. Thunderstorm Artis

2. Katie Kadan

3. Kyla Jade

4. Chris Jamison

Really liked them

5. Joshua Davis

6. Dexter Roberts

7. Hannah Huston

8. Nicholas David

9. Christina Grimmie

10. Ian Flanigan

11. Will Champlin

12. Brooke Simpson

Not for me

13. Wé McDonald (Really liked her at the beginning but she stumbled massively in the lives for me)

14. Kirk Jay (same as Wé)

15. Barrett Baber

16. Tony Lucca

17.  The Swon Brothers (I did like "Danny´s Song" though)

18. Aliyah Moulden


Haven´t really watched S1 so I can´t rank Vicci.

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From S5:


1. Kyla Jade                 

2. Will Champlin        

3. Chris Jamison       

4. Katie Kadan           

5. Christina Grimmie

6. Brooke Simpson

7. Hannah Huston

8. Thunderstorm Artis

9. Joshua Davis

10: We McDonald

11. Ian Flanigan

12. Aliyah Moulden

13. Kirk Jay

14. Barrett Baber

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1. Christina Grimmie

2. Brooke Simpson

3. Hannah Huston

4. Will Champlin

5. Kyla Jade

6. Barrett Baber

7. Wé McDonald

8. Chris Jamison

9. Kirk Jay

10. Katie Kadan

11. Aliyah Moulden

12. Thunderstorm Artis

13. Tony Lucca 

14. Ian Flanigan

15. Dexter Roberts

16. Joshua Davis

17.  Vicci Martinez

18. Swon Brothers

19. Nicholas David

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1a. Chris

1b. Thunderstorm
3. Kyla

4. Will

5. Hannah



6. Christina

7. Brooke

8. Katie



9. Joshua

10. Aliyah (:stealth:)

11. Wé



12. Swons

13. Ian

14. Dexter

15. Kirk

16. Barrett


Probably my favorite group.

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1. Kyla Jade

2. Will Champlin

3. Wé McDonald

4. Christina Grimmie



5. Chris Jamison

6. Thunderstorm Artis

7. Hannah Huston

8. Brooke Simpson



9. Katie Kadan

10. Nicholas David

11. Joshua Davis

12. Ian Flanigan



13. Dexter Roberts

14. Aliyah Moilden

15. The Swon Brothers

16. Barrett Baber

17. Kirk Jay


Haven't watched enough of Vicci or Tony to fairly rank them, but based on song selection both of them would probably go somewhere in the middle two sections.

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1. Christina Grimmie

2. Kyla Jade

3. Katie Kadan

4. Chris Jamison

5. Brooke Simpson

6. Hannah Huston

7. Wé McDonald

8. Vicci Martínez

9. Aliyah Moulden

10. Kirk Jay

11. Joshua Davis

12. Barrett Baber

13. Thunderstorm Artis

14. Tony Lucca

15. Will Champlin

16. Nicholas David

17. Dexter Roberts

18. Ian Flanigan

19. The Swon Brothers

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