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Lauren Frihauf Fan Thread


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Lauren Frihauf Fan Thread

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1. season1

2. thevoicefan12

3. David68

4. AmyNicole
5. ashwinner

6. TeamAudra






















[h/t: Dany for Trivia Image]




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7 hours ago, katybay said:

Love her Valerie cover (reminds me of Lennon Stella)....she seems like the indie rock girl thats not overrated pre shows on IDF and is gonna grow kinda like a Megan Danielle


I can see her having a notable growth arc if she's given the chance to go far in the competition.


BTW do you want to be added? loZ0xpz.gif

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  • 4 weeks later...

^ Thanks for posting the video.


I'm sad that Lauren went home with her best performance to date. :( I like both of them but I think Lauren won that one by a smidgen.  It's unfortunate that nobody stole her. I still think she got robbed in the battles. 

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