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Artists that can Sing and Dance at the same time


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4 hours ago, antikid said:

End of discussion.


It's like witnessing a mini Beyoncé, like a coachella type of performance, her being able to belt that really high note after her dance break is just what stunned me the most. Also, her Me Too performance was also good (even if that song was just a really bad song lmao)


Chris Blue is also a really talented dude with so much capabilities on singing and dancing, so much swag in him.

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14 minutes ago, David68 said:

Let us not forget the fastest four chair turn: 



and RIP




Had he been able to continue on in the show, he'd have given Sawyer a run for his money competitively - I hope in his honor they keep the song off the table for consideration during the competition given this version is legitimately insane quality wise. RIP.

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