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American Idol S18 Ep 1 Premiere 2-16-20 ABC


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18 minutes ago, taylorkat said:


There usually isn't much activity here during the auditions these days.


Yeah alll of this.


I'm watching the show but I barely have much to comment on during the auditions stages and am sure that's the case with many others. 


14 minutes ago, taylorkat said:

I don't remember Nick from last year, oops.

Me neither.


14 minutes ago, MargoK said:

I agree with Lionel.

I do too. :ph34rwave: Nick is a good singer but came off unlikable and too into himself. I'm willing to let him grow and change.


6 minutes ago, DScott said:

5 singers in 58 minutes lol

omgg is that serous? Lmao that is ridiculous. 

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