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  1. Let Katy, Luke and Bobby go, keep Lionel and obviously Ryan. I've been watching old Idol seasons and I miss the old format. They need to give us more live rounds, bring back celebrity guest mentors.
  2. All my big favorites are gone but I don't really dislike any of the top 5. I could do without all of Sam's crying, it does get old. Maybe I'll vote for everyone
  3. I prefer Idol just because we've gotten to know the contestants more, the voice set up this season is horrible plus Idol has done a much better job with the remote/at home set up
  4. Julia (i think Julia's second song saved her. Sam Arthur Jonny Dillon
  5. Just not feeling the first two weeks of Idol.
  6. Disappointed in Blake and america, I thought for sure if she didn't get the PV, Blake would save her, what a bad decision.
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