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  1. What do you mean fake list? Was it a fake list every other time lol
  2. I actually really enjoyed Sophia. My fave of the night so far.
  3. Sam is my fave and I didn’t enjoy that Only Fantasia could do something with that song.
  4. Yeah I don’t see how that is getting votes.
  5. These are all basically studio performances
  6. I’m not enjoying this, somehow everything is overproduced.
  7. really loved Jeremiah. Stopped watching after he lost.
  8. I can throw in a public ranking, I don’t love the final group haha, somehow lost a ton of shows I knew in the final cut. Got two all time faves tho and one guilty one in the final.
  9. She looks like she’s horrified while she sings, like some guy is standing behind her with a knife.
  10. I thought for a second about applying for my first rankdown in this one lol. I would be doing all fodder though which doesn’t go with the current theme lol.
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