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  1. Kris is actually my favorite all time contestant. Adam is in my top 5 lol, so i really liked Season 8. I work(ed) in tv and have met so many celebs and meeting Kris Allen was the one that excited me the most lol. Clay was always top ten for me, but don't love him post show.
  2. Ahhh my top 4 ever all nominated together lol.
  3. I never really thought of The Accountant as an action film.
  4. Ugg Baby Driver is one of my favorite recent movies. Wonder when Ansel is gonna respond.
  5. Great noms at this stage of the game. Only had one person I really enjoyed in there.
  6. Michael Johns wish he was still out there making music.
  7. Like my top 3 ever all nominated haha. Seems they all getting saved though. (Chris/Kris/Adam)
  8. Seriously quickest ever, obviously it’s only due to the timing. Since many got away with stuff forever.
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