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  1. Same as Lily, I feel bad if I don’t super remember them lol. Vote to save Kailah Casillas - Lily, DScott Britni Thornton
  2. I sent my public vote in last night
  3. Omg Hayden believes in the QAnon psycho stuff. I’ve lost some “friends” to that, they are deeply insane. I’ve sadly spent so much time debunking their beliefs, I know too much of it. Damn Hayden
  4. Aww thanks for asking me. I will get to this tonight sorry I didn’t do it yet. Just realized I have until Monday but still sorry lol.
  5. Kris is actually my favorite all time contestant. Adam is in my top 5 lol, so i really liked Season 8. I work(ed) in tv and have met so many celebs and meeting Kris Allen was the one that excited me the most lol. Clay was always top ten for me, but don't love him post show.
  6. Ahhh my top 4 ever all nominated together lol.
  7. I never really thought of The Accountant as an action film.
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