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Samantha Howell Appreciation Thread

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Samatha Howell



Samantha can sing but that's not what this thread is about.  This is not your sister's fan thread...well I guess it could be if she's...ah never mind...you know how this goes.


Post a picture of Samantha if you want to be added.  Her Insta is a treasure trove.  https://www.instagram.com/samanthahowellmusic/















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You can stop complaining now  - this is a fan thread,  looks, music, all of it pertains to an artist.  Stop Hijacking this thread and trying to start something, your posts were deleted.  

🤞 Sam wins the 4-way.  Trying to be objective, I, really, feel she was the best of the 4.  Best sounding & best stage presence. Que sera, sera, but, IMO, she deserves it the most. Already, post

Hoping we do get Sam this coming week.  Also, hoping she wears that skirt and those boots.

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