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I Can See Your Voice US FOX Wed 8pm

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The contestant was entertaining, especially with him falling on the floor every time eliminated a good singer. With that said, I knew he screwed up when he eliminated Cruise Ship Singer because I had a feeling she was good. At least he made the smart decision and took the money, especially with Gamer being bad. As for the others, I was right about Musical Bars and Copycat Katy being bad but was off on Stuntman. I did not expect him to be good. Finally, as for Camp Counselor, I was 50/50 on her but leaned more towards the good side.


It looks as if last week's episode was the exception because they went back to the old format this week with the $100,000 grand prize and the challenges. Maybe last week's was the first episode shot before everything was changed. 🤷‍♂️


Finally, can someone get Ken a new suit? :lmao:

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I was actually right with my guesses on most of the voices. :haha: I wondered if the contestant would ever dig deeper on Cruise Ship Singer though or just continue to assume she was good based on nothing but the lip sync challenge.... and then he goes and pulls a fast one to eliminate her and keep Gamer! :dead:  I could not believe it. I was sure Gamer was bad all along and was so surprised he kept her until the end. 

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