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  1. 4. Frog/Bow Wow Season 3: Third Place Frog - U Can’t Touch This Frog - In Da Club Frog - You Dropped A Bomb On Me Frog - Jump Frog - Fireball Frog - Whatever It Takes Frog - Bust A Move Frog - Hip Hop Hooray Frog - Bad Boy For Life Frog Unmasking Hip-hopping into the #4 spot is the last S3 act in this ranking. Frog was an entertaining performer who brought the energy and showmanship in just about every performance, which was great considering he claimed he never took dance lessons in his life. In addition, it was great to see a rapper do as well and make it as far as he did, to some extent paving the way for other acts such as Chameleon. Finally, his costume was another one of the better designed ones. The idea of a frog in a zoot suit and hat was a great concept. With this out of the way, it’s time to look at Frog’s time on TMS. Frog started off with a great performance of U Can’t Touch This. As someone who was a huge MC Hammer fan, I was geeked to see this. The best part was him and the dancers doing the MC Hammer parachute dance. The only thing that would’ve made it better was him moving side-to-side the way MC Hammer did. I didn’t care too much for his next performance In Da Club, only because I’m not much of a fan of the song. With that said, the arrangement was interesting if not odd; nonetheless, he still showed a great stage presence. The next time Frog took the stage, he stepped away from the rap songs and sang You Dropped A Bomb On Me. He had an OK singing voice, but the performance was still a solid one. The best part, however, was the camera showing the old man really getting down during it. It was enough for Frog to advance out of the Group B Championship. From there, he went back to his rap roots and gave another great performance of the Kris Kross hit Jump. The main thing I noticed was that he changed his shoes in this performance. I guess he wanted to feel more comfortable jumping if he had to (speaking of jumping, Frog performing a song called Jump did not slip past me ). He made it out of the Group B section and performed Fireball the subsequent time out. This was another performance of his I didn’t really care for because once again I’m not really a fan of this song or Pitbull for that matter. It was enough for him to beat Kitty in the head-to-head match up and move on to the next round. There, he once again hopped away from his rap roots and performed Whatever It Takes. With that said, he still put his rap touch on the performance, plus this was his first and only performance he performed by himself. The highlight of the performance was him doing the moonwalk. He next came out with Bust A Move, which is one of my all-time favorite rap songs. It’s one of the songs I learned by heart and can still recite to this day. The performance itself was one of my favorites of his. He followed that with Hip Hop Hooray, which was another solid performance on his behalf. He changed back to his tennis shoes for this performance. The only thing is I wished he rapped Vinnie’s verse instead of Treach’s. Also, I think of Rita Wilson rapping this during her S5 guest appearance when this song comes up. He would advance to the finals, where he sang Bad Boy For Life. He gave a great finale-worthy performance, and I felt it was the best of the three; however, it goes down a few points for me because again I don’t care for the song. He placed third and was unmasked as Bow Wow. I thought it was him after the second performance. As with Chameleon, Frog was someone who I can’t say I’m a huge fan of outside of TMS but enjoyed him on the show. Overall, I do think Frog is the best rapper to be on the show and one of the best acts to be on TMS. 04. Frog/Bow Wow: The Terrific Three: Monster Sun Seahorse #3 is on the horizon...
  2. Amber Holcomb "My Funny Valentine" - 7 (Alex, Richard, Lily, JC, Zoey, Diana, Kevin) Breanna Steer “Bust Your Windows” - 6 (Alex, Richard, Lily, Zoey, Diana, Crisis) Angie Miller "Never Gone" - 5 (Andrew, Chris,JC, Diana, QK) Kree Harrison "Stronger" - 6 (Andrew, Chris, Sola, QK, Kevin, Crisis) Candice Glover "Ordinary People" - 6 (Alex, Richard, Lily, Zoey, Kevin, Crisis) Kree Harrison "Crying" - 3 (Richard, Chris, QK) Kree Harrison "With A Little Help From My Friends" - 5 (Andrew, Chris, Zoey, Diana, Sola) Angie Miller "Yesterday" - 1 (JC) Candice Glover "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" Kree Harrison "Don't Play That Song" - 1 (Andrew) Kree Harrison "What The World Needs Now Is Love" - 1 (Crisis) Candice Glover "Straight Up" - 4 (Alex, Lily, Sola, Kevin) Kree Harrison "She Talks To Angels" - 2 (Sola, QK) Kree Harrison "Stormy Weather" - Candice Glover "One" - Candice Glover "Next To Me" - 1 (JC) Candice Glover "Chasing Pavements" - Kree Harrison "All Cried Out" -
  3. Thought of what? Sorry, I'm confused here. At least you know understand it! 05. Yes, Jamie needs to be on the show, if only for the panelists to stop guessing him every season. It would be funny to see someone perform one of their own songs. I guess the controversy came from me reading a bunch of posts after marathoning the season stating Rottweiler was "robbed" of the win. I'll say Rottweiler was the better technical singer but Fox was more of a complete performer. In a medium such as this, I think performers have more of an edge. With that said, as I said before, both would've been worthy winners. I'll try to have #4 posted tomorrow.
  4. @rdhaley96 and I are cutting: Devin Velez - "Listen" Janelle Arthur - "I'll Never Fall In Love Again"
  5. RIP this magnificent train wreck: I still remember the thread about this performance being broken down.
  6. Our last cut will be Amber Holcomb "My Funny Valentine (Reprise)".
  7. #5! 5. Fox/Wayne Brady Season 2: First Place Fox - This Love Fox - Hey Look Ma, I Made It Fox - Every Little Step Fox - Tennessee Whiskey Fox - Blame It Fox - This Christmas Fox - Try A Little Tenderness Fox Unmasking At #5 is Fox. Fox was an entertaining and versatile act whose performances I’ve enjoyed in some form or another. I went back and forth between him and Rottweiler as far as my favorite S2 acts were concerned; in the end I gave Fox the slight edge. His costume is one of the best designed ones in the series. I liked the whole steampunk/Sherlock Holmes type of vibe it had going for it. In addition, it appeared to be part-cyborg, seeing that the right half of its face, especially the eye, was mechanical. With that said, onto Fox’s time on TMS. He began his run with a strong performance of This Love, which is a song I don’t care for mainly due to it being overplayed. As great as Fox was, however, the best part was the dancer. She really got into character during the performance. He easily won the head-to-head against Penguin and advanced to the next round. His next performance Hey Look Ma, I Made It was a great case of showmanship, especially the dance breakdown in the middle of it. The subsequent performance of Every Little Step was more of the same, with the highlights being Nicole, Ken, and Triumph dancing () and the split Fox did at the end. I also noticed he wore different pants for the performance. The next time Fox took the stage, he did away with the dancing and performing and gave a smooth performance of Tennessee Whiskey. The performance was good enough for him to beat Butterfly in the head-to-head and advance to the next round. After that, he went back to a more upbeat performance with Blame It (I got a kick out of T-Pain saying it was a great song. I wonder why he thought that ). The jazzy like intro was a nice touch before the rest of the performance went into gear. This is my second favorite performance of his. I also think this performance dispelled any notion he was Jamie Foxx because from what I understand no act has sung any of their own songs on the show thus far. Fox next took the stage and sang This Christmas for the Christmas themed episode. This Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas songs, so I enjoyed this performance a lot. In addition, I liked the holly he added onto his hat and chest. Finally, my favorite thing about the performance was the interaction with the dancer (who did her thing in her own right) from turning the imaginary knob on the snow globe and the hug at the end. I think this is one of the few times the act physically interacted with a dancer, so it was a nice touch. Fox would then advance to the finals and gave not only my personal favorite performance of his, but another one of my all-time favorite TMS performances with Try A Little Tenderness. He clearly pulled out all of the stops for this one. The most memorable part may be the rap verse in the middle, but the whole performance was great. Apparently that performance was enough for Fox to win the season which I had no issues with, although Rottweiler would’ve made a great winner as well. Fox was unmasked as Wayne Brady, who I kind of figured out early on. I believe there was some controversy over Fox winning, but as mentioned either him or Rottweiler would’ve been fine. All in all, Fox was certainly one of the most all-around acts TMS has ever had and one of the best overall. 05. Fox/Wayne Brady: The Final Four: Monster Frog Sun Seahorse #4 to come.
  8. The funny thing is I completely pulled the guess out of thin air. I remembered one or two of the Pointer Sisters had a really deep almost masculine voice and I thought of them outside of my two initial guesses. I couldn't remember which one it was, nor could I remember if that sister was still alive. Speaking of The Pointer Sisters, it's too bad Ruth and Anita couldn't perform as a duo as they initially wanted to due to Anita's health issues. It was probably for the better since duos and groups tend to get the short stick on the show so far. Maybe Banana Split can change that.
  9. I had a feeling Cupcake was one of the Pointer Sisters but couldn't determine which one; therefore, I'll take partial credit. This is a stacked group, so the next elimination will be difficult. With that said, barring something strange happening I'll guess Mallard will be the next to go and feel that Banana Split and Queen Of Hearts are the best of the group. As for Caterpillar, I don't have anything so far.
  10. You're excused. Hopefully there is or the original is uploaded at the very least. You're welcome. Yeah, it can be the pits at times. I guess we agree to disagree regarding her. I slightly expressed my complaints about the Queen of Hearts costume in the episode thread. With that said, this one isn't as bad because it's not just lips. Happy to see you do. At least someone did. I'll most likely refrain from posting any more clues and just post the acts. Speaking of which, I'll try to have #5 up in the next couple of days. 07. I pretty much agree with everything here, except she obviously is a favorite of mine. 06. The second clue were lyrics to the Method Man & Redman song Da Rockwilder. The third clue is a reference to Chris receiving an offer to be the lead singer of Fuel after his season of Idol. The Rottweiler costume was a great one. My comments on Grenade was a bad pun because of grenades exploding. I won't say too much about Alive because Fox hasn't appeared yet and want to expand more on that in his write-up.
  11. Round 2 David Oliver Willis - Fever Aubrey Cleland - Big Girls Don't Cry Kree Harrison - With A Little Help From My Friends Candice Glover - I Heard It Through The Grapevine It's too bad the victory performances aren't eligible because I would've certainly advanced this:
  12. It finishing first just made my point. I guess I am asking for punishment, but I'll play S12 although I'd rather skip the next three seasons and go straight to S15.
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