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  1. I'm feeling generous, so I'll to post one more set before calling it a night. 6. Haley Scarnato Anyone who was in my other thread know I absolutely adore Haley Scarnato. She is the one contestant who I have the biggest soft spot for and I legitimately liked her as a singer and performer; in fact, she was my favorite S6 contestant. Her elimination was bittersweet because on one hand she fell one week short of having the opportunity to work with one of her biggest idols (she looked absolutely devastated when Ryan announced the theme and mentor); on the other hand, she made it farther than most (including myself) expected despite being a punching bag for the judges on a nearly weekly basis. Despite her heartbreak, she managed to pick herself up and gave a very spirited swan song. She sounded great and worked the stage and crowd well, even when she hopped over a wire that got loose. Also, there was a nice moment towards the end when Blake, Chris, and Phil danced with her. Some said she might have stayed if she performed like that the night before. Regardless, although admittedly it's still difficult for me to watch, it's still one of my favorite elimination performances. 5. Melinda Doolittle At #5 is another S6 swan song. Melinda was my second favorite S6 contestant and she was the one I rooted for the most after Haley's elimination. She is considered to be one of AI's greatest singers, and I completely agree. She pretty much handled every theme that was thrown at her and never really gave a bad performance, so it was thought she would be a shoo-in for the finale. However, she fell just short to the dismay of many, including Simon who was in a foul mood the entire night and went on record saying she should've won the season in a few post-S6 interviews (however, after the way he treated Haley during the season, I can't say I felt all that bad for him). Regardless, Melinda managed to give a strong performance on her way out. She brought attitude, presence, and of course vocals; it was as if she was saying see what you'll be missing out on in the finale. There was also a nice moment when Blake handed her his bouquet in the middle of it. All in all, it was a solid conclusion in what was a strong showing despite the disappointing finish. 4. Jessica Meuse Jessica was my favorite S13 contestant and someone who I looked forward to on a weekly basis. One of the more frustrating things about S13 was seeing the judges pick on her almost weekly. While there were some things Jessica needed to work on, the most frustrating part was the same type of criticism wasn't applied to the other contestants; the only thing that came close was Harry constantly getting on CJ about his pitch issues. Despite this, Jessica held her head high and tried not to let everything get to her; therefore, it made it more surprising how upset she was during her elimination. Despite being visibly upset and tears streaming down her face, she managed to give a fiery and passionate swan song; it was certainly one of the more emotionally charged ones. I really loved how strong she sounded here, and I could've sworn she was shooting daggers at the judges during it; I wouldn't blame her if she did. Overall, it was a strong way for Jessica to end her Idol run. 006. Haley Scarnato 005. Melinda Doolittle 004. Jessica Meuse Hopefully, I'll have the last three up tomorrow evening.
  2. I was wondering about this as well. It appears the ratio of good/bad singers appear to be random because the maximum Shannon would've won was $30k based on the ratio of the good singers of the episode. It would be evil if there were five good singers and one bad one where the maximum amount of money a contestant could win was $10k. Now I'm curious if there's been episodes in other versions in which that scenario happened, LOL.
  3. 10. Phil Stacey I always thought Phil was the best male vocalist in S6. However, he had a rough patch somewhere in the middle of his run and found himself in the B3 a number of times. Fortunately he was able to smooth things out and have a strong three week stretch which would eventually be his final three weeks in the competition. He couldn’t have picked a more fitting song for him to go out on with the aptly Blaze Of Glory. He gave a nice performance of it along with him making a round by going to the judges, his family, and finally the remaining contestants. At least he managed to go out at the top of his game, which was great to see. 9. George Huff George was considered to be the best S3 male, and I agree wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, he battled a nasty respiratory infection during a good portion of his run and his performances suffered after such a strong start in the finals. He managed to somewhat return to form during his last week in the competition. His swan song was really nice and was the best he had sounded in weeks. In addition, there was a nice moment when the remaining four ladies walked to him and hugged him towards the end of his performance. Finally, despite his elimination, he was still in good spirits and appreciative of everything, which is always great to see. 8. Kristy Lee Cook Kristy was someone who grew on me during her time on Idol; however, it was more as a person than performer. With that said, she had some really nice performances her last few weeks on the show after a not so hot start. Her best might have very well been her final performance, which would also be her swan song. For starters, I loved how she started it by sitting on the judges table and singing directly to Simon; you could see how uncomfortable he was during it. As with Matt Rogers, I loved how she was able to add some levity to her performance. The rest of it sounded really nice as well. All in all, it was a nice final moment for her. 7. Hollie Cavanagh Hollie was someone who had an interesting run. She started out as someone who was considered to be a viable contender for the crown. However, she hit a rough patch after Top 11 and pretty much lost that status. Despite that, she still managed to hang on and give some solid performances from Top 7 (Part I) on up to her elimination. She had a nice sing out with The Climb, which couldn't have been a better song for her at that moment seeing that it was the song she started with at her S10 audition and being one of her better performances during S11. It was nice seeing her go to the Top 3 followed by the judges during her performance. I was sad to see her go, but at least she handled herself well (if anything Joshua was more upset than she was, LOL). 010. Phil Stacey 009. George Huff 008. Kristy Lee Cook 007. Hollie Cavanagh It's been pretty dead at work, so I decided to bang out a few write-ups and post them during my lunch break, LOL.
  4. 014. It sure was. I was cracking up when he started singing to Simon. It is too bad it was cut off before he finished. 013. I think the slower, more vocal-focused parts were done well too. Her being one of the more forgettable contestants seems to be a common thought. Maybe it's because she was overshadowed by the bigger, more unconventional personalities. 012. Fair enough about this. I think if she sang Band Of Gold instead of Inseparable, it would've stood out more. As it is, I thought she sounded really good. 011. Not much to say but pretty much agree with everything written about Siobhan.
  5. Decided to check this out. It was pretty decent for the most part. I was happy to see Shannon win it all after gambling on the Stylist because it certainly wouldn't have been a great first impression having the contestant on the first episode not win anything. Also, the Rock Climber and Stylist had great voices (dare I say I thought the Stylist was better than Nick in the duet, LOL) though I'll admit I was skeptical about the Stylist and thought Shannon blew her chance when she cut the Rock Climber.
  6. I can't say I disagree with the first sentence. It's not easy to go out and perform after receiving some bad news, but for the most part they've been handled pretty well. Of course, there were a few exceptions. 014. It was really nice to see him add some humor to his sing out 013. Yeah, she did do great despite her crying before the performance 012. Agree with this sentiment 011. I did hear something about the ratings of Idol dropping after her elimination. Agree with the sentiment about not knowing she was eliminated shortly prior to her performance.
  7. The Dragon was pretty much an easy one. I had an idea who it was based on the clues, but once I heard him perform it confirmed my guess, and I'm pretty bad at these things, LOL. With that said, I would've liked him to stay a little longer. I'm not sure about the others (though I have a few ideas), but it'll be fun to guess as the season goes along. Also, I'm curious to see which one Ken gets correct because he's good for at least one per season. Finally, it's always good to look at Nicole Scherzinger, LOL.
  8. Yes, I finished it during this weekend and am looking forward to the S4 premiere tonight though there's a strong chance I won't be able to watch it live. Yeah, it was Night Angel and I was happy to see her win because I thought she would place third like the other female contestants in the previous seasons. Also, I thought Turtle was going to win (I have a sneaky suspicion he and Astronaut were your favorites, if so, sorry about not listing them). I haven't seen the new costumes yet, but I can say I'm definitely looking forward to them. No worries about being late. I haven't been as active as I normally am, so much haven't been posted. Ooh, you're going out of town. Hopefully it's a nice trip. 012. Fair enough about Maddie's song not being a favorite. At least it has grown on you some. 011. I can see how difficult it is to compare to the others due to it being a cover and the circumstances. 010. I can see how it can grow on people. It's always good to see Idol contestants have some success, even if they aren't favorites. I was happy to see someone notice my Olympics pun! 009. Happy to see you agree with my comments on Jordin's performance. 008. I do agree this song fits Kris more than Adam. Despite not being a fan of the song, I do think Kris brought something to it. 007. I pretty much agree with your comments regarding this song. 006. Though I can't say I'm a fan of the song, I do like the way Ruben sounds on it. It does appear to be Ruben's song despite it being a cover. 005. I pretty much agree with everything written here. 004. I know you're not a Fantasia fan, but at least you like the song itself. Diana's version was fine; however, Fantasia definitely put her stamp on it. 003. This song does get a lot of flack (including from me). The most important thing is at least you love the song and I agree about Carrie's vocals on it. 002. Preferring this song over Dream Big appears to be the popular opinion (although I appear to be in the minority - big surprise there ). I agree about liking David's voice on it. 001. I can't say I disagree with anything written here! As for the swan songs: Honorable Mention: I pretty much agree with everything here. Despite it being a group performance, Vonzell did sound great here and it was an amazing moment for her to leave on. 014. I agree with everything here. It was nice to see him have some fun on the way out. 013. It is funny to remember performances from the early seasons moreso than the most recent ones. I agree with your thoughts on Tyanna's performance. 012. Once again, I agree with your thoughts. 011. Fair enough about it not being a stand out. At least you thought it was very strong.
  9. Let's get this thing started! I've decided to list 14 elimination performances. 14. Matthew Rogers Matt was this big guy who had an outgoing personality and a decent if not spectacular voice. His interactions with Simon were pretty hilarious during his stint on the show. All of these things were present during his elimination performance. The singing was fine all things considered; however, the reason his swan song is listed is because of him walking up to the judges' table and serenading Simon. It was good to see he was in good spirits and still able to have fun in spite of his elimination. Unfortunately, the show ended before he finished his song, which was a common theme in the early seasons, but what was shown is good enough to make it in my personal ranking. 13. Tyanna Jones Tyanna was someone who got off to a strong start before somewhat losing her way around the midpoint of her run. Some time after S13, AI pretty much did away with the eliminated contestants singing one last time. However, in S14 Tyanna had the opportunity to perform after learning of her elimination. Despite being in tears, she gathered herself and managed to give a confident performance of Beyonce's Run The World (Girls) on her way out. I liked how she sounded and worked the stage. She appeared to be more loose, probably had to do with knowing there weren't any stakes in the performance. Either way, it was a solid note for her to go out on. 12. Kimberley Locke I always felt S2's Top 3 was among the best of all the Idol seasons. An argument can be made for any of the three being in the finale. With that said, it was thought the crown would eventually come down to Ruben and Clay, and that's pretty much what happened as Kimberley was left on the outside looking in. However, it was a less than 4% difference in the vote totals between the three, so it was certainly a close call. Regardless, Kimberley went out with a strong performance of Inseparable. Based on that performance, it would've been difficult to tell she was eliminated a few minutes prior. While I would've liked to see her in the finale, at least she had one more fine vocal moment on Idol. 11. Siobhan Magnus Siobhan was someone I enjoyed in the beginning of S9. However, other than Across The Universe, I can't say was impressed with any of her performances after Superstition. With that said, it appeared her elimination was considered to be a surprise although I can't really remember if it really was. Regardless, Siobhan would hold her head up high and give a very solid performance of Think. I want to say it was around this time is when the eliminated finalists were allowed to sing a song of their choosing rather than one from the night before. She sounded strong - which included one of her patented screams - and worked the stage well. It also ended with a nice moments with the judges, included her hugging Simon, who was pretty tough on her during the season. Her elimination performance was one of the better ones overall. 014. Matthew Rogers 013. Tyanna Jones 012. Kimberley Locke 011. Siobhan Magnus
  10. Someone else who agrees that Vonzell sounded the best of the three. I agree you wouldn't know she was eliminated based on her showing. I'll try to start the list tonight. In the meanwhile, I'll list some other swan songs I couldn't find videos of, or there are videos of them but are within full episodes and don't want to post them just to be on the safe side: Sarah Mather: This one was hilarious because she looked absolutely livid during her sing-out. Gedeon McKinney: He looked like a pro and it would've been difficult to tell he was eliminated. Leslie Hunt: "Why did I decided to scat? Does America not care about jazz?!" That alone says everything.
  11. It was a little weird to see her performing in a group song after learning she was eliminated. Yes, someone else who agrees with me that she sounded the best in this performance! Fair enough about not sharing a ranking. Happy to see this is agreed at being on the list as an honorable mention.
  12. OK, you got it! Hopefully I can get at least three more people...
  13. This is some rather upsetting news to wake up to. I'm officially burning my fan card. In all seriousness, while it's very disappointing, it's not enough to be a dealbreaker. I've said this before, unless it's something completely egregious and unforgivable, I try not to let anyone's political preferences affect the way I feel about them, and her being a Republican - while upsetting - isn't enough for me to turn my back on her. With that said, I'm curious to see if she'll address this in some form and see where to go from there.
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