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  1. There are certain things I'd rather do than spend all day working. However, got to make a living somehow. Oh, good to see some people came to help you in your times of need. Exactly. I'd hope people would have more sense than being careless in a metal machine that could seriously injure people or worse. I usually go by the mantra of drive like everyone around you don't know how to. Those seem to be nice places to visit. I see about the reason of wanting to visit France. London is somewhere I'd love to visit; maybe I'd swing by there after spending some time in Scotland. Now I wai
  2. Heh, I'd channel my inner dragon and hoard everything for myself. Early retirement doesn't sound so bad. It certainly is. In those conditions I try not to drive unless I absolutely have to. I can imagine having a car stuck in snow being a nightmare. Hopefully, things weren't too bad. Yes, it's one thing to be reckless with your own life. It's another to be reckless when there are others on the road, not to mention any potential passengers. Ooh, France and Australia are good choices. I'd like to visit France myself someday. I'd also like to visit the UK especially Scotland if there are ple
  3. Tamyra Gray "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" - (7) Alex, Kaley, Lily, Victoria, Weedy, Diana, Crisis Kelly Clarkson "Respect" - (9) Alex, Sola, Elliott, Kaley, Lily, Weedy, Andrew, Diana, Gigi Tamyra Gray "Touch Me In The Morning" - (5) Sola, Kaley, Victoria, Wallace, Crisis Justin Guarini "For Once In My Life" - Kelly Clarkson "You're All I Need To Get By" - (4) Lily, Weedy, Chris, Wallace Nikki McKibbin "Piece Of My Heart" - Tamyra Gray "If I Were Your Woman" - (7) Alex, Sola, Lily, Victoria, Diana, Gigi, Wallace Christina Christian "The Glory Of Lov
  4. I doubt she would beg for them. Then again, if I won big I most likely wouldn't even go back to work. While I've never driven in the snow, I have driven on icy roads before. Those are absolutely not fun. Fortunately, I've never had to worry about my car being stuck in snow. Seeing so many bad drivers makes me wish I were a police or highway patrol officer. I'd be issuing more tickets than Stubhub for a Taylor Swift concert. Well, hopefully things will be better soon so you'll be able to take a vacation. Have anywhere in mind you'd like to fly to, other than Hawaii of course?
  5. My S11 Top 2! Completely agree about Erika looking unrecognizable. She looks good though.
  6. Nervous for Lapras, Snorlax, Garchomp, and Lucario.
  7. Yeah, unfortunately the past few seasons have been rushed compared to past seasons and therefore it may be difficult to really get to learn anything about the contestants. When the semi-finals start, I'll most likely post a thread in which I give my opinions on the contestants. Yeah. The only thing left to do is start the show in mid-January again and not have too many multiple elimination episodes.
  8. My winnings from my own money would be mine and mine alone! I can imagine with the icy roads and poor views. I wonder how some people even got their licenses with the way they drive on the road. It's probably better to stay home if there isn't anywhere anyone wants to go. There are a few cities I would like to visit at least once, so maybe I will get on a plane again someday. It does feel so far. Me too.
  9. The deadline for write-up submissions has expired. I'm not sure when they'll be posted, as I'll be super busy with work and a research paper. I'll let everyone know when the time comes.
  10. I'll see what this season's group is like. It'll be interesting to go in with knowing very little if not nothing about the contestants. It'll probably end with me having some unpopular opinions again. Based on the semi-finals date, it appears there are a lot of audition and Hollywood episodes again.
  11. It was her money, so I'd give it to her regardless. I can imagine how bad it is if one isn't used to driving in it. Don't get me started on reckless drivers; I could rant about that all day. Nice to see you enjoyed Hawaii so much. Yeah, it's pretty difficult to travel anywhere right now. I was fortunate I live roughly six hours away from Vegas so I could drive there. Maybe one day I'll work up enough courage to get on a plane again. Great, now I feel bad. I'm sure she'd understand. In Idol related news, it appears the semis start on April 4. I now know
  12. I'll cut RJ's Under The Boardwalk because I feel it's one of the weakest performances remaining.
  13. All three brought their A game to the finale! An argument could've been made for any of them winning. I'm not familiar with Tulip, but she did well to make it to this point. With that said, I had a feeling she would place third. I've watched a few seasons of Dancing With The Stars, so I am familiar with Maks AKA Sloth. Although I wasn't much of a fan of his on DWTS, I enjoyed him a lot here. He definitely brought the entertainment along with the moves. I thought Gabby Douglas AKA Cotton Candy won after her last routine. It was easy to see she wanted that t
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