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  1. I see. I just listened to the song with Pia. As with Nicole, though I didn't understand what she was singing, she sounded great on it. Reading the YouTube comments (which is dangerous, I know ), it appears she nailed the pronunciation and diction.
  2. I listened to it, and I thought she sounded great on the song despite not understanding a word she was singing. It appears Pia has recorded a song with Troy Laureta as well. I'll definitely check hers out.
  3. Before I get into the main list, I'll share a few honorable mention auditions. These are mainly joke and entertaining ones. Honorable Mentions Keith Beukelaer Keith was someone who was told by people around him that he was a good singer, so he decided to audition for S2. However, his audition was a sight to behold and not in a positive way. He sang Like A Virgin and I Wanna Dance With Somebody really poorly. He had this weird nasal tone and some awkward sexual moves, not to mention sticking his tongue out in some random moments. Needless to say he didn’t
  4. Fair enough. This was more for @miss denise since she wanted me to watch her DWTS run and share my thoughts on it.
  5. As mentioned in the previous post, before I get into my favorite auditions ranking, I promised I would watch Nicole Scherzinger's run on Dancing With The Stars and share my thoughts on it. I'm going to get right into it. 14. Viennese Waltz It was certainly a good start for her and Derek. It was a lovely routine, and she was able to keep up with Derek, though Len appeared to think otherwise. From the few seasons I watched, the first routines are the most raw because it’s the first time the star and the pro are doing a routine together on the floor. Though I have it a
  6. I guess some people are better at lifting other people's spirits than their own. I can definitely be like that at times. Thank you. You would think. However, knowing some of them there's no such thing as a break. They're most likely working on future lesson plans and lectures during their time off. My holiday was fine; I hope you had a good one as well. I just finished marathoning Nicole's DWTS run and will most likely post my rankings and thoughts on her routines before I get into the next topic.
  7. The contestant was entertaining, especially with him falling on the floor every time eliminated a good singer. With that said, I knew he screwed up when he eliminated Cruise Ship Singer because I had a feeling she was good. At least he made the smart decision and took the money, especially with Gamer being bad. As for the others, I was right about Musical Bars and Copycat Katy being bad but was off on Stuntman. I did not expect him to be good. Finally, as for Camp Counselor, I was 50/50 on her but leaned more towards the good side. It looks as if last week's episode was the excepti
  8. Broccoli was the weakest, so there was no surprise there. I don't know if I would've gotten that person because while I know the name, I'm not too familiar with him or his career. The remaining group is pretty stacked. I'm not sure how they'll do the eliminations from this point forward, so I won't speculate on who may be the next to go. Nicole and the food references took my mind to a certain place...
  9. Despite Broccoli being good for you, it's not healthy enough for the competition and therefore, it's my prediction for the next cut.
  10. I noticed. Yeah, hopefully it'll get to the point when it's reversed. You'd think the teachers would want a break themselves. It'd be less work to grade. Fortunately, I managed to finish all of my homework just now, so I should have plenty of free time to rest and catch up on some of my to-do list.
  11. I guess if you put it that way. Not only are they conference rivals, they are division rivals, and it's one of the most heated rivalries in the NFL though it has been one-sided over the past decade or so. Ugh, I remember those days. We would be all excited because we wouldn't have to go to school only for the teachers to give us homework to do over the break. I agree that holiday breaks should be actual breaks; they are called breaks after all! Thank you. Not worrying about the order makes sense. After all, this is a random ranking thread (OK, I'll see myself out ).
  12. Yeah, especially since they haven't done well against them in the past few years. They do. At least I won't have to worry about one of them for at least two days. That'll give me enough time to do my schoolwork and have more time to do all of those tasks. I've decided on my next topic. Earlier I did my favorite swan songs; now I'm going to do the opposite. I'll rank my favorite auditions (I should've done one this first, LOL). I'm not sure how many I'll do at this time; that'll depend on how many videos are available online.
  13. 10. She did appear to be out of tune at times during the performance. 09. Outside of If It Makes You Happy, she really didn't have a bad performance. However, this was one of her most underwhelming ones. Interesting about her saying the song was too pop for her in that arrangement... 08. Fair enough about the performance. The song wasn't the best, but she had no control over that. 07. There were some pitch issues in the performance. I see the point about the movements not matching the edginess; however, at least she tried to add something to the performance.
  14. Idol Rankings II American Idol Auditions Honorable Mentions
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