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  1. This makes sense. It's easy to overlook something that may not be a person's style if there is a similarity between the two of them.
  2. I can say with confidence it's not them. For starters, they were both on Season 18, which is rated separately from this list. Also, Margie wasn't a finalist (she didn't even make it out of Hollywood). Good guess, though! Nice to see not much complaint about these rankings thus far! Wade's voice was certainly an acquired taste. Unfortunately, it wasn't one I was able to acquire.
  3. Time for a new set! 194. Gianna Isabella: Season 15 (9th/10th Place) Gianna Isabella was Brenda K. Starr’s daughter. Oh, didn’t you know she was Brenda K. Starr’s daughter? Well, Idol made sure everyone knew she was Brenda K. Starr’s daughter because they must have mistaken the audience as nails the way they kept hammering everyone with it . Anyway, in a season with a handful of underdeveloped teens, Gianna was the greenest one of them all. She had some good bones for a solid voice; however, she had some serious pitch problems and had difficulty staying in key most of the time. She sang I Put A Spell On You during the Top 24. After she was selected to advance, she must’ve thought the audience absolutely loved her performance because she decided to sing it again . Later she sang Listen and If I Ain’t Got You (during the latter looked as if she was at least a decade older). She was eliminated in the first double elimination of the finals after the judges decided not to save her. Gianna would’ve been better waiting for a while and honing her craft more. However, this was supposed to be Idol’s final season, so I can’t really fault her for auditioning. Clue: An offspring of a somewhat famous singer (Brenda K. Starr had a hit in the mid-80s with the ballad I Still Believe which was later covered by Mariah Carey) 193. Heejun Han: Season 11 (9th Place) Heejun was like two different people on Idol. Off the stage, he had this dry, sarcastic personality and was good for a soundbite or two (him taking shots at Richie Law during the Hollywood Rounds was great TV). His interactions with Jimmy Iovine were also comedy gold. On the stage, however, he was one of the most boring performers of the season. In a season as strong as Season 11, Heejun was clearly the weakest link. He would sing these slow, sappy ballads which he struggled with because of poor breath control. The absolute worst offender was Right Here Waiting during Top 11 week; I thought it was easily the worst performance of the season. The following week he decided to embrace his inner Sanjaya and give a joke performance of My Life, which resulted in Steven Tyler ripping him to shreds. It looked as if Heejun took the criticism to heart as went back into his ballad lane and sang A Song For You which happened to be his best performance of the season. Unfortunately for Heejun, it was too little too late as he was eliminated the following night. In the end, while I enjoyed Heejun the person, I didn’t care for Heejun the singer. Clue: Funny off stage, dull on it 192. Corey Clark: Season 2 (9th Place, Disqualified) Ah, Corey Clark. The finalist who is ranked dead last in which I would estimate about 90% of Idol finalist ranking lists. To be honest, if I placed more emphasis on what finalists did off the show, he would be last in mine as well. With that said, he still ranks in my bottom 10 because I simply didn’t enjoy him as a singer. He had this whiny, high-pitched voice I really didn’t like. The only performance of his I could tolerate was Foolish Heart. Everything else was hard on the ears. The biggest offender was Against All Odds, which to me is the worst rendition ever done on the show (I know people will counter with Paige Miles. At least Paige was sick, what’s this guys excuse). His time on Idol ended when he was disqualified around Top 9 for allegedly failing to disclose his arrest record to producers, or something like that. After Idol, he really became a mess with his legal issues and him stating he and Paula had an affair. With everything said, I have no qualms ranking him this low. On a side not, I'm realizing I'm getting rid of the 9th place finalists pretty early. Clue: A contestant from one of the first three seasons who's first and last name have the same initials (in this case, CC) 191. Wade Cota: Season 17 (4th/5th Place) Wade is the first Season 17 finalist to appear in this ranking, which means he was my least favorite finalist from that season. As evident by my Season 18 rankings, I am a fan of raspy voices. Wade’s, however, made me want to go to L.A., pick him up, and take him to the nearest Walgreens. The disappointing thing is liked his song choices; I just didn’t enjoy him singing them. According to him he used to sing metal before going down the rock/soul/blues path. It definitely sounded like it because it often sounded as if his vocal cords were shredded. If I had to pick a performance of his I could tolerate, it would probably be You Are the Best Thing. For all intent and purposes, Wade appeared to be a likeable, down to earth person, though I was annoyed with him when he kept saying he didn’t know the lyrics to California Dreamin’ during Hollywood, and instead of trying to learn the song, he wrote the lyrics on his arm in which he was called out for. Also, he would look surprised when advanced to the next rounds, yet he looked disappointed when he was eliminated. Other than these two scenarios, I really didn’t have a problem with Wade; I just wished I liked his voice more. Clue: [the picture in question is a group of the Pokemon Wynaut (pronounced "why not"). The night Jeremiah was eliminated, Ryan announced Wade's safety by saying "why not Wade". Come to think of it, Wade kind of sang like a Wynaut. On second thought, he may sounded closer to a Wobbuffet (I kid, I kid!)] 194. Gianna Isabella 193. Heejun Han 192. Corey Clark 191. Wade Cota Here are some clues for the next set. Starting now, I will list five at a time. An Idol love story (this clue is for two finalists) Almost caused a judge to quit the show Whatever Simon was on, I want some Don't let the door hit you on the way out! Feel free to comment and take a stab at the clues!
  4. Some quick responses... 198. His "nailed it" pose at the end absolutely killed me! 197. Honestly, you weren't missing much 196. 195. Agreed Thank you! I was driving myself nuts trying to figure this out. I was lurking in other threads trying to learn. I'll most likely do this after work. Good guesses. For the first clue, Seasons 1 and 2 are also included, so it could be someone from those. The only guess I will say is incorrect is Norman Gentle because he wasn't a finalist (although it would've been a hoot if he were ). In spite of where I rank the contestants and what I may say about them, I wish them all the best after their time on Idol, whether they continue to pursue music or live a normal life; Daniel is no different. My favorite thing about him was his musicality. He had a great understanding of it at such a young age. I just think it would've been better if he were to wait for his voice to mature more before going on Idol, although to be fair, Idol was on its last legs on FOX and his season would've been the penultimate one; therefore, I can't really blame him for auditioning when he did.
  5. To get this train back on track... The first set of finalists (198-195) are on the previous page. Once I learn how, I'll link the write-ups to the first post of this thread. Feel free to comment on them. I will have the next set up either tomorrow or Friday night. For anyone who wants to guess who's coming up next, I'll re-post the clues: A contestant from one of the first three seasons who's first and last name have the same initials An offspring of a somewhat famous singer Funny off stage, dull on it
  6. This will be the only time I will address this here... If Arthur and Francisco were two of the most popular contestants this past season, more power to them. However, I don't rank any of the contestants based on how popular they are. I rank them solely on how much I enjoyed them during their time on Idol. It just so happened I didn't enjoy Francisco or Arthur as much as some of the others; I have no personal vendetta against them. On the subject of them being POC, I don't even know where this issue came from. Rest assured them being POC also had nothing to do with their rankings. Considering my two favorite contestants from the season are POC (which has absolutely nothing to do why they are my Top 2), I find this argument laughable to be honest. Again, I rank them on how much I enjoyed them on the show. It will be the same for Alejandro or any other contestant. I'm not going to apologize for where I rank the contestants; if this is still an issue, there's nothing more I can say. If this subject is to be continued, I'm open to discussing it via messaging or even another thread. I'm politely and respectfully asking not to bring this subject in this thread anymore because this is not the reason it was created.
  7. 20. It's difficult to overcome a negative edit. Unfortunately, he wasn't that great anyway 19. I know a bit about having unpopular opinions. I may have a few more in the future. With that said, it's nice to see someone support her 18. Can't say I agree, but I respect the opinion 17. Agreed 16. Can't say I disagree here 15. She is definitely an acquired taste. Unfortunately, it isn't one I acquired 14. As with Nick, it's difficult to overcome a negative edit. Hers was more damaging 13. He may have very well been lost on stage, so performing from home really helped him 12. Fair enough 11. His great-grandmother was a hoot! Too bad about not remembering his singing 10. Can't say I disagree here 09. Fair enough 08. Being Canadian may have definitely hurt her in some way 07. This is good to see 06. Unfortunately, her having to be saved made her chances of advancing very slim 05. Agreed 04. I would've loved to see more performances from her as well 03. She was definitely inconsistent. She alternated between good and bad performances 02. Completely agree 01. Definitely agree about the tone I won't post the next set for a couple of days. I want to give a chance to comment on the first set of finalists and take a guess at the clues.
  8. Internet was acting wonky. Move on to the next post.
  9. I'm on my lunch break at work, so I won't be able to respond to everyone now. @hayden98, I'll try to get to yours tonight after I'm off. 6 of my Top 10 aren't belters/ballad queens (I don't consider Olivia and Sam to be belters) and my favorite contestant certainly isn't one. Half of my Top 10 are people of color, and two of the three singer-songwriters in the Top 10 were pretty popular with the voters, so I'd like to think it's balanced. My favorite contestant is not a conventional one judging by the reactions. I mentioned earlier in the thread I wasn't going to include the Season 18 finalists because of the unique circumstances surrounding the season, hence why I ranked that season before doing the main one. Hmmm...
  10. From 198-191, I'll put up four at a time, then I'll do five after until further notice (at least that's the plan). 198. Lazaro Arbos: Season 12 (6th Place) As I was thinking about how I would list the finalists, I realized it’s a lot more difficult than initially thought. To be honest, I’m still thinking about where to place certain contestants. With that said, the two easiest placements were my all-time favorite finalist and my least favorite finalist. As seen here, Lazaro is in the latter category. It wasn’t like that at first. I was intrigued by Lazaro because of his backstory. As someone who has overcome a stutter myself, I wanted to see what he could do. He started off well enough. His Feeling Good was decent and was good enough to advance to the finals. Everything after that, however, ranged from barely mediocre to atrocious, the worst offender being (They Long to Be) Close to You. The most memorable thing about that performance was Mariah rambling for about an eternity trying to think of something to say. Of course, no Lazaro write-up would be complete without mentioning the I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) group trainwreck in which he completely dragged down Devin and Burnell and then proceeds to outlast both of them. I remember there was a thread where someone broke down the performance in great detail; too bad it's lost now because that was one of my favorite threads. Outside of his performances, there was a sense of entitlement coming from him, acting as if he should get special treatment because of his condition. With a combination of poor performances and bad attitude, it’s a no-brainer why Lazaro is my least favorite finalist ever. 197. Jim Verraros: Season 1 (9th Place) The Season 1 male class is considered to be one of the weakest in AI history, and Jim may have been the weakest one of them all. This was first evident when he sang in the semifinals. He was in Group 1 where he had the unenviable task of following Tamyra Gray’s strong opening performance of And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going. Seeing him perform When I Fall In Love afterwards really showed how out of his depth he was. I remember the funny faces he made while trying to show emotion. In spite of this, he was voted through to the finals. While there, he gave what is considered to be one of the worst performances in AI history with Easy. He was eliminated the following night in a double elimination where he wasn’t even the lowest vote getter (that was EJay). All in all, Jim appeared to be a nice guy; he just wasn’t a very good contestant. 196. A.J. Gil: Season 1 (8th Place) Might as well take the opportunity to eliminate another Season 1 male. For some, A.J. is considered to be a worse singer than Jim. To be honest, these two are interchangeable for me; however, I decided to place A.J. ahead. A.J. had this whiny, nasally voice I didn’t care for, plus he struggled to stay in key most of the time. I remember him reciting the Star-Spangled Banner at his audition which resulted in Randy giving him a standing ovation. His semifinal performance of All Or Nothing was weak, plus he laughed in the middle of it. As with Jim, he advanced to the finals in spite of this. He gave a passable performance of My Cherie Amour which earned him another week. He was eliminated the following week after an underwhelming performance of How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You). As with Jim, A.J. appeared to be a nice guy but was a very underwhelming singer. 195. Daniel Seavey: Season 14 (9th Place) When I first saw Daniel, I thought Idol had lowered the minimum age limit again to allow 12-year-old children to audition. There was no way he looked 15. Anyway, Daniel is the poster child as to why lowering the minimum age limit to 15 was a bad idea. For starters, most of their voices haven’t fully developed at that age. This is especially true for boys, and Daniel epitomized this. He sounded as if he was still going through puberty during his run. His voiced cracked on every performance and it was hard to listen to. With that said, I don’t blame Daniel: unlike the Chicken Littles and Sanjayas he appeared to take the competition seriously and gave it his best. I don’t blame the voters: he was an option and they had their reasons to want to keep him around as long as possible. I’m putting this on the producers/judges for advancing him through each round in the first place knowing he was still green. He was the first victim of the Twitter Save, and I can’t say I disagree with the result. After Idol he joined the boy band Why Don’t We and may not have had some hits (I don’t know, I haven’t listened to any of their music). Overall, nice kid; just no where near ready for Idol. 198. Lazaro Arbos 197. Jim Verraros 196. A.J. Gil 195. Daniel Seavey I've decided to do some clues for the next set. These will probably be easy to guess. In no particular order: A contestant from an early season who's first and last name has the same initials An offspring of a somewhat famous singer Funny off stage, dull on it
  11. One thing I forgot to do after finishing my Season 18 write-up: To put a wrap on Season 18, I'll list some hopefuls who I wouldn't mind seeing audition next season (besides Lauren Mascitti): Amber Fiedler Jordan Jones Ren Patrick (disappointed she was cut as early as she was) Shannon Gibbons Demi Rae Perrin York Wildcard: Robert Taylor, but only if he controls his urge to channel his inner Jacob Lusk I'm just about ready to begin ranking the finalists from the other seasons. I've decided to exclude Aubrey Cleland and Charlie Askew from Season 12 and go with the other 198 finalists (for the record, if I were to include them Charlie would've been in my bottom 10 and Aubrey would've been somewhere in the 80-100 range). The first set should hopefully be up soon.
  12. I was joking around. Based on other posts, you're not the only one to disagree with this placement. Yes, Sam being your favorite was pretty obvious .
  13. 20. Agreed. He wasn't up to the same level as the others 19. Fair enough 18. I never really cared for his voice and I liked DeWayne's more *shrugs* 17. Fair enough 16. No disagreement here 15. Fair enough 14. Completely agree. Being humble is better than being arrogant 13. Fair enough 12. Agreed 11. Absolutely agree 10. You may have a point 09. I can see how his laid back nature may not be as inspiring to some 08. She surprised me as well 07. Fair enough 06. Reading these responses makes me think she's not as popular around here as initially thought 05. Someone ranking her higher than me. Performing at home certainly did her very few favors 04. Fair enough 03. 02. I know she was your favorite and I was this close to ranking her first 01. I don't expect many people to agree with me here. Nonetheless, I embrace my black sheepness
  14. Going to split this into two: 20. 19. I remember that setup. Poor girl 18. Now I don't feel so bad after ranking him this low 17. 16. Fair enough 15. 14. 13. Can't say I disagree 12. I absolutely had no idea. If his first half was a solid as his second half, he would've been higher 11. I would put the owl pic back up, but I like DeWayne, so... 10. Fair enough 09. 08. Can't really disagree here 07. I liked his original *shrugs*. Can see how he can be hit or miss for some 06. We'll agree to disagree 05. How. Dare. U. (j/k). Can see why people would think this way though 04. Valid point about her song choices. Definitely agree about having both her and Lauren M. 03. Needless to say Julia is a rather polarizing one 02. Can't say I agree, though I can see the point about her peaking in Hawaii. I like her all the same 01. Fair enough Jovin: Franklin: Fair enough DeWayne: Completely agree Arthur: Don't disagree. I just wish I liked his voice more Olivia: Unfortunately, since she made the voting rounds, I don't think she's eligible to audition again. Agree about her being a strong performer. Francisco/Sophia: Objectively, maybe. Dillon: Very valid points Grace: Can't say I disagree Julia: I'm happy to see she's your favorite. I will check out some of her material when I have time. Sam: Definitely agree
  15. Wow, I wasn't expecting this many replies! After reading everything one thing is for certain: you can't please everybody. I'll try to respond to everyone; if I overlook you, feel free to whack me over the head with a mallet (not physically of course, lmao). 20. You have a point about the show being petty (it wouldn't be the first time). As for Hey There, Delilah, I was just underwhelmed by it. 19. Exactly. 18. Sorry. He just didn't do anything for me. 17. So did I. I just don't think she did enough. 16. Yeah, he probably wouldn't be this low if I liked his voice better. Too bad. 15. Nice to see she's one of your favorites. Too bad I didn't like her more. 14. The arrogant one (BTW, I know this is sarcasm) 13. I'm sure there'll be a few contestants we agree on. Francisco was in no man's land for me; I don't dislike him, but I didn't love him either. 12. That's right, you're the WGWG stan. I can see how grating his tone could be. 11. 10. This doesn't help with her trying not to be forgettable 09. Understandable 08. I thought she had a strong shot at the Top 11. That's a good point about her local support not being able to vote 07. Understandable 06. I don't believe anyone gets "robbed" per se, but I would've liked to see do better in terms of the voting. 05. 04. Agreed. I was happy to see her cast as well. 03. Too bad you don't like Julia. With that said, I can see how she could grate on people. 02. Fair enough. Crap, I didn't know she was a lesbian. So this would make her the first LBGTQ+ winner, right? Another reason for this season to go down in history. 01. Yay, someone else who likes Jovin! I agree a stage would've definitely helped him out. 20. 19. Completely agree 18. Once again, total agreement 17. Fair enough 16. Great point. If his fanbase turns out to be anything similar to the Claymates or Glamberts, then I'll be officially worried. 15. She bugged me before then, but I don't disagree 14. If she is this bad, she probably would've had no chance in a normal season, let alone this one 13. Understandable 12. Can't say I disagree though he won me over somewhat later in the season 11. I knew this one would be controversial 10. Nice to see another Kimmy fan. I don't know about Top 3 though 09. Understandable 08. 07. 06. Obviously I disagree, but I respect the opinion 05. Yes! Really nice to see another Olivia fan! 04. Maybe. Valid point about the pitch problems, but I liked her all the same 03. 02. She almost overtook Jovin for #1. I just happen to like Jovin's voice more 01. As with DeWayne, I knew this placement would raise some eyebrows. No regrets whatsoever though.
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