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  1. 005. She'll never be left behind in my eyes. Lucky you for not remembering Kamaria Ousley; I do, and unfortunately it's not positive memories. Back to LaToya, she was certainly consistent, and it was disappointing to see her eliminated when she was. Yes, we do have differing opinions of the remaining group, and I have a feeling (I'm putting this here just to be safe ) I know the one we differ upon the most. Yeah, it's nice to see she was able to do something post-Idol. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention in my write-up was I loved the duet of her and Taylor during the S15 finale (I thought it was funny and cool to see Taylor still having that purple jacket he bought during his season ). We'll see about the guess. I'm just now finishing #4 and should have it up some time today. Once again, I agree with most of what was written. Still, it was disappointing to see her leave when she did.
  2. LaToya: Pretty much agree with everything written here. I think the reason LaToya's elimination isn't mentioned much among the most shocking is because she had been in the B3 a couple of times prior to it. In some the other cases, Tamyra, Pia, and I'll throw Mandisa in as well had never been in the bottom group and Chris was there once, so when their eliminations occurred, they were more surprising. I'm going to go ahead and start on #4 now and hopefully will have it up by some time tonight. I have everyone's guesses so far noted.
  3. The guesses: @Bk1234: LaToya London @blackfield: LaToya London @laumopera: LaToya London @miss denise: LaToya London Who will appear at #5... When a group comes to mind This one's often left behind 5. LaToya London: Season 3 (4th Place) At #5 is the last of the S3 famed Three Divas as well as the last S3 overall finalist. I thought LaToya was a world class vocalist; not only, IMHO of course, was she the best technical singer of S3, she was one of the most technically proficient singers to ever set foot on the Idol stage. She could sing the soft songs as well as the songs that required serious power. Also, she’s from my hometown of Oakland, CA (I no longer live there), so it was natural for me to take an interest in her ; fortunately, she did my hometown proud (I’d like to pretend Kamaria Ousley never existed ). Finally, on a superficial note, she had one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen; it was certainly a room lighter, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, she appears to be the overlooked diva of the three; I think there are two main reasons for this. One is that she hasn’t had the mainstream success that Fantasia and J-Hud has enjoyed in their post-Idol careers which is too bad because although I am a fan of all three, LaToya is obviously my favorite, so she was someone I was really rooting for to do well. The other is she doesn’t have as big a personality as the other two, who can be very in-your-face and outgoing whereas LaToya was more reserved and therefore may not come across as memorable as they (Fantasia and J-Hud) are. Now that I think about it, the way she came across on Idol was something others were critical of. In a season full of contestants brimmed with youth, exuberance, and outgoing personalities, as mentioned LaToya appeared to be more reserved and aloof, to the point where she was considered arrogant. I don’t recall any arrogance although should I decide to re-watch her performances I may notice it, but I think she was just confident in her abilities and rightfully so. As for her time on Idol, LaToya had zero airtime prior to the semifinals, so she was at a huge disadvantage and had to do something to stand out. Needless to say, she was up to the task because she delivered a stellar performance of All By Myself to close out Group 3; it was my favorite version of the song done on the show, even ahead of Pia’s which was great in its own right. She would be voted into the finals where she would have a solid performance of the up-tempo number Ain’t Nobody. The following week she would sing Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til The Sun Comes Up), which once again I felt was the best version done on Idol (as an aside, it was funny to see Josh Gracin in the audience before the performance ). From there, she gave what I thought was a really pretty version of Ooh Baby Baby, though the most memorable thing about it may be Randy and Simon cracking on her weave she wore that evening. It must’ve affected her because she kept her short natural hair for the rest of the season. Unfortunately, LaToya would end up in the B3 the following night. She would survive and give what I felt was a lovely and strong performance of Someone Saved My Life Tonight; it was certainly one of the few highlights on what was otherwise a mostly lackluster night. She would follow that with a powerhouse performance of Somewhere the following week, which was a strong way to close the show; unfortunately, I think it, and all of the other performances that night for that matter, was overlooked because of Fantasia’s Summertime, which happens to be one of the most celebrated performances in Idol history (and deservedly so if I may add). The following week she sang All The Time, which was another brilliant vocal showcase, especially when she hit those two glory notes at the end with one being higher than the other without losing control or pitch. Sadly, this was the week of that infamous B3, and I admittedly thought there was a good chance LaToya would be the one leaving; however, she was the first one to be sent back to safety so it was all good (though it was too bad Jennifer was the one who left despite being my least favorite of the three). Next, she would sing Rhythm Is Gonna Get You, which is one of my personal favorites of hers because it showed a different side. While it wasn’t her best vocal performance, it was certainly the most fun because she danced, vibed with the band, and looked like she was having a blast, which was certainly different from her just standing on stage and singing (usually brilliantly, I might add); it was definitely one of the best on an otherwise lackluster night. It would be the following week, however, where LaToya would really shine. I thought she was head and shoulders above everyone that evening on both of her performances. Too Close For Comfort was a vocal masterclass, with her showing off multiple dynamics of her voice, from the soft beginning to the sustained power at the end. As great as that was, however, Don’t Rain On My Parade may have been even better. She showcased great control on a song that appeared to have some very tricky timing, plus it was fun and showcased some personality from her. If there was a misstep that evening, it had to do with her stumbling over her words in between the performances; at least it showed she was human for those who knocked her personality. The following week would have LaToya’s weakest showings in the competition. Her first song, Love You Inside Out, was perhaps her weakest performance of the season, though I didn’t think it was that bad all things considered; I preferred it to Melinda’s at least (note to any future contestants: if two world class vocalists such as LaToya and Melinda had their weakest performances on this song, it would be a good bet to stay away from it ). Her second performance, Don’t Leave Me This Way, was better than the first and although I enjoyed it, I felt she could’ve had at least more energy performing it. With that said, perhaps the thing that hurt her the most was Simon saying after all those weeks he didn’t know much about her, indicating she may not have been connecting to the audience that well despite the quality of her performances. She would be eliminated the following night, which engendered some outrage because it was thought Jasmine should’ve been the one to leave after her poor night. A theory as to why LaToya was eliminated had to do with a combination of Simon’s comments towards her and how harsh the judges were on Jasmine, not to mention an entire state possibly rallying behind Jasmine to save her. Regardless, it was disappointing to see LaToya leave when she did; though it was a longshot, I would’ve loved to have seen a LaToya/Fantasia showdown in the finale. Finally, I have to mention her swan song; that, to me, was the best ever done on Idol. It was a straight up professional performance, as if she were saying see what you’ll be missing out on. Post-Idol, LaToya released an album which I listened to and remember enjoying it as well as have a few stints on Broadway, so although she may not have had the mainstream success the other two divas had, she appeared to do pretty decently all things considered. So yeah, LaToya is one of my all-time favorite contestants and one of the best singers the show has ever had. 005. LaToya London Updated favorites per season list: S01: S02: Kimberley Locke S03: LaToya London S04: Bo Bice S05: S06: Haley Scarnato S07: David Cook S08: Allison Iraheta S09: Crystal Bowersox S10: Pia Toscano S11: Elise Testone S12: Candice Glover S13: Jessica Meuse S14: Quentin Alexander S15: La'Porsha Renae S16: Jurnee S17: Laci Kaye Booth S18: Jovin Webb Final four: Kelly Clarkson Tamyra Gray Katharine McPhee Elliott Yamin Once again, everyone got it right (maybe I'm making them too easy; as long as everyone's having fun ). Here is the clue for #4: There has to be some kind of hint As to where number two went
  4. #5 will be posted within an hour, so be ready!
  5. at Allison, Brooke, Elise, Melinda, and Tamyra making it. at Pia missing out.
  6. 006. Early in the season, Simon called David and his performances worthy, so I put it in quotes as an inside joke; it certainly wasn't me questioning the validity of his victory. As for the rest of the post, I pretty much agree with most of it. I too enjoyed him singing straight songs as much as his different arrangements. It was funny to have a Top 2 with the same name, though it was pretty much inevitable from probably Top 6 on. I'm almost done with #5. If I do post it tonight, it'll be within maybe 3-4 hours from now, so if any more want to guess who it is, now it's the perfect time to do so.
  7. I pretty much agree. The only time the twist actually worked was the first time they used it because I doubt many viewers expected that result at the time. Every other time it was pretty easy to see which group was safe and which was the B3. I completely agree he was a worthy winner! As for the status of #5, I may very well have it up tonight; I just have to put the finishing touches on it. With that said, I'll wait to see if any more posters are wanting to take a stab at who they think #5 will be. I should have the final update some time tonight.
  8. I agree with him having one of the, if not the best, personalities in Idol history and especially his older brother type of relationship with Archie. One of my favorite moments is when Archie was picked to play the George Huff role in picking the safe group and chose to sit in the middle of the stage, David walked over and sat on the stage with him. As for the rest, I can't say I disagree in terms of performances, and at preferring a David performance over an Archie one. Yeah, David's coronation song was corny (but then again most of them wore), which is probably why they gave him another one. All of the guesses so far have been noted. As for #5, I've managed to start on it last night and will try to have it posted tonight. If not, it'll definitely be posted tomorrow. I'll let everyone know where I'm at either during my lunch break or after work.
  9. Another triple post... It's time to unveil #6! Here's what I have: @anonymouskid_35: David Cook @Bk1234: David Cook @blackfield: David Cook @laumopera: David Cook @miss denise: David Cook Everyone has the same guess! As for the finalist in question... From not planning on being a part To displaying a creative art 6. David Cook: Season 7 (1st Place) Coming in at #6 is the “worthy” S7 winner, the first (not to mention the best ) of the WGWG winners predicted by KLC , the last of the three S7 Davids, the last S7 finalist to appear in this ranking, and finally the second to last male overall. In a season as strong as S7, David was perhaps the strongest and most consistent contestant; if not, he was certainly the most innovative. While I believe Blake Lewis was the first to truly attempt to make songs his own, David was certainly the best at it. No matter what the theme was, he mostly managed to come up with or discover arrangements that suited him the best; in other words, he knew exactly who he was as an artist. Another thing I appreciated about him is his refusal to exploit any potential sob stories, such as him being hospitalized a week and his late older brother’s struggle with brain cancer, despite the show’s multiple attempts; he clearly wanted the focus to be on his performances. Finally, like Carrie he appears to be appreciative of what Idol has done for him, evident by him coming back multiple times since his season to either perform, record the goodbye song for S10, or mentor some of the contestants. His journey and subsequent victory almost didn’t happen as he only initially attended the auditions to support his younger brother but got talked into auditioning himself; I’d like to think he’s happy he did so, considering where he is now. He started off with a rock version of Happy Together, which was OK, nothing too special. He followed that with an enjoyable performance of All Right Now and completely disagreed with Simon when he said he didn’t have a lot of charisma. The following week he did Hello, which is where I think he started to really win people over because he took a sappy R&B/pop love song and turned it into a rock number that could’ve been on the radio. He would easily sail into the finals where during the first week he sang Eleanor Rigby, which was another strong performance of his. I believe there was some controversy surrounding it because the judges thought it was an original arrangement when he was actually doing a version from a band called Doxology; he ended up addressing it a couple of weeks later. He followed that with Day Tripper, which while very good by all means wasn’t as strong as his previous two performances. It would be the next week where David would give perhaps his most heralded performance of the season with the Chris Cornell version of Billie Jean. While the performance was great and deserving of all the accolades it received, maybe I’m just weird but it wasn’t my favorite performance of his; it was actually my second favorite. He sang Little Sparrow the following week, this time using his own arrangement instead of someone else’s, which showed he really knew how to take any song and fix it to suit him the best. Either way, it was a solid performance; I had him third behind only Michael and Carly. Unfortunately, David would give his weakest performance of the season the following week with Innocent. His voice sounded weird in the beginning and I thought he shouted some parts trying to make up for the slow start. There were some theories floating around that because of this performance, more voters were determined to vote for him, which may have caused Michael to slip through the cracks and be eliminated because it was thought he and David had similar fan bases; I don’t know what to think if it, but there it is. Fortunately, David would bounce back the following week with another different arrangement, this time for the Mariah Carey classic Always Be My Baby. It is considered to be one of his best performances of the season, and I can’t say I disagree because I enjoyed it a lot; I especially liked the more haunting and intense spin he put on it. The next week he would sing The Music Of The Night. While I enjoyed the different arrangements on most of his performances and all, this was my personal favorite of his because he sang the song straight for the most part and showed he could vocally hang with the best of them in his own right from the soft notes in his lower register to the glory notes in the middle and end of the song; also, at ALW telling David to imagine him as a gorgeous girl in order to capture the mood of the song. The following week he would return to his rock roots with I’m Alive and All I Really Need Is You, with the former being harder driven and the latter being mostly acoustic with the exception of parts in the middle. While both performances were solid, I preferred the latter. The following week he would sing Hungry Like The Wolf and Baba O’Riley. To be honest, I didn’t really care for the former, mainly because I’m not a Duran Duran fan, plus I can’t stand the song. As for the latter, while I liked it more than HLTW, I still felt it was missing something; I think it’s one of those songs that can’t be done justice in the limited time the contestants have on the show, which is too bad because I liked what he tried to do with it and would’ve loved to see where else he could take it. The next week he would sing The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Dare You To Move, and I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing. The first was easily my favorite of his, though it was certainly an unexpected choice; I don’t know what Simon was thinking when he picked it for him. The second song was the weakest of the night for me; I think it had to do with feeling that it was too short. The third performance was fine, though it’s another song I could go multiple lifetimes without hearing again. David was on to the finale where he gave what I felt were three solid performances. The first, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, was probably my favorite of the three; I liked the way he sang the song and worked the stage. The second, Dream Big, was fine all things considered, seeing it was a coronation song; still, I felt it was better than Archie’s (sorry @miss denise and @Bk1234 ). For his third number, instead of reprising one of his older performances, David opted to sing The World I Know, which I felt was a heartfelt performance. The main thing it’s probably remembered for is Simon’s comment saying he picked the wrong song. David would have the last laugh the following night as Simon ended up apologizing to him; I guess Simon got wind of the vote total and probably did it to save face because David would end up winning by a whopping 12 million votes! Post-Idol he went on to record a few albums; I listened to his first two and remember enjoying them. He has also been on Broadway a couple of times and even dated Kimberly Caldwell for a few months. So yeah, David is one of my favorite contestants and almost made my Top 5, but Top 6 isn’t too bad if I say so myself! 006. David Cook Updated season favorites list: S01: S02: Kimberley Locke S03: LaToya London S04: Bo Bice S05: S06: Haley Scarnato S07: David Cook S08: Allison Iraheta S09: Crystal Bowersox S10: Pia Toscano S11: Elise Testone S12: Candice Glover S13: Jessica Meuse S14: Quentin Alexander S15: La'Porsha Renae S16: Jurnee S17: Laci Kaye Booth S18: Jovin Webb The fab five remaining (not the S12 women, LOL): Kelly Clarkson Tamyra Gray LaToya London Katharine McPhee Elliott Yamin Looks like everyone got this right; in hindsight, it was an easy one. Here is the clue for #5: When a group comes to mind This one's often left behind I'm not sure when this one will be up; I'll keep everyone updated. In the meanwhile, feel free to guess!
  10. #6 should be up within an hour or two; last chance for anyone who wants to take a stab at who they think will show up because unless I'm replying to someone, my next post will be #6.
  11. I've been following this thread here and there and decided to vote.
  12. There appears to be a misunderstanding. What I meant by disagreement was that Crystal was my S9 favorite instead of tied for second favorite as mentioned in the post; I could've done a better job explaining that.
  13. 007. Yeah, it was disappointing to see her not win after UTTM; it reminded me of when I thought Clay had S2 wrapped up after Bridge Over Troubled Water, except I liked Ruben more, so I didn't mind that result. I haven't been good at keeping up with her that much post-Idol either; however, I just came across her new song and am absolutely loving it at the moment: I should have #6 up some time tonight after work. Hopefully, it'll be on the next page, but it's fine if it isn't. I'll let everyone know about an hour ahead when I'm ready to post it so any last minute guesses can be made. So far, I see quite a few, we'll see if they're correct or not.
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