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  1. Haley Reinhart - Better Track List 1. My Cake 2. Behave 3. Better 4. Can't Help Falling In Love 5. Check Please 6. Bad Light 7. Talkin' About 8. Good or Bad 9. Love Is Worth Fighting For 10. I Belong To You 11. Listen Amazon Music | Apple Music | Pandora | Spotify The deadline for rankings and write-ups will be August 7 at 11:59 PM EST. This time I will wait until the deadline before posting the results. This is who I know is participating thus far: @thevoiceisthetop @jarmon Anyone can still participate as long as everything is submitted prior to the deadline. I will grant extensions if requested. Enjoy!
  2. Our group's decisions (@totes4totes, @goofycilla90, and I): Advance to Round 6: Katie Stevens "Let It Be" Cuts: Lacey Brown "Kiss Me" Michael Lynche "This Love" Katie Stevens "Big Girls Don't Cry" Aaron Kelly "The Long And Winding Road"
  3. Kenan & Kel. Not only did I love the show, it had one of the best theme songs: Really disappointed to see Animaniacs cut but relieved to see Doug saved, so I'm kind of conflicted here, lol. Anyway, going back to Animaniacs: These videos helped a lot with my education.
  4. Listen Up! Rankings 5-1 5. Liar Haley Reinhart - Liar Average: 5.7 @Crisis - 3/10 @KelseyW - 3/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 3/10 @sydneysam - 5/10 @jarmon - 8/10 @Bk1234 - 9/10 @Lackey - 9/10 Crisis KelseyW sydneysam jarmon Bk1234 4. Oh My! Haley Reinhart - Oh My! Average: 5.4 @Bk1234 - 3/10 @Lackey - 3/10 @sydneysam - 3/10 @jarmon - 5/10 @KelseyW - 7/10 @Crisis - 8/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 9/10 Bk1234 sydneysam jarmon KelseyW Crisis 3. Free Haley Reinhart - Free Music Video Average: 4.6 @jarmon - 1/10 @Bk1234 - 2/10 @sydneysam - 2/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 2/10 @Lackey - 8/10 @KelseyW - 8/10 @Crisis - 9/10 jarmon Bk1234 sydneysam KelseyW Crisis 2. Hit The Ground Runnin' Haley Reinhart - Hit The Ground Runnin' Average: 3.9 @Crisis - 2/10 @jarmon - 2/10 @Lackey - 2/10 @sydneysam - 4/10 @Bk1234 - 5/10 @KelseyW - 6/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 6/10 Crisis jarmon sydneysam Bk1234 KelseyW 1. Undone Haley Reinhart - Undone Average: 1.4 @Bk1234 - 1/10 @Crisis - 1/10 @Lackey - 1/10 @sydneysam - 1/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 1/10 @KelseyW - 2/10 @jarmon - 3/10 Bk1234 Crisis sydneysam KelseyW jarmon And on that note, that's a wrap for the first ranking of the thread. Thank you to everyone who ranked and contributed write-ups to this ranking. The latter were really nice to read and it was nice to see other opinions about the songs. I'll start the ranking for Better tomorrow evening, so there's something to look forward to for anyone who are participating and who wants to participate. As of right now, I have confirmation from two posters; however, there is plenty of time for anyone else.
  5. Listen Up! Rankings 10-6 10. Wonderland Haley Reinhart - Wonderland Average: 8.3 @Lackey - 4/10 @sydneysam - 7/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 8/10 @KelseyW - 9/10 @Bk1234 - 10/10 @Crisis - 10/10 @jarmon - 10/10 sydneysam KelseyW Bk1234 Crisis jarmon 9. Walking On Heaven Haley Reinhart - Walking On Heaven Average: 6.9 @Bk1234 - 4/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 4/10 @jarmon - 6/10 @Crisis - 7/10 @Lackey - 7/10 @KelseyW - 10/10 @sydneysam - 10/10 Bk1234 jarmon Crisis KelseyW sydneysam 8. Wasted Tears Haley Reinhart - Wasted Tears Average: 6.7 @Crisis - 4/10 @jarmon - 4/10 @KelseyW - 4/10 @Bk1234 - 7/10 @sydneysam - 8/10 @Lackey - 10/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 10/10 Crisis jarmon KelseyW Bk1234 sydneysam 7. Keep Coming Back Haley Reinhart - Keep Coming Back Average: 6.3 @KelseyW - 5/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 5/10 @Bk1234 - 6/10 @Crisis - 6/10 @Lackey - 6/10 @jarmon - 7/10 @sydneysam - 9/10 KelseyW Bk1234 Crisis jarmon sydneysam 6. Now That You're Here Haley Reinhart - Now That You're Here Average: 5.9 @KelseyW - 1/10 @Crisis - 5/10 @Lackey - 5/10 @sydneysam - 6/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 7/10 @Bk1234 - 8/10 @jarmon - 9/10 KelseyW Crisis sydneysam Bk1234 jarmon
  6. Since I have everything from everyone who I know is participating, I may post the first half of the results during my lunch break if I have the time. If not, I'll try to do it tonight after work. If anyone else wants to send any rankings, this will be your last chance. In the meantime, anyone who is interested in participating in the Better round may express their interest here.
  7. I have almost everyone's rankings. Right now I'm just waiting on @sydneysam. The deadline is August 5; however, I may post the results early if she submits her rankings and no one else participates before then.
  8. Just waiting for confirmation of our last cut, then we should have ours in.
  9. Oh no worries. There's still plenty of time before the deadline, so you can still participate if you'd like. Yes you can!
  10. 25. Leopard/Seal Season 2: Fourth Place Leopard - Somebody To Love Leopard - Respect Leopard - Stitches Leopard - Teenage Dream Leopard - September Leopard - Don’t Cha Leopard - We Are Young Leopard - Big Spender Leopard Unmasking Clue: A mark of affection from an opponent would look spotty Leopards have spots, and the mark of affection is a reference to his song A Kiss From A Rose. His opponent in the Smackdown was Flower, and roses are flowers. Leopard stalks and securely pounds his way into the #25 spot of this ranking. First, the costume had a nice regal design; it looked like it would fit in during a renaissance era. Leopard himself was a lot of fun to watch. He had a commanding stage presence and looked like he was really enjoying himself during his time on the show. This was especially true when he would mess around with Nick after his performances. Speaking of which, my favorites from him are Teenage Dream and Big Spender. I also liked his Smackdown performance of Don’t Cha; however, my favorite part was the interaction between Joel and Nicole during it: Joel: Who sings this song? Nicole: I do Joel! He was obviously trolling. Back to Leopard, he was eliminated after Big Spender and was revealed to be Seal. It was kind of easy to tell it was him because of his tone. Leopard was someone who definitely earned his spots on TMS. 24. Astronaut/Hunter Hayes Season 3: Sixth Place Astronaut - You Say Astronaut - Signed, Sealed, Delivered Astronaut - Shape Of You Astronaut - Never Gonna Give You Up Astronaut - If I Can’t Have You Astronaut - Bye Bye Bye Astronaut - Story Of My Life Astronaut Unmasking Clue: Forgive me Denise; I may have to vanish after this The vanish part of the clue is referring to Hunter’s song Invisible. I hope a certain mod doesn’t ban me for this placement. Costume wise, this was one of the more plain ones; however, it wasn’t bad and fit the image well. It’s good to have a basic costume every now and then. Astronaut was someone who gradually grew on me as the season progressed. I didn’t care for his first performance of You Say because I wasn’t too fond of his tone. After that, however, I found myself enjoying his performances. My personal favorite was If I Can’t Have You, mainly because it’s one of the few times I’ve enjoyed a Shawn Mendes song. Also, I have to give it to him for Rick Rolling everyone with Never Gonna Give You Up. Finally, his Smackdown performance was entertaining. He made it to fifth place before having to unmask and revealing himself to be Hunter Hayes. At the end of the day, Astronaut was good enough to place himself among the stars in the TMS galaxy. 23. Snow Owls/Clint and Lisa Hartman Black Season 4: Group A (Third Eliminated) Snow Owls - Say Something Snow Owls - Like I’m Gonna Lose You Snow Owls - The Prayer Snow Owls - Because You Loved Me Snow Owls Unmasking Clue: Majestic night hunters whose color is the opposite of their surnames Owls are mainly nocturnal creatures. The Snow Owls are white and Black is the last name of the pair who wore their costumes. At #23 is the first multi-people act in TMSUS history. I have to say I really loved the Snow Owls’ concept and costumes; I would have them in my Top 10 based solely on that. The crowns were a really nice touch, and the mobile egg was cool. The act itself did really well, although it was obvious the male was the more experienced singer. I enjoyed all of their performances to some extent, with my favorite being Say Something. Unfortunately, they were in a very stacked group and were eliminated after losing the Smackdown against Popcorn. Snow Owls were unmasked to be the power country couple Clint and Lisa Hartman Black. One of the more memorable things about them was the panel guessing they were Donny and Marie Osmond (although Donny was on during a previous season; however, I wouldn’t put it past him to try to be on again ). However, the two put their heads together as if they were kissing, so that pretty much blew that theory out of the water. Overall, Snow Owls were good to watch during their time on TMS. 22. Seashell/Tamera Mowry-Housley Season 5: Seventh Place Seashell - Listen To Your Heart Seashell - Confident Seashell - Tell Me Something Good Seashell - I Think We’re Alone Now Seashell Unmasking Clue: May or may not be able to hear something from two similar versions It is said you can hear the ocean by holding a seashell to your ear. The two similar versions part of the clue is referring to Tamera being a twin. Up next is Seashell. The costume was well designed; I especially liked the swirling shell that framed an eye on the mask. She was another act who played around with Nick after her performances. Seashell reminded me a little bit of Jellyfish in that both, besides dwelling in large bodies of water, were acts who started off nervous but gradually became more confident with each performance (funny enough, Confident was one of the songs Seashell sang). It was during Tell Me Something Good where I thought Seashell started to hit her stride. Unfortunately, she was up against what appeared to be more experienced performers and was eliminated alongside Crab in the seventh episode. Seashell was unmasked as Tamera Mowry-Housley. I had a feeling it was her in the beginning but became more sure as the season went along. Plus, I had a gigantic crush on both her and Tia back in the day, so I'd like to think I picked up on some of the clues. Finally, she did well for someone who hasn’t sung on stage in 20 years (I think that’s what she said), so I tip my hat to her for that. 21. Mushroom/Aloe Blacc Season 4: Second Place Mushroom - This Woman’s Work Mushroom - If I Could Turn Back Time Mushroom - Unconditionally Mushroom - A Song For You Mushroom - Valerie Mushroom - The Christmas Song Mushroom - I Wish Mushroom Unmasking Clue: Able to sprout after returning from a subconscious state Mushrooms sprout, and the returning from a subconscious state part is referring to the song Wake Me Up by Avicii, in which Aloe sang. Just missing the Top 20 is the S4 Runner Up. Mushroom was someone who was really hard to pin down. At first, it was difficult to tell if the act was male or female because of the way he changed his voice in every performance. The costume itself didn’t help much either because it appeared to be more feminine. Because of this, however, Mushroom was one of the most intriguing TMS acts. He showcased some strong vocals and gave some very strong performances. My favorites from him were This Woman’s Work (I didn’t know he had such a strong falsetto in him) and Valerie. I think in any other season he may have won, but Sun was a difficult act to overcome. Mushroom was unmasked as Aloe Blacc, and even to his unmasking I still didn’t have much of a clue who he was. I’ve listened to a bit of Aloe’s music but was unable to pick up on his voice. I believe Nicole was the one who figured out it was him based on the clue packages. All in all, Mushroom was a strong act and one who kept me on my toes throughout the season. 25. Leopard/Seal: 24. Astronaut/Hunter Hayes: 23. Snow Owls/Clint and Lisa Hartman Black: 22. Seashell/Tamera Mowry-Housley: 21. Mushroom/Aloe Blacc: Clues for 20-16: - Act that waded its way to another habitat with a panelist - Broke away from a sty with very hot temperatures - Had an avalanche of hits with some of its fellow species - Hopped, sang, and danced in different settings - Was apart of two litters with the same host
  11. Yes you may! I'm going to extend the deadline for submissions to August 5 at 11:59 PM EST. That should be enough time for submissions and write-ups.
  12. You can still join this round if you want! There's only four of us here, so any extra people would be a bonus!
  13. Listen Up! Ranking Alright, the next step is simple. Everyone participating will rank all the songs from Listen Up! by their favorites. The songs will be ranked on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the favorite and 10 being the least favorite. The rankings will be submitted to me via PM. Each song should have their own number; therefore, there should be no ties. Write-ups are optional but encouraged. The deadline for submissions will be August 1 at 11:59 PM EST. If an extension is needed, please let me know. As a refresher, here is what's being ranked: Track Listing: 01. Oh My! 02. Free 03. Liar 04. Wasted Tears 05. Undone 06. Now That You're Here 07. Wonderland 08. Keep Coming Back 09. Hit The Ground Runnin' 10. Walking On Heaven Places To Listen (No Pun Intended): Amazon Music | Pandora | Spotify | YouTube Music Also, I believe all of the songs are posted on YouTube. This is who I have participating. Let me know if I'm missing anyone: @Bk1234 @Crisis @jarmon @KelseyW Although the deadline has passed, anyone can still participate in this round if they want. They just have to tag me in the thread should they send any submissions. That's all I have to say for the moment. I'm really looking forward to see how all of the songs rank!
  14. The deadline for participating in this round is one hour away! Tagging @miss denise to see if she wants to take part.
  15. @Bk1234 Who is the first Idol contestant to have his/her discography showcased? Well, it's someone who got off to a rocky start at the beginning of her Idol journey but fought and clawed her way to a third-place finish and was the second to last female standing in her season. She has since released four albums post-Idol, has a critically acclaimed cover of an Elvis Presley ballad, and has frequently collaborated with a fellow Idol contestant and the vintage cover group Postmodern Jukebox. Of course, I'm talking about none other than... Haley Reinhart First, we'll start with her debut album Listen Up! Track Listing: 01. Oh My! 02. Free 03. Liar 04. Wasted Tears 05. Undone 06. Now That You're Here 07. Wonderland 08. Keep Coming Back 09. Hit The Ground Runnin' 10. Walking On Heaven Places To Listen (No Pun Intended): Amazon Music | Pandora | Spotify | YouTube Music Also, I believe all of the songs are posted on YouTube. I'll give until July 30 at 11:59 PM EST for anyone who'd like to participate. Those who do can just post their interest in the thread. After that, I'll explain what the next steps are. Also, any albums or EPs and their track listings will be in the second post of the thread. Let's see how this goes!
  16. Thank you for the suggestions. I'll start with one of these contestants and take requests after that person is done. Requests can be made at any time, so don't be shy. You said it was fine to tag you whenever I create a new thread or had a new idea. I hope it is an honor. I hope you do participate when you can. I know I said I'll start this weekend. However, since I have a few suggestions already, I'll go ahead and get started right now. The first contestant to be showcased will be in the next post.
  17. I plan to start the first ranking this weekend. In the meantime, anyone can post any contestants they'd like to see ranked. Also, although I mentioned post-Idol music, any pre-Idol music is eligible because I know some contestants released albums prior to going on Idol. It'll probably be harder to find, but I'll try to manage.
  18. Haley Reinhart - Better Track List 1. My Cake 2. Behave 3. Better 4. Can't Help Falling In Love 5. Check Please 6. Bad Light 7. Talkin' About 8. Good or Bad 9. Love Is Worth Fighting For 10. I Belong To You 11. Listen Amazon Music | Apple Music | Pandora | Spotify
  19. Haley Reinhart Listen Up! 10. Wonderland 09. Walking On Heaven 08. Wasted Tears 07. Keep Coming Back 06. Now That You're Here 05. Liar 04. Oh My! 03. Free 02. Hit The Ground Runnin' 01. Undone
  20. @miss denise I'm not sure if this is the right place for it. A mod can move it if it isn't. On to the topic at hand... One of the major goals for anyone who competes on American Idol (or any of these singing shows for that matter) is to increase their chances of having a career in the music business in some form or another. Some have not had the luck, while others have been fortunate enough to create and release music post-Idol. This thread is about listening to and ranking the post-Idol music of Idol contestants. This idea came to me during my Idol-related subjects thread. I figured since there are so many possibilities, a separate thread would be better suited for this subject. I’ve thought about creating this thread for a while and finally decided to pull the trigger on it. The Main Guidelines: (These are subject to change should any alterations, more ideas, or more guidelines come about) - One contestant’s discography will be ranked at a time. One album will be ranked at a time. For example, if the Idol contestant showcased is Kelly Clarkson, each song from each album will be ranked. Case in point, First every song from Thankful will be ranked, followed by Breakaway, My December, etc. - Requests are encouraged and will be considered. Should any Idol contestant have any post-Idol music but doesn’t have any albums or EPs, they can take part. However, they have to have at least five original songs (not covers) in order to be considered. - This will be open to anyone who wishes to participate. Anyone who wants to rank can post in the thread indicating their interest. This helps me see who’s participating and who to expect submissions from. - Speaking of submissions, any submissions will be via PM. Write-ups are not mandatory, but they are encouraged. Guidelines will be posted when it’s time to submit rankings. With everything said, here’s to what will hopefully be a good time in this thread!
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