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  1. Yeah, Katharine was great; Meatloaf on the other hand, not so much. As for Elliott and MJB, MJB did what she usually does and took over the performance, overshadowing him in the process. Glad to see you (and others) enjoying it!
  2. 080. Not much to say here but pretty much agree 079. Pretty much feel the same way. I can see how GJWTHF can be a guilty pleasure (though not for me despite enjoying a guilty pleasure now and then ) 078. Pretty much the same 077. Understandable. It's pretty much the same way I felt about Scott Savol. 076. Agreed! Unfortunately, he was a wildcard and we all know how well they do in the ABC reboot... I'm just now realizing I forgot to put zeroes in front of the numbers. Oh well, not going to change it now. 75. Initially, I wouldn't have put her in the finals in the first place, but she grew on me. She (and pretty much everyone else) were definitely leagues behind those three. Good to see she was so lovely in person 74. Fair enough 73. Pretty much agreed except I enjoyed Across The Universe and didn't care for When You Believe. Nice to see she slayed on tour; I can imagine she would be one heck of a live experience 72. Fair enough. Neither Adam nor Danny were ever going to be in positions where the save would've had to be used on them, so I guess they thought Matt was the best option. I would've added Lil, but she crashed and burned so bad it would've been a waste. 71. Fair enough 75. Pretty much agreed about her lack of success with up-tempos. The only one that was good was Love On Top. Come to think of it, I don't think she even did that many during the season. 74. Sadly, I agree with this though I would include his first semis performance 73. Pretty much agree here 72. Again, I pretty much agree with this 71. I don't know about consistent because he had his share of clunkers, but I agree with him being underrated.
  3. I'll try to get to everyone. Those who I can't reply to now I'll do this evening. I'm interested to see if your predictions are correct when the time comes. I do remember liking them at the time, though my memories of them are vague. Yeah, it's difficult to find some of the older stuff; I've done some digging myself. Thanks for the links; I'll most likely check them out once this list is finished.If you find any more by all means share them. Sorry. I remember it; I thought each of the Top 3 duets that season were ruined by the celebrity partners. Good to see they're not too easy. The main thing is I wanted to make them was fun, in which it looks like it's succeeding in. My one regret is that I didn't think of this sooner. It does look like we feel the same about that. At least there's one fond memory he left behind. As I mentioned in her write-up, it's something I feel strongly about and could never understand. 75. Fair enough. That's how I felt about her prior to my re-watch. 74. Yeah, all of the decent ones without his dreads were either too small or had watermarks on them. I pretty much agree with everything written regarding him. 73. Fair enough. She does have quite the vocal range indeed. 72. Pretty much agree for the most part. His studio recordings was the one thing I forgot to mention in his write-up. They were among some of the best from that season. I guess we'll agree to disagree on his duds. 71. Pretty much agree regarding him. His lower register was really hard to listen to, though to be fair it appeared to be getting better as the season went; either that or he learned to avoid it for the most part. We'll see how you do with the next set... Glad to see you back! 75. I pretty much felt the same way during her season. Good to see her talent being more appreciated after seeing her on tour. 74. He did appear to represent NJ well (unlike a certain semi-finalist, talk about hitting rock bottom ). Though there were a few contestants I would've liked to have seen eliminated before him, I couldn't really argue against it. 73. Understandable. She could be too much for some people. 72. Pretty much agreed 71. Pretty much agree. Good to see he was so nice during the show. I've heard and read some stories about how nice he was during the tour. Looks like you have some competition now! Amber: I pretty much agree, especially regarding the save. Seeing that no one was eliminated the following week. the save was practically used anyway though not officially. Nicki did say she wouldn't vote to save anyone since Curtis wasn't saved, so it really didn't surprise me. Siobhan: I could see how people would feel that way about her. Matt: Yes, this is the season the dreaded save was introduced... Yeah that too. Fair enough. It looks like I was able to get to everyone after all! I haven't started the write-ups for the next set yet, so they definitely won't be up tonight. I'll TRY to have them tomorrow if I'm not too busy or tired (please don't hold me to that ).
  4. Not much time to comment, but 5/5 again! Also, for Siobhan, she has an uncle who is currently the bassist for Boston, which was the inspiration for the clue. I'll reply to the other comments when I have the time.
  5. I changed one of the clues because I realize it would be a dead giveaway for one of the finalists. With that said, here are he clues for 75-71: - Third time wasn't the charm - A hit from The Village People - The first of the Fab Five appears - Couldn't keep up a strong start - It's more than a feeling for this finalist to have a peace of mind when performing 75. Amber Holcomb: Season 12 (4th Place) To lead off this set, we're going to go back to S12. Admittedly, Amber wasn’t someone who I paid much attention to during her season and because of this, I couldn’t recall anything she did outside of a couple of performances. The main thing I remember about her was Nicki championing something fierce for her. Thus, I had to re-watch her run to see where I could place her. While she’s still my least favorite of the women from that season, I’ve come to like her quite a bit and think she’s actually quite underrated. I think my opinion of her was tainted because I was disappointed Aubrey Cleland didn’t make the Top 10 (though Aubrey did manage to snag a tour spot, so good for her) and she did. While Amber certainly had her bad share of performances – Without You, MacArthur Park (which is just a terrible song in general), and Just Give Me A Reason come to mind – she had some strong ones as well. The one that surprised me was A Moment Like This, and it’s one of the few performances of hers I remembered at the time. When I first learned she was going to sing this, I expected it to be very underwhelming if not a train wreck. However, Amber did a really good job with it and was one of the few contestants to do justice to a Kelly Clarkson song at the time. Some other performances I liked were My Funny Valentine (the first time she did it at least), Lately, and What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life. She eventually made it to fourth place, which is no shame because it was pretty apparent the Top 3 were going to be Candice, Kree, and Angie. The main thing I remember about her post-Idol was her singing Here, There, And Everywhere with Ruben during the S15 Finale acoustic set, although I thought she was Vonzell at first. For someone who I didn’t remember much of, Amber has managed to make as much as an impact on me to rank her here. 74. Anwar Robinson: Season 4 (7th Place) Up next is Anwar Robinson. I tried to find a decent picture of him without his dreads because I know he no longer has them, but I gave up and went with whatever I could get. Anwar is considered to be the most technically proficient vocalist in S4 in many circles. There were two knocks on him, however. One was he often started his songs low so he could build up to the glory note(s) toward the end. The other was he struggled on anything up-tempo. His only good up-tempo performance was What’s Going On. Nonetheless, Anwar had a very strong start in the competition with three very strong performances in the semifinals with Moon River, the aforementioned What’s Going On, and What A Wonderful World, with WAWW being my personal favorite. However, once the finals came around, Anwar seemed to lose whatever magic he had, and the quality of his performances declined. Maybe he’s better on small stages than big ones. His first finals performance of A House Is Not A Home was fine enough; it was probably his best showing in the finals. It was the following week when he sang Ain’t Nobody that the decline was more obvious. It was his worst up to that point. However, it didn’t compare to what would come next, which is when he sang the horrid I Believe I Can Fly. He was the first offender to sing that song on Idol, and his version may have been the worst (wait, I just remembered Jacob Lusk’s version ; OK, Anwar’s was the second worst ). His remaining performances weren’t much better, and he was eventually eliminated in seventh place after a lackluster performance of September. Regardless, I still liked Anwar enough to rank him here despite what happened to him. 73. Siobhan Magnus: Season 9 (6th Place) Time to go back to S9 with this next finalist. Siobhan was this quirky girl, from her personality to her fashion style, who had an incredible range. She was able to hit some notes I didn’t think were humanly possible. She was someone whose first half I enjoyed much more than her second half. I remember enjoying all three of her semifinal performances, my favorite being Think, especially when she hit that big note at the end. She started off well enough in the finals with her first two performances Paint It Black and Superstition, with the former being my personal favorite of hers. It was the perfect combination of vocals and dramatics. After that, however, I don’t know what it was, but I didn’t really enjoy Siobhan all that much. Through The Fire was probably her worst effort. She started too low and then was all over the place vocally for the rest of the song. The only performance I can say I enjoyed after that was Across The Universe in which, with the exception of one note, was her most subtle and restrained performance. It was certainly different from the vocal gymnastics she usually did. Everything else didn’t really do much for me. Siobhan was eventually eliminated after her performance of Any Man Of Mine. I believe her elimination was considered to be a shock at the time, I can’t remember. I also remember hearing the week after her elimination Idol had its lowest ratings since the first season. I don’t know much about what she did post-Idol, though I’m pretty sure @psterina will be more than happy to fill me in. Regardless, despite not enjoying her as much as I did earlier in the season, Siobhan is still one of my favorite S9 contestants. 72. Matt Giraud: Season 8 (5th Place) It's time for S8 to be represented again with Matt Giraud. Matt was someone who I was interested in when S8 began. I thought he had a nice voice and style, and I was looking forward to seeing what he would do come time for the voting rounds. Unfortunately, he got off to a really rough start with Viva La Vida. The vibrato was way out of control; it was right up there with some of Carmen’s worst performances. It was obvious he was nervous during the performance. Some say this is the performance that set the course for S8 because it was thought that Matt bombing helped paved the way for Kris Allen to get voted through and eventually win the season. As for Matt, he was invited back to perform in the WC round where he sang Who’s Loving You. It was a much better effort than Viva La Vida, though I thought he came off a bit desperate and overdid it with the runs (I’m sure Randy loved them, however ). Unsurprisingly, he was picked and made it to the finals where he was solid albeit a bit inconsistent. His highlights included Human Nature, Let’s Get It On, and Part-Time Lover. My favorite of his, however, was So Small. I thought he really did justice to the song, though his comments in the pre-performance video in which he said he wanted to make the song more emotional and heartfelt made me roll my eyes a bit, as if the song wasn’t those things already. However, he had a few duds as well which included You Found Me, Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman, and Stayin’ Alive. Regarding HYERLAW, he was initially eliminated after it; however, he was the recipient of the first ever judges’ save (S8 was the first to employ it). He managed to hang on for two more weeks before bowing out in fifth place. One thing about Matt is I remember Kara really championing him, to the point it seemed as if she had a crush on him (she would take this to the next level the following season with Casey James ). Finally, speaking of the following season, I remember he and Scott MacIntyre performed Tell Her About It during one of S9 Semifinal Results Shows. Apparently, the two performed this number during the S8 tour. While not the most consistent contestant, Matt was someone I enjoyed on Idol. 71. Phil Stacey: Season 6 (6th Place) Closing out the set is the last S6 male to appear in this ranking, making it the third season for this to happen. As mentioned, Phil is the last of the S6 males to appear in this ranking, making him my favorite of the bunch. I do think Phil is one of the more underrated contestants on Idol. In a season where the female contestants were considered to be the superior group, Phil was the only guy who could hold a candle to any of them vocally. The best part of his voice was his huge upper register. Whenever he went there, he was capable of great things. The problem was as great as his upper register was, his lower register was as equally horrendous. He would often get himself into trouble, especially early in the competition, because he started his performances too low and had to belt them out in the end to save them. The best example of this was his Top 16 performance I Need You. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do to save that one. It was so bad I thought he hurt his chances of reaching the finals. Obviously that wasn’t the case as he managed to get voted through. Other poor performances included Night And Day and Maria, Maria; the former was slow and boring, the latter was boring and had a noticeable voice crack, though not as bad as Brandon’s in You Can’t Hurry Love. He managed to survive both of those performances and proceeded to go on a tear afterwards. His next three performances, When The Blacktop Ends, The Change, and especially Blaze Of Glory, were among his best of the season. In addition, I also enjoyed I’m Gonna Make You Love Me and Every Breath You Take. Phil was eliminated after Blaze Of Glory, a fitting song and performance to go out on, in a double elimination along with Chris Richardson due to no one being eliminated the previous week because of Idol Gives Back. It was probably inevitable because he had the weakest fan base among the Top 6, seeing that he was in the B3 multiple times prior, though I thought he might've had a chance had LaKisha not had a strong comeback after a few down weeks. I know he released a few albums post-Idol, one was country and the others were I believe CCM, but I haven’t heard any of his music. Phil was someone who traveled a bumpy road on Idol but managed to ride a smooth one towards the end. 75. Amber Holcomb 74. Anwar Robinson 73. Siobhan Magnus 72. Matt Giraud 71. Phil Stacey Alright, the current set is up. Here's what to expect for the next set: - A shocking debate - It is certainly something within this finalist - "I gotta pee!" - Responsible for one of the biggest memes from Idol - Had a few strikes and gutter balls
  6. Not much to say except I pretty much agree with this sentiment. Though I'm tired, my next post will have the new set barring anything happening.
  7. Fair enough about RJ, though I enjoyed him on the show. Yeah, Joey certainly wasn't for everyone, that's for sure. Fair enough about Rickey. Yeah, it was about Rayvon. Interesting thought about the clue though. Pretty much agree regarding Uché. 095. Pretty much agreed, except I preferred him to a couple of contestants at the time. I would've liked to see 9 to 5 as well. 094. If I were to be objective, I probably would've had her leave around Top 5. However, I had no issues with her staying after her Top 4 showing. 093. Nothing much to say here except agreed. 092. Fair enough about him. There were some performances I didn't enjoy his screaming on either. 091. As overrated as I think she is, she did have her fair share of good performances, so I can see how she can be one of the favorites of others. I've decided to put the next set up tomorrow. It'll give more time to try to crack the clues or catch up and besides, I had a long day today and about ready to call it a night.
  8. As promised: Well, there are five from that season left and 75 spots remaining, we'll see where they end up. Lucky you having your favorites winning in most seasons. The main two I've seen were Carly Rae Jepsen and Eva Avila, if only I heard so much about them and wanted to see for myself. Hopefully, you'll be able to find those episodes; I'll look for some myself. Yes, the days of dial-up with having to hear the dial tone and beeping sounds before connecting to the Internet; those were the days. It's fine. I can see how people can enjoy their friendship. He certainly looked happy for Jordin, that's for sure. Those performances of his were fine; the one I can say I was never a fan of was Try A Little Tenderness. As for In The Ghetto, the main thing that comes to mind is when Toni Braxton was grinding all over him and how uncomfortable he looked during the Finale... I'm trying not to make the clues too difficult; however, it looks like they may be too easy. Oh well, as long as others are enjoying them. I won't say the name of the contestant in case that person hasn't appeared yet. 080. I pretty much agree, especially with him being the favorite male singer and the Simon stuff. 079. Well, she is a rather polarizing figure who isn't for everyone. At least you enjoyed one performance of hers. 078. Tell me about it. I was HOWLING when he came out in that afro! The driving impaired rant I wrote during Leah's write-up was actually going to be used for Rickey's; however, after learning the cause of the accident regarding Leah, I felt it was more appropriate there because that one was sadly self-inflicted. Rickey unfortunately was a victim of someone else's poor choice. Agree with the last sentence. 077. Outside of the stretch of performances I mentioned, I enjoyed Rayvon for the most part. The Twitter Save nonsense really painted him in a negative light. With that said, he must've not been connecting with the voters too much if he kept finding himself in that position. 076. Yeah, I felt he was entertaining and underrated as well. I would've loved to see what he would've had in store for Queen Night. Good to see no issues with this set! Joey: She did appear to be fun. I started to enjoy her after getting over my annoyance with her. As for Quentin's role, I'll definitely have more to say about that when he appears. Rayvon: Nice to see you agree with much of what I said. I especially concur with the last sentence. Uché: As much as I don't like to admit it, this is pretty much spot on regarding Disney Night. I doubt it would've helped much, seeing he was a wildcard, but if either picked a different song or gave a better performance, he might have had a better chance of advancing.
  9. After some consideration, I've decided to go back to whiting out the clues. They've been added to the previous set if anyone's interested. As for the next set, I have some labs to do tonight, but I'll try to have it up. If not, it'll definitely be up tomorrow; it'll be an opportunity for anyone who wants to catch up since I've put up the previous 2-3 sets kind of fast. As for anyone who commented on the previous set, I'll respond this evening since I'm on a short lunch break today.
  10. 5/5! I think I know who you had in mind for the clue. 3/5. Rickey and RJ needed to be swapped.
  11. It may be a little later than promised, but here is the new set. The clues for 80-76: - Sang a song which seems eerie now - Tweet tweet - The stage could've held up better - Played an instrument Weird Al would approve of - This performer may have been a little goofy... 80. RJ Helton: Season 1 (5th Place) Leading off this set is the final S1 male to appear. Seeing that RJ is the last, this makes him my favorite by default. Though EJay had a stronger voice and Justin had more charisma and better stage presence, I liked RJ the most. Outside of his performances, the main thing I remember about RJ was that for some reason he was Simon’s personal punching bag. Simon was way too harsh on him to the point of being almost cruel. His journey started with him singing I’ll Be There as a part of Group 3 in the semifinals. The most memorable part of the performance was the verbal altercation between Randy and Simon after Simon referred to certain contestants as losers (later we found out he was talking about Jim and A.J.) and poor RJ had to stand there while everything was going down. When it was all said and done, RJ wasn’t voted into the finals; however, he was invited to perform in the WC round where he gave a very solid performance of Lately. Though I was hoping another contestant would’ve gotten the WC, RJ definitely did well enough to earn it, so I wasn’t upset over it. He gave some solid performances in the finals; however, the one he may be the most known for was the infamous I Won’t Dance during Big Band Week where he wore an all white suit and danced awkwardly when he forgot the words. He managed to survive it; however, Simon really went after him on the Results Show, and to be honest that irritated me greatly. RJ was already visibly upset and probably realized he should’ve been the one eliminated, so I felt there was no need for Simon to pile on him like that. Fortunately, RJ managed to redeem himself the following week with Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do), which I felt was easily his best performance in the finals. He was eliminated the following night, so it was a solid way to end his run. I know he released a Christian item post-Idol and came out as gay in 2006; other than that, I’m not sure what else he’s been up to. Overall, while not the most charismatic contestant, I did enjoy RJ during his time on Idol. 79. Joey Cook: Season 14 (7th Place) We're going back to S14 for our next finalist. Joey was a contestant that took me some time to “get” if that makes sense. She is one of the more unique contestants Idol has had, that’s for sure. At first, I thought she was some kind of joke audition who would be sent to Hollywood and cut within the first few rounds despite the judges saying she could be heard on the radio. However, she managed to make it to the Top 24 somehow. I thought her rendition of Somebody Like You was completely absurd and didn’t get it at all. Apparently, I was in the minority because she managed to make to the following week. I didn’t care for two performances after it and was wondering how long this would last. However, it was Fancy that made me do a 180 on her. I rarely say this about anyone, but I absolutely LOATHE Iggy Azalea. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about her that rubs me the wrong way. In fact, she’s down there with Chris Brown among my least favorite music artists of all time; even Jennifer Hudson’s presence when the two performed that season didn’t mitigate my loathing of her, so needless to say I wasn’t looking forward to Joey’s performance. However, I absolutely LOVED her rendition of Fancy, so much in fact I went and bought the recording of it, which is something I rarely do. I know she said she got the idea of the arrangement from Postmodern Jukebox, but she was still able to make it her own somehow. From that point on, I started looking forward to what Joey would do instead of dreading it. In addition to Fancy, I enjoyed Mad World, Miss Independent, and Somebody to Love, which would eventually be her last. Finally, I liked the friendship she and Quentin developed during the season; I wonder if the two are still in touch. Regardless, Joey went from someone I didn’t “get” to someone who’s artistry I’ve come to greatly appreciate during the season. 78. Rickey Smith: Season 2 (8th Place) Rickey is the second of the three tough write-ups I have to do for this ranking. Rickey was this jovial, friendly, outgoing guy who seemed to be beloved and respected by everyone he crossed paths with. He’s probably best known for his “Hercules! Hercules!” chant he would often do. In addition, he had a really nice voice though I’ll admit his tone may not be for everyone. My favorite performances of his were One Last Cry, (1, 2, 3), It Might Be You, and Endless Love. With that said, the performance I remember the most from him was Let’s Groove during Disco Week. The performance was terrible, don’t get me wrong; it was easily his worst, mainly because of him trying to channel Phillip Bailey and use a non-existent falsetto. However, I appreciated him embracing the theme with him going on stage with the huge afro and 70’s attire. Going back to Endless Love, it would be his last because he was eliminated the following night. One thing that struck me was how visibly upset the other finalists were at his elimination. It was easy to see how well-liked he was among them. Another thing was some felt Rickey was screwed over because of the show having a B3 the previous week but not eliminating anyone due to Corey’s disqualification and therefore, the votes from that week carried over to the following week. Finally, because the show was out of time, none of Rickey’s swan song was aired, so his elimination was kind of a mess. Sadly, as we all know, Rickey was killed by a drunk driver who was driving on the wrong side of the highway in a head-on collision in May 2016. It truly is a shame. RIP. 77. Rayvon Owen: Season 14 (4th Place) Time to go back to S14 with this next entry. Rayvon was probably the closest thing Idol had to a male contemporary R&B artist since Nikko Smith way back in S4 (though arguments can be made for Anoop and maybe Big Mike). Rayvon was a solid technical singer; however, his biggest issue was like DeAndre he depended too much on his falsetto at times and overused to the point where it would ruin some of his performances. When he used it less, as he did during the latter part of his run, his performances were much better. I liked his first three performances of Jealous, My Girl, and Wide Awake. However, his next three performances (Burn, Stayin’ Alive, and Everybody Wants To Rule The World) were easily among his worst along with Go Your Own Way. These were the main culprits where his use of falsetto hurt more than helped. Outside of these, I also liked Always On My Mind, and As. One performance I didn’t care for was Since U Been Gone. I know he tried to do something different; however, I thought he slowed it down too much and made it too melodramatic. The main thing Rayvon is infamous for, however, is being part of and winning every Twitter Save (one of quite a few of Per Blankens’ terrible ideas ). I found it kind of amusing how he was there every week it was in play. What may have helped him was he was often against some of the more polarizing contestants in those saves. Honestly, the only Twitter Save I would’ve liked to have seen go the other way was when it was between him and Quentin; however, Quentin was sadly a dead man walking going into the night, so I knew he didn’t have much of a chance of being saved. He eventually made it all the way to 4th place before finally bowing out. I know he released a video of a song where he came out; outside of that, I don’t know what else he’s been doing. Rayvon may be a punching bag because of the Twitter Save; however, he’s someone I liked for the most part during his time on Idol. 76. Uché: Season 17 (9th/10th Place) Closing out the set is who Lionel Richie dubbed as "Mr. Entertainment". Uché is the last of the S17 wildcards to appear in this ranking. More than anyone that season, Uché was more of an entertainer than singer. He is often looked at as a more technically sound, less manic Qaasim, and I can’t say I disagree with this claim. He is someone who appeared to have a genuine love of performing and putting on a show. Uché’s Idol run began with Figures in the semifinals. This is my favorite of his and probably his best overall performance. I liked how it started off slow and then gradually build to an explosive finish at the end. Considering the limited time frame contestants have for performances, Uché did a great job with this one. He eventually advanced to the Top 14 after his duet with Shaggy, which to be honest I felt was his weakest showing. He looked like he struggled to keep up with both Shaggy and the song; fortunately, it didn’t have much of an impact on whether he advanced or not. He sang Finesse in the Top 14 round and he definitely worked that one out, especially with the dance breakdown towards the end! Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough as he wasn’t voted into the Top 7. Nonetheless, he sang Diamonds in the WC round, which happened to be his most restrained and his best pure vocal performance of the competition, IMO. The most memorable thing about it was Lionel getting out of his seat and personally placing Uché in one of the Top 10 stools. I didn’t care for the antics, but I was happy Uché got a WC spot. The following week he sang I 2 I, which was his weakest performance of the competition. I was ecstatic he did something from A Goofy Movie because it’s one of my all-time favorite Disney movies; however, I wished he would’ve done Stand Out instead. Either way, he was eliminated along with Dimitrius later that evening because once again, the wildcards of the ABC reboot don't go too far in the competition. Uché was someone I enjoyed during S17 and would’ve liked for him to stick around longer than he did. 080. RJ Helton 079. Joey Cook 078. Rickey Smith 077. Rayvon Owen 076. Uché The current set is ready to go. What to expect for the next set: - Third time wasn't the charm - A hit from The Village People - The first of the Fab Five appears - Couldn't keep up a strong start - It's more than a feeling for this finalist to have a peace of mind when performing
  12. - S5, although objectively, I would say S7 was better in terms of contestants and performances from top to bottom. I'll explain why S5 was my favorite when certain contestants show up. - Yes, it certainly can Yeah, unfortunately... I've seen a few performances of Canadian Idol, but I haven't seen anything from Australian Idol. For the former, though there are performances on YT, I've been looking for full seasons but can't seem to find them anywhere. 090. Yay for having nearly identical thoughts about her. Nice to see you enjoyed her on tour and her album. Yes, the WGWG prophecy is iconic indeed. Who knows how she did it. 089. I pretty much agree regarding her, except I did enjoy BMTL. It's too bad she was never able to match that performance. 088. Great minds think alike regarding Melissa and Lindsey. Other than that, I agree with almost everything said. 087. Pretty much the same except she just missed my Top 6. She'll just have to settle for being in my Top 7 instead. 086. It's just that I virtually read and heard about it nonstop throughout S6, even if it wasn't relevant to the discussion. I was never a fan of Chris Richardson, and I wasn't too fond of Blake at the time either, so imagine how tortuous that was for me. As for Blake, his creativity and YGLABN are the reasons he's here, though I did come to appreciate some of his other performances over time. My favorites were gone at the time, so it didn't matter to me who won, though I'd like to think Blake was happy he didn't win. 085. Agreed 100% about Alexis 084. After seeing some comments about how he would be at the bottom (which I totally respect BTW in case anyone may be offended ), it's nice to see someone have him fairly high at the time. He's roughly mid-pack for me. Yes, that song is nice. 083. It is a shame she was cut the way she was, but I absolutely agree health is top priority. I enjoyed a good portion of her performances as well. 082. Pretty much agree about her. If only she did a better job at standing out... 081. While I wouldn't say I was fine with his win, it really didn't bother me much because I knew it was pretty much inevitable. I guess I liked his performances when he wasn't dancing the most, though if I had to pick one in which he did dance around, it would be Crazy Little Thing Called Love. It was a nice comeback after TMH, CR. I wonder what these other performances could be... I have the next set ready. I'll try to have it posted today by 10:00 EST.
  13. Once again 5/5! Give someone else a chance (I'm totally joking BTW )! Clue explanation: Alexis Grace: She’ll be your everything if you make her a star (This could be seen as a double entendre; as mentioned, Alexis was advised to change her image a bit or "dirty it up" if you will, plus the clue are lyrics from Dirty Diana, which is what she sang during Top 12, the main differences being switching she'll and her with I'll and me respectively) David Hernandez: One of the contestants with the same first name of the season falls (This should be straightforward; there were three Davids during S7, and David Hernandez is the first to appear in this ranking) Christina Christian: Wasn’t present at elimination (Another straightforward clue; as mentioned in her write-up, Christina was in the hospital when her elimination was announced) Stephanie Edwards: The forgotten diva (Stephanie was in a season with Melinda, LaKisha, and Jordin, who are considered to be divas, though I personally don't include Jordin because I felt she was different enough from the others. The other three were more popular with the judges and the public and therefore, Stephanie was overlooked) Taylor Hicks: Gray Charles (Outside of his frenzied dancing, Taylor was known for his great hair and affinity for the soul/blues genre which includes Ray Charles; hence it being one of his nicknames. Also, I believe there was a site named Gray Charles that was dedicated to him) As for your comments: David: Yeah, he did come across as full of himself at times. However, I did enjoy some of his performances Taylor: I pretty much agree regarding him 085. Can't say I disagree with this too much 084. What was the joke Michael made about him? 083. Can't say I disagree 082. Ouch 081. I agree some of his best performances were when he toned down the stage antics Pretty much agree about Christina and RJ, though I have RJ ranked ahead of her. Pretty much ditto with Stephanie. Ditto regarding Taylor. It appears DH isn't too popular around these parts. I don't think Jolene was a bad song choice, it's just that the performance didn't really stand out. Either way, it was enough to do her in.
  14. The clues for 85-81: Wasn't present at elimination The forgotten diva Gray Charles One of the contestants with the same first name of the season falls She'll be your everything if you make her a star 85. Alexis Grace: Season 8 (11th Place) Leading off the set is a S8 finalist. Alexis is considered to be one of the most “robbed” (boy, do I dislike that term) contestants in Idol history. I will start of by saying she wasn’t “robbed”; she simply didn’t get enough votes to advance, and this is coming from someone who likes her. As for her run, it started off when Kara advised her to "dirty it up" during her audition, whatever that means. Alexis appeared to take that to heart as she came back with pink streaks in her hair and edgier outfits. She was part of Group 1 in the semis where she sang I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Loved You). Though there were others from that group I was interested in at the time, she was definitely the best female contestant and dare I say the best overall performer; therefore, I had absolutely no qualms about her getting voted into the finals. The first week of the finals she sang Dirty Diana, which was one of the better performances of the night and a nice way to close the show. The following week, however, she sang Jolene, which was her weakest effort. While it was her worst performance, it wasn’t really all that bad considering some of the other performances that evening. Unfortunately, it would be her last as she was eliminated the following night. There was some thought she would get the save; Simon even mentioned they would consider saving her. Eventually, it was decided the save wouldn’t be used and thus, Alexis’ Idol run came to an end. There was some outcry surrounding her elimination, as it was thought other contestants should have left instead. One thing I can think of that may have contributed to her elimination was she didn’t come across as having the warmest personality. She appeared to be aloof at times, which means she didn’t really connect with the voters on a personality front. Regardless, though I said she wasn’t “robbed” per se, it was disappointing to see Alexis leave as early as she did because I felt she had a lot more to offer on Idol. 84. David Hernandez: Season 7 (12th Place) The first of the three S7 Davids appears in this ranking. David Hernandez had a strong voice; however, he often came across as campy in his presentation (seeing that he was a stripper at one point, it makes sense). The first time I noticed him was during Hollywood when he sang Love The One You’re With, which was highly received by the judges, yet I was still not really sold on him. When he made the Top 24, I thought he would be similar to contestants such as Patrick Hall and Rudy Cardenas who were hyped up some but left the first week of the semis. After In The Midnight Hour, however, David proved me wrong and made me think he could stick around for a while. His following performance Papa Was A Rolling Stone was easily his best. Everything came together perfectly; the singing and showmanship was on point. His following performance It’s All Coming Back To Me Now was fine for the most part; however, I thought it was kind of hollow. Eventually he made it to the Top 12 where he sang I Saw Her Standing There which would be his worst performance of the season. It was really cheesy both vocally and presentation wise. It would eventually be his last as he was eliminated the following night. There was some controversy surrounding his elimination as reports of him being a former stripper, which was mentioned briefly at the beginning of this write-up, came out around that time. I’m not sure what role that played if any, but it didn’t look good for him, though I personally did have much of an issue with it. Regardless, it appears David is still singing. I stumbled across this video with him and S16 semifinalist Effie Passero, dubbing themselves 2nd Hour, singing a song they apparently co-wrote together, and I have to say it’s really nice. It looks like he’s done some other songs which I will most likely check out at some point. At the end of the day, David was someone who had his moments. 83. Christina Christian: Season 1 (6th Place) Christina was a pretty girl with a pleasant enough voice, though she had a strong vibrato at times; she is considered to be the original goat after all. Her Idol journey began with her serenading Simon at her audition, which I thought was cute and charming though some may see it as pandering. It’s no wonder Simon had a crush on her. Performance wise she was fine enough, though there were moments her goat throat was on full display. The main culprit was When A Man Loves A Woman. In addition to the vibrato, she was sharp on a good number of notes; I would say this was her worst performance. Nevertheless, Christina’s shining moment was Ain’t No Sunshine the following week. It’s easily in my Top 10, if not Top 5 performances of the season. While watching it, the first thing that came to my mind was this reminded me of Sade which is a great thing because Sade is one of my all-time favorite artists, then Simon pretty much said the same thing during his comments. It is often thought this is the one night neither Kelly nor Tamyra had the top performance though I probably wouldn’t go that far. I also enjoyed her The Glory Of Love the following week, which would be her last as she was eliminated the following night. The most notable thing was her not being present for her elimination. Unfortunately, Christina was in the hospital that night due to illness, so she had to learn about her elimination from there, which sucked. In an interview following Idol, she stated she was fine being eliminated when she was because her health had taken a toll on her and who knows how bad things could’ve gotten had she stayed in the competition, which I completely understand. I know she recorded some music post-Idol and that she performed one of her songs during S3’s Top 8 Results Show. Other than that, I believe she left the music industry to focus on raising a family. Overall, Christina was a solid contestant with one shining moment. 82. Stephanie Edwards: Season 6 (11th Place) Stephanie was a contestant who favored slow to mid-tempo R&B songs. I don’t know what it was about her, but for some reason I pegged her as a dark horse before the voting rounds began. Prior to the semis, she received little, if any airtime, so she pretty much had come out swinging during the Top 24. Did she ever with a powerful performance of How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore, which sort of justified my hunch about her. While she gave some solid performances afterwards, that was pretty much her peak. I thought Stephanie had two things going against her. One was she had some pitch problems here and there, with Sweet Thing being the one performance were they more the most prevalent. The second, and probably the bigger one, was she was in a season where there were other singers who were similar to her. In addition, these other singers were more popular and considered to be better, so Stephanie needed to do something to help her stand out from them. Unfortunately, she was never really able to do so. If there was an opportunity for her to stand out, it was with Love Hangover during Top 12 week. She did the slow beginning first half of the song while forgoing the up-tempo disco second half. I understand why she did it because she wanted to focus primarily on the singing; however, I thought this was a huge missed opportunity (as an aside, poor Paula sitting in her chair waiting for the up-tempo part to kick in so she could get up and dance ). If she would’ve included the disco part, she could’ve separated herself as the younger, more contemporary one by moving around more and having fun. I guess that’s not who she was. The following week she gave her weakest performance with You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me. For starters, the arrangement was all wrong for her, plus the band drowned her out. Second, Stephanie didn’t look as sure about herself as she did in previous weeks. Either way, the performance was boring and forgettable which is dangerous that early in the finals. She would be eliminated the following night, which didn’t really come as a surprise. Overall, I think Stephanie would’ve done better if she were able to find a way to distinguish herself. 81. Taylor Hicks: Season 5 (1st Place) Closing out the set is the S5 winner. Before Lee DeWyze, before Nick Fradiani, Taylor Hicks was the biggest punching bag as far as AI winners went. He certainly is the most unconventional winner, from his look to his performance style, which often included him dancing like a drunk uncle at a wedding. With this said, I think Taylor is a bit on the underrated side. While he may not have been the strongest vocalist, he knew who he was and what he had to work with. One thing I don't think Taylor gets credit for is he played the Idol game as well as anyone. He knew what his fanbase wanted and smartly played up to that image and not deferring too much from it, which obviously worked for him. While he was easily my least favorite of S5’s Top 5 and was certainly not my pick to win, there were a few performances of his I enjoyed. The main ones were Levon, Takin’ It To The Streets, Trouble, and Something. On the flip side, he certainly had his fair share of poor performances. The main ones that come to mind are Take Me Home, Country Roads (though apparently he was sick that night), Just Once, and Play That Funky Music. Despite this, he never once landed in the B3 and went on to win the crown pretty easily. I thought he had it wrapped up once Chris was eliminated because it was thought that Chris was the one contestant who had a shot at beating Taylor despite Chris being in the B2 once prior to his elimination. Post-Idol, Taylor released a couple of albums and managed to secure a Las Vegas residency in 2012. In addition, he played Teen Angel on a Broadway rendition of Grease in 2008 and 2009. It appears Taylor has done well for himself post-Idol despite not having much of a recording career. Then again, I always thought Taylor was more of a live performer than recording artist anyway. Taylor is not my favorite winner by any means, but he is someone I didn’t really mind all things considered. 085. Alexis Grace 084. David Hernandez 083. Christina Christian 082. Stephanie Edwards 081. Taylor Hicks So have at it! In the meanwhile, here's what to expect in the upcoming set: Sang a song which seems eerie now Tweet tweet The stage could've held up better Played an instrument Weird Al would approve of This performer may have been a little goofy...
  15. Ah yes VFTW; that site was a trip and a half. New set coming up in the next post!
  16. I was thinking about putting it up in the morning because it would provide a better chance for others. However, I decided I'm going to do it tonight. It should provide an opportunity to get another set ready for tomorrow. This one should be up within an hour or so.
  17. 090. Understandable about Kristy. She was my 2nd least favorite contestant at the beginning of the finals before growing on me towards the end of her run. 089. Fair enough. Agreed about her performances not standing the test of time as well as Trent's and La'Porsha's, though to be fair none of the others contestants' performance did either 088. Agreed except I did remember a bit about her 087. I think I preferred her Top 11 performance to Carrie's as well at the time. Now they're about even for me. 086. . I take it he was your #1 until Lee arrived. I'm pretty sure most of us have contestants who got us obsessed with Idol; I know for sure I have one (of course, I won't mention who it is yet ). Seeing that he is the reason for your involvement in the Idol fandom and how he may have indirectly been responsible for you meeting your husband and friends, it makes sense to have a special place for him. Thanks to the three day weekend and not having much to do since I'm caught up with my schoolwork, I'm about to wrap up my next set. I'm still debating whether or not to put it up tonight or tomorrow, however...
  18. 090. Yes, it certainly has to do with the KLC prophecy! Fair enough at the last sentence. 089. Fair enough about her 088. I guess Melissa was so irrelevant she didn't deserve any commentary 087. Yeah pretty much. Carrie was seen as this wholesome, down to earth girl, whereas Jessica was rougher on the edges. Agree with the last sentence and hopefully she's better now 086. I think a lot of it had to do with it following S5, which was considered to be Idol at its peak ratings wise. Also, can't ignore the Sanjaya factor. With him being such a big deal, it would surprise me if some viewers tuned in to what he was all about. Yep, that was it! Fair enough about Kristy Who knows what went on regarding Sonika. I think it mainly came down to her not being confident enough. I agree about her at least getting fifth. Fair enough about Melissa Yeah, that was pretty much it regarding Jessica Agreed about Blake I pretty much agree about Kristy except I really only liked her last three performances. I was actually kind of sad at her elimination, but it was coming sooner or later. With that said, I wouldn't have minded her staying over Jason either. I don' know about Top 3, but BMTL would've definitely been in my Top 10. Agreed regarding how she was eliminated. Yes, her version of WAL was pretty good, and the recorded version was great as well. I feel the same in hoping Jessica is doing better nowadays. I knew some wouldn't agree with this spot for him, LOL. I do remember him singing with PMJ, I think he did Sisqo's Thong Song. To be honest, that wasn't one of my favorites of theirs.
  19. 2/5. Nice guesses! 5/5! Explanation of the clues below: Kristy Lee Cook: "One gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight" (this is a Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of prophet, which is what KLC is considered to be with parts of her name predicting the WGWG winners that would include and follow her season. ) Sonika Vaid: This finalist’s run went into the grave not too long after being born (A play on words, Sonika sang BMTL during the season which is considered to be her best performance. Unfortunately, she didn't or couldn't live up to it afterwards and her run petered out afterwards.) Melissa McGhee: No plane tickets needed to be booked for at least a week (Simon wasn't a fan of WAL and told Melissa the last note booked her plane ticket home, i.e. he expected her to be eliminated. Voters had other plans in mind as they voted her into the Top 12. She would be eliminated the following week.) Jessica Sierra: The other country blonde (In S4 there were two female country blonde singers: Carrie Underwood and Jessica Sierra. Carrie was obviously the more popular of the two; therefore, Jessica was the other country blonde. At the time, I preferred Jessica to Carrie, though is different now seeing that Carrie hasn't appeared yet.) Blake Lewis: Buff Love, Doug E. Fresh (These are (or in the case of Buff Love aka The Human Beat-Box, were: RIP) two famous beat-boxers in rap/hip hop. Blake was known for his beat-boxing on the show, plus he performed with Doug E. Fresh during the S6 Finale.) As for your opinions: Kristy: I agree about liking her personality more than her performances though I liked her last three. Sonika: I agree that BMTL may have been too much of a drastic change for her. I would've liked to see her come out more, but I guess she wasn't ready to do so at the time. Blake: Pretty much agree with what was said.
  20. I wanted to wait until the next page, but a promise is a promise. Here are the clues for 90-86: No plane tickets needed to be booked for at least a week "One gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight" The other country blonde Buff Love, Doug E. Fresh... This finalist's run went into the grave not too long after being born 90. Kristy Lee Cook: Season 7 (7th Place) We're going to kick off this set with another S7 finalist. Kristy was a contestant who I’ve had quite the roller-coaster ride with. She wasn’t someone who I really didn’t care for at first. I didn’t like any of her I would say first five performances. Her Rescue Me was kind of hilarious, especially when it looked like her eyes would pop out of their sockets at any time. I know she was sick and was on some medication at the time, so I won’t crack on it too much. Her other two semifinal performances weren’t anything to write home about either, yet she managed to advance to the finals. I guess having all of that exposure pre-semifinals helped her out. Regardless, she gave what is her most infamous performance during Top 12 with Eight Days A Week. I don’t know what the heck she was doing, but it made me seriously cringe at the time. Now, I view it similarly as Crocodile Rock though not anywhere near as epic. Besides, I kind of liked the recorded version. Her following performance You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away wasn’t much better; however, something must've been in the air because I was actually starting to like Kristy around this point. I still wasn’t too fond of her as a singer/performer, but she started to grow on me as a person. I was starting to like her personality, with her having the “Kristy’s Stool” sign whenever she hit the B3 and her telling Simon she would blow him out of his socks. The following week she sang God Bless The USA­, which was thought to be pandering and strategic; I did as well, but it worked because not only was it her best performance up to that point, she avoided the B3 that week. It was the following week where I first enjoyed a performance of hers when she did Coat Of Many Colors. Her next two performances of Anyway and Forever were easily her best, though Forever would be her last as she was eliminated after it. I really enjoyed her starting her swan song by sitting on the judges table and singing directly to Simon. Finally, I can’t mention Kristy without mentioning the legacy she left behind, with her name predicting the WGWG winners over the next four seasons including hers (five if stretched that far): David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, and Scotty McCreery (though he’s 1/4 Puerto Rican ). Phillip Phillips could be included since his name has something to do with horse lover, since a part of Kristy’s background was her selling her favorite horse so she could have the money to audition for Idol. Though it didn’t start that way at first, Kristy grew enough on me to place her here. 89. Sonika Vaid: Season 15 (5th Place) We're going to go back to S15 for the next finalist in this ranking. Sonika was a very pretty girl with a very pretty and strong voice. However, her shortcoming was she was very apprehensive on stage, though not anywhere near as bad as Sam Woolf was. Plus, she didn’t exactly pick the most exciting songs to perform during her time on Idol. She started off well enough with Safe And Sound in the semis. It was one of the better ones. Also, I enjoyed her Skyfall duet with Caleb, though that was certainly an odd pairing and you could tell Caleb was holding back so he wouldn’t overpower her. Furthermore, Caleb did some good mentoring and was able to get Sonika to come out of her shell some. She was picked to move on to the Top 14 where she performed I Surrender which was good. Nonetheless, her strongest showing came the following week with Bring Me To Life. She definitely showed a side that wasn’t seen before with that performance; this is especially clutch since La’Porsha brought down the house with Diamonds right before it. I thought Sonika was ready to turn a new leaf and become a more confident performer after it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case as she reverted back to her old self afterwards. Her performances weren’t bad by any means – with the exception of Clarity, which would be her final performance – they were just big letdowns after what showing what she could potentially do, or maybe it was a fluke, who knows. She eventually left in fifth place where she didn’t even get a chance to perform any of her songs she was planning to sing that evening, which was completely bogus. It was thought that Borchetta was upset that the judges saved Sonika over Tristan the week before, so this was his way of punishing her. This appears to be pure speculation to me because I doubt Borchetta has that kind of influence. Either way, it was a bad look not to have Sonika perform one of her songs, even as a swan song. Regardless, though I like her, I was hoping Sonika would be more than what she was, which is unfortunate. 88. Melissa McGhee: Season 5 (12th Place) Up next is Melissa McGhee. Melissa appeared to be this cool, down to earth (not to mention kind of attractive ) girl with a husky tone to her voice I was intrigued by; in a way, she reminded me of Lindsey Cardinale, except Melissa’s voice was a bit rougher on the edges. Melissa was someone who didn’t receive much, if any, airtime prior to the voting rounds, so very little was known about her. She even mentioned during the judges’ critiques after When The Lights Go Down, which was a solid if not groundbreaking performance. I also liked Why Haven’t I Heard From You and thought What About Love was really good with the exception of her going sharp at the end. The most memorable thing about that performance was Simon’s comments afterwards. Apparently, they inspired the voters enough to vote Melissa into the Top 12. Her stay in the finals was short lived as she was eliminated after her performance of Lately. She had a double whammy of her messing up the lyrics in front of Stevie Wonder during rehearsals and then doing the same thing on stage. With that said, she had some nice vocal moments, and I still preferred her to four other contestants that night (Ace, Kellie, Kevin, and Lisa), not to mention I'll take her version or what Stefano did with it five years later. Finally, I think Ryan mentioning Melissa getting a Top 12 spot over Ayla Brown in the interview prior to the performance may have hurt her some. I didn't like it because there appeared to be an implication Melissa "stole" Ayla's spot when Ayla simply didn't get enough votes (though I would've had her in the Top 12 over Kellie or Lisa at the time). Either way, she wouldn’t have been my pick to leave that week. Lastly, it is thought that Melissa's What About Love was the best recording on the AI5 compilation album; I completely agree. She cleans up really well in the studio. Overall, I did like Melissa and would’ve loved it if she stayed for at least a few more weeks. 87. Jessica Sierra: Season 4 (10th Place) For this next entry, we're going to revisit S4. Jessica was someone I enjoyed during S4. She had a strong voice, decent stage presence, and confident attitude. With that said, she got off to a bit of a rough start with Against All Odds in the first round of the semis. She appeared to be nervous and the singing was shaky (as an aside, of course Randy had to mention he recorded the song with Mariah Carey during his critique ). However, she bounced back the next weeks with strong performances of A Broken Wing and Boys Are Back In Town, with the latter being my favorite of hers. She definitely had fun and worked the stage with that one. She advanced to the finals where she sang Shop Around during the first week. It’s considered to be one of her worst; however, I thought it was kind of underrated. Vocally, I felt it was pretty strong. If I had any criticism of it, it’s that I wish she would’ve had more energy and move around on stage more. The following week she came back with Total Eclipse Of The Heart, which was easily her best performance in the finals. Unfortunately, the subsequent week she gave a boring performance of On The Side Of Angels, which led to her elimination. I would’ve liked for her to stuck around longer; however, considering who was in the B3 with her, she was my pick to leave. Post-Idol Jessica unfortunately became a huge mess, which as with Nikki I won’t expand upon; besides, her struggles are pretty well known by now. Hopefully, although it’s been a few years, she’s in a much better place now. 86. Blake Lewis: Season 6 (2nd Place) Closing this set is the S6 runner up. Blake was a rather popular contestant as well as the other half of the famous bromance (which once again, I refuse to name ) during S6, so there are probably thoughts he may be too low. However, my thoughts about him are similar to Jessica Sanchez in that I felt he wasn’t as good as he was made out to be and wanted to rank him lower. The reason he’s here is because as I briefly touched on in my Alejandro write-up, he is considered to be the pioneer of contestants rearranging songs and truly making them their own, although frankly he had to because he wasn’t anywhere near the vocalist as most of the contestants his season. Shade aside, it really helped change Idol from the mostly pure singing competition it was prior to his arrival. The first time he really tried to do this was with You Keep Me Hangin’ On during Top 12. While it didn’t quite work, I was interested in seeing where he was going with it; besides, it was better than whatever the heck Chris Sligh tried to do with Endless Love. In addition to this, his You Give Love A Bad Name kicked all sorts of (at least the first time he did it; the second time, not so much) and is considered to be one of the most groundbreaking performances in Idol history. As for his other performances, I also enjoyed his three semifinal performances with Virtual Insanity being my favorite. His I Need To Know during Top 8 was also a highlight. Unfortunately, I can’t say I enjoyed his other performances that much, the worst of the worst being both of his Top 4 showings. I don’t know what he tried to do with You Should Be Dancing; all that performance told me was I should be sitting. His This Is Where I Came In wasn’t much better. Finally, This Is My Now was clearly written with a big voiced singer in my, so it made sense for Blake to struggle with it without being able to arrange it to his liking. Also, I got the feeling he didn’t care if he won or not; I would go as far as thinking he didn’t want to win. Needless to say, it worked out well for him. I know he released a few items post-Idol and have heard a song or two of his, but I really haven’t been paying too much attention. While I may not be Blake’s biggest fan, I absolutely acknowledge and respect what he brought to the table on Idol. 090. Kristy Lee Cook 089. Sonika Vaid 088. Melissa McGhee 087. Jessica Sierra 086. Blake Lewis OK have at it! Clues for 85-81: Wasn't present at elimination The forgotten diva Gray Charles One of the contestants with the same first name of the season falls She'll be your everything if you make her a star
  21. Alright, I'm about ready to post the next set.It'll be up in about an hour or so. A couple of clues were slightly changed, but the contestants are still the same.
  22. 100. I pretty much agree regarding her 099. Not much to say here 098. Nice to see she was good on tour. It is good to see her have some success in acting though as mentioned in her write-up I wonder if she's still singing 097. I think it's expecting too much for this group of judges to give any constructive criticism (Though Katy lets some slip out occasionally and I have the feeling Luke wanted to be more critical than he has been). Agreed with Madison needing more advice on how to get better rather than being constantly compared to Kelly Clarkson. 096. Can't say I disagree here 095. 094. Agreed about her performances not aging well over the years. I can't say I agree about the results during that week, but I didn't blame Nikki. Nice to see her post-Idol music was catchy, especially after the issue with RCA wanting her to go country when she clearly wanted to be a pop-rocker. Happy to see she's still sober because I know she was in a really bad place at some point, and I agree it was cool seeing her son audition in S13. 093. 092. While I won't say I disliked S10, I thought it was one of the more overrated seasons. Nonetheless, other than him being a favorite of mine, I enjoyed James for the most part. 091. Tell us how you really feel about her. I can't say I disagree with most of what was written, the one major exception was her leaving after Turn The Beat Around. While it wasn't good, HeeJun was still around at the point and he was much worse not only that night, but overall. Also, as mentioned, I thought Stuttering was one of her better ones. Seeing that Jessica has appeared and Hollie hasn't yet, that makes three of us. I know you mentioned you were a huge Jessica Sanchez fan in the thread, so this was probably a shock. Appreciate respecting my opinion even if it's not the most favorable. I think I broke just about every heart of those who have been reading and commenting in this thread now. - S7 is second favorite season, so I also have very fond memories on it. I look forward to you looking forward to my thoughts on Syesha. - Thank you - It certainly has for me. I wasn't the biggest country music fan prior to Idol, but now I listen to it a lot more than I used to. - OK, I understand now. Unfortunately, I still have memories of Reed's performances, and they are not of the good kind... I'll just say it'll be a LONG while before she appears. Hopefully everyone can as well. If you were to do a ranking, I would definitely follow it though if it were to be at the same time as mine, I probably wouldn't comment too much as not to spoil how I feel about certain contestants who haven't appeared yet. I'm just about finished with the next set; however, I won't post it until later on tonight because I have something to do now. I'll let everyone know when I'm ready to post it so everyone can be prepared to match the clues.
  23. 095. Yep, he wore it during the Top 24 round. He and Simon going after each other's fashion sense was hilarious. 094. He was cut sometime in Hollywood. I definitely don't disagree with a Top 3 of Kelly, Tamyra, and Nikki. Agree with the last sentence. 093. That's a pretty popular opinion of Tyanna unfortunately. 092. It was during Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting when the piano was set on fire. Funny enough, I thought he was one of the more genuine rockers; he was certainly more believable than Constantine. He was ridiculed as fake in the metal community? I guess it kind of makes sense since it's highly unlikely die hard metal heads watch a show such as Idol. 091. Can't say I disagree with this sentiment. Nikki: I pretty much agree. Considering where I ranked Louis in my S18 rankings, you won't have any arguments from me. Tyanna: As mentioned, that pretty much the thought regarding Tyanna. Her clue was a double entendre: it referenced Kelly's Mr. Know It All, which Tyanna sang, and it highlighted how forgettable some think Tyanna was. James: Pretty much agree about him. I didn't care when he went too high either, though he was no where near as bad as Jacob in that department. Jessica: Can't say I disagree about her. Now I'm curious to know which performance she nearly fell when she tried to sit on a piano. I think I remember something about this; nonetheless, I'll go look for it some time. That's pretty much the thought about Chikezie. When S7 is discussed, his name is hardly mentioned. I agree with everything said about Nikki. No arguments regarding Tyanna. I liked James somewhat during his season, but he was never a huge favorite of mine. He grew on me some after re-watching his performances. Interesting point about how other than Phillip and HeeJun, hardly any of the other finalists received much airtime leading to the live shows although I would mention Colton with Phillip and HeeJun because of the story line of him and his sister. As for Jessica, I'm pretty much in agreement.
  24. 095. I completely agree about She's A Woman. It's in my Top 10 performances of the season (considering the amount of quality performances from that season, that says a lot)! It was interesting why he wasn't as strong on his ballads because as you said, he had a great voice for them. As for Syesha, I have quite the relationship with her, and I'll go into more detail about it when she shows up. 094. I was hoping someone would enjoy that joke. Fair enough about not being a fan. I won't say I was a huge fan of hers, but I did like her and think she gets too much flack. 093. I pretty much agree. AS mentioned, she hit a wall she couldn't quite get over 092. He did show some great versatility and put on a few entertaining shows. I explained why I didn't like the burning piano, but I can see how others would enjoy it. It was just a play on him saying give metal a chance. I actually enjoy listening to some metal from time to time. 091. Interesting you say you wish she would've done more contemporary songs. I think that's what she was trying to do with Stuttering. Unfortunately, it backfired on her as she was the lowest vote getter the following night but was fortunate the save was still in play. I just didn't see the big deal with AIATYING because I felt she had better performances that season. I went and re-watched the duet with Joshua, and yeah the two definitely did their thing there. If this is the S15 Grand Finale version of The Prayer, then yes I definitely enjoyed it and it was a great way to close the set. Once again, thank you. - Though I'm critical of it, I thought it was the third best performance of the night behind Erika and Jeremy. Jen was screechy and desperate, Brielle was better than her Top 25 performance but still wasn't good enough, and the less said about Reed the better. - That's a good point. I guess the nostalgia of the way things were makes it difficult to enjoy the same thing later down the road. I would personally go to a mod or administrator and ask to have my account deactivated if I were to rank Kelly this low, assuming a mob of angry posters don't get to me first. Yeah, I'll try to let others know when I'm about to post a new set so they can have a chance. It's still a work in progress, but I thought this would be fun and more interactive with other posters. You're welcome! Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate you enjoying these rankings. I know Jessica is really popular around these parts; I was hoping I didn't come across as too harsh though I'm not her biggest fan.
  25. I had a grueling homework assignment that frustrated me to no end. I managed to finish it, but I was so mentally tired I pretty much went straight to bed after my last post of the evening. I'm much better now, thank you. 100. Yeah, it was disappointing how short her journey was; I definitely expected her to go farther than she did. It shows how crucial songs choices are. If anyone was save worthy that saving, it was probably her. 099. For Georgia On My Mind, I thought he overused the falsetto. As I mentioned in my write-up, however, as much as I didn't like it, it was still one of the better performances that round, so I actually didn't mind him being picked. As for his album, I only listened to a couple of tracks, but I liked what I've heard. If you're into neo-soul, it's worth a listen. 098. She did appear to be coming into her own when she was eliminated. Yeah, it was something watching the judges argue over who she should be as an artist. Agreed about seeing her as a pop R&B singer. As I said, Simon completely checked out that season, so who knows what the heck he was doing. 097. I find it funny some of us don't remember much about the more recent seasons. As for Madison, the main thing I remember was her smiling in every performance, hence the running gag of it being the week she finally connects to a song. With that said, she has a tremendous upside; just needed more experience. 096. Fair enough about him. It didn't help he was so inconsistent and appeared to have no idea where he wanted to take a song. With that said, he really did have an impressive voice. Well, the set is up now, we'll see if your ideas are correct or not... That was fast! Enjoy your trophy!
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