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*** Marybeth Byrd Fan Thread 2.0 ***


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Marybeth Byrd Fan Thread

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Fan List:

1. season1
2. jamescasaki
3. Rodney
4. TeamAudra
5. Spurrious
6. indodol
7. thevoicefan12
8. Redenator
9. ATX29
10. guitarman8484
11. Lovinthevoice
12. VoiceFan1
13. thevoicefan
14. Drew1903
15. x3 because of u
16. MatthewPalermo
17. CGlaserFan
18. Ryan.
19. thevoice47
20. BestIdol474
21. tshe.ring
22. wildestinvegas
23. QueenMae16
24. holinessss
25. Agenator333
26. ShadowGuy1
27. Starman1
28. Milkitaaa
29. dipz0r
30. Arrowhg12
31. CUFanForever82

32. Bk1234

33. disney1024

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[H/T Dany for trivia images]



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All the good, nice, supportive, optimistic things I had said, already, carry over to here :D Isn't that a lame cop-out, eh? :haha:


But, seriously, I meant it, :icecream: :haha: Same as I meant every positive, enthusiastic thing I had, already, said. Lost the thread, but, not the view towards Marybeth. Just have to pretend whatever I'd said is here ;) :whistling:

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