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  1. 1. Cam 2. Dana 3. Zania 4. Pia Honorable mentions to Gihanna, Anna, Corey, and Savanna
  2. Zaxai, Mackenzie, and Kymberli were my favorite this round
  3. Kyla is levels above the rest
  4. My favorites so far are Wendy, Brittany, Jershika, and Holly. POV lady will probably join them soon
  5. Add me! She’s my favorite so far
  6. Wendy is amazing! Can somebody please make Brittany a fan thread?
  7. Where’s Myracle?
  8. Jackie just for that high note Dr did amazing too
  9. Thunderstorm followed by Toneisha I never liked Zan or Joanna as much I wanted to
  10. Congrats to him for coming out but I definitely disagree with his viewpoints on homosexuality
  11. Desz is the only correct answer
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