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  1. Kim and Vaughn are about equal for me tbh
  2. Katie>Victor>Tamara>Nelson>Vaughn>Kim
  3. Dustin is an exploitive asssshole with no talent. I can’t believe America let him win
  4. I definitely hope Brooke wins. But if it can’t be her, I’m rooting for Josh or Jimmie
  5. Brooke better win. She is amazing
  6. I thought her pre-lives were amazing She was the least popular team Gwen member??? I’m glad this forum gained some taste
  7. She sounds great but the song choice is very puzzling
  8. Gymani but both were great and I’m looking forward to seeing them in full
  9. 1. Toia (Toia was great, Damien was good) 2. Troy (both good, not great) 3. Juhi
  10. Brittany was in the latest promo! She’s also so underrated here
  11. Cali - though both were great Delaney - wasn’t her best performance but Steve was terrible Lauren - meh on both but Lauren is the better vocalist
  12. Love seeing queens Brittany and Raquel being featured! (And Ari lol)
  13. 1. Taylor - Micah is boring AF and Taylor gave an excellent performance 2. Marisa - Well it’s not easy to win when you’re against T*nner 3. Sa’rayah - Both of them were great but Sa’rayah was on another level
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