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Found 2 results

  1. hey are you an extraordinarily sexy person with a lot of time on your hands? do you love the voice? have you ever wanted a taste of the show with obscure artists, many of whom have never been on the show? well, look no further! so, the short version of my query is that i'm helping run a fantasy version of the voice with a few friends not on IDF. the format is basically a fusion of S13 and S18, and the cast is made up of the singers from all sorts of different corners of youtube, from everyday cover artists to familiar faces from competition shows. we've reached the live voting portion of the season, and i was wondering if anyone is interested in voting. as of now, we just reached the playoffs, which means we're at the top 24. it's a lot of listening, i know, but if anyone has the free time to watch the videos and vote, i would really appreciate it! (also if this becomes a regular thing i may update the links periodically for future rounds) LINK TO VOTING FORM: https://forms.gle/ocEP4BUjU4uR6HxK9 LINK TO SPREADSHEET FOR THE SEASON: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uY0sKo0Mk8xTGKsjG0YP785IGL9LdUjYkMcrRhHnuTY/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Last year i got the idea of redux because of @sydneysam. Im planning to do this for like almost a year but im looking for a right moment to do it, since @jarmon and @QueenMae16 which are my co-mentor on syneysam's "THE VOICE IDOL FACTOR" did it, i will go on and do my own version of it starting with one of the most complicated season of all and also My most favorite season! THE VOICE USA SEASON 15 REDUX (IAN27TAY) VERSION A.K.A THE COMEBACK SEASON! I know this season is a little bit too late but its better than never! For the format: Since this season has a lot of changes in the normal format i will make my own version of it. This season has a comeback where 6 no chair turns will have a 2nd chance for one of them to be in the final 13 I do a lot of thinking on how i will give a fair battle for all of the contestants And i think the only fair solution for this is to have a poll first before we start the normal format! 6 non-chair turns - I will open a "Google Forms" where i will put all the 6 contestants and the 4 who will got the highest will be placed respectively in the 4 coaches (decided by the voters too) will go straight to the battles! so we will have one 3 battles each team. In short the whole contestant with coaches will be only Top 52! Instead of top 54. Battles - The setup is like the normal battle but we will have 13 contestant each team so meaning one battle every team will have 3 person battling and 2 winners Also we will have 2 Steals no save! So 36 contestants (9 each team) will move on the knockouts Knockouts - I know its a lot of contestant for knockout but the format is still like the battles, where one knockout will have 3 person battling and 2 will move on! We will only have 2 steal So 28 Contestants ( 7 each team) will move on the Live Playoffs LIVE PLAYOFFS - In here we will START THE VOTING and we will have 3 PUBLIC VOTES/OVERALL AND 1 COACH SAVE ALSO 1 WILDCARD yeah you heard it right! So 17 contestants (4 or 5 each team) will go in live shows LIVE SHOWS : TOP 17 - TOP 13 - TOP 11 - TOP 9 - TOP 7 - TOP 5 Top 17 : Free Choice - I will just pick their TOP 13 performance in real life, if I can't find i will just search up if they have some cover songs or original songs. - 12 Public Votes 1 Instant Save 4 Eliminated (2 of them will be instantly Eliminated) Top 13 : Free Choice 2 - Just like TOP 17 but i will use their TOP 11 Performances in real life. - 10 Public Votes 1 Instant Save 2 Eliminated Top 11 : Fan Week - Well this is it! I will open a poll after the results in TOP 13, and all if you can suggest any song you want for your idol to sing! - 8 Public Votes 1 Instant Save 2 Eliminated Top 9 : All out 2010's - I will still use the gathered up results in the top 10 and will use some 2010's songs in there(if there are any) if not i will just remind all for suggesting another 2010's song for their snowflakes! - 6 Public Votes 1 Instant Save 2 Eliminated Top 7 : Road to Finale (Semi-Finals) in this part it will be a little bit my style of semi finals, this will probably determined the fate of your snowflakes if they will go in the FINALE, we will have 2 voting links! You read it right, the theme here is OTE to Finale We will have 2 Voting link in this round! GOOGLE FORMS -is for Public Voting (50%) SURVEY HEART -is for Public Ranking (dropdown)(50%) dropdown example! You can only put the (1st,2nd,3rd) once each of the 7 contestant. SCORES FOR DROPDOWN 1st - 50% 2nd - 45% 3rd - 43% 4th - 41% 5th - 38% 6th - 37% 7th - 35% - 4 Public Votes 1 Instant Save 2 Eliminated Top 5 : Grand Finale (Finals) THE USUAL! Ofcourse Performances first and then I will also open two polls The google forms will have three questions on who do you pick.(audition,winning and Ballad) The Survey Heart is a dropdown Each Contestants Will Perform 3 Songs! Audition Song Winning Song Ballad/Sad Song Wait for further announcement and format! Ask me some questions if some part is unclear
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