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  1. @Bk1234 Who is the first Idol contestant to have his/her discography showcased? Well, it's someone who got off to a rocky start at the beginning of her Idol journey but fought and clawed her way to a third-place finish and was the second to last female standing in her season. She has since released four albums post-Idol, has a critically acclaimed cover of an Elvis Presley ballad, and has frequently collaborated with a fellow Idol contestant and the vintage cover group Postmodern Jukebox. Of course, I'm talking about none other than... Haley Reinhart First, we'll start with her debut album Listen Up! Track Listing: 01. Oh My! 02. Free 03. Liar 04. Wasted Tears 05. Undone 06. Now That You're Here 07. Wonderland 08. Keep Coming Back 09. Hit The Ground Runnin' 10. Walking On Heaven Places To Listen (No Pun Intended): Amazon Music | Pandora | Spotify | YouTube Music Also, I believe all of the songs are posted on YouTube. I'll give until July 30 at 11:59 PM EST for anyone who'd like to participate. Those who do can just post their interest in the thread. After that, I'll explain what the next steps are. Also, any albums or EPs and their track listings will be in the second post of the thread. Let's see how this goes!
  2. Thank you for the suggestions. I'll start with one of these contestants and take requests after that person is done. Requests can be made at any time, so don't be shy. You said it was fine to tag you whenever I create a new thread or had a new idea. I hope it is an honor. I hope you do participate when you can. I know I said I'll start this weekend. However, since I have a few suggestions already, I'll go ahead and get started right now. The first contestant to be showcased will be in the next post.
  3. I plan to start the first ranking this weekend. In the meantime, anyone can post any contestants they'd like to see ranked. Also, although I mentioned post-Idol music, any pre-Idol music is eligible because I know some contestants released albums prior to going on Idol. It'll probably be harder to find, but I'll try to manage.
  4. Elliott Yamin Track List 1. Movin' On 2. Wait For You 3. Find A Way 4. One Word 5. You Are The One 6. I'm The Man 7. Train Wreck 8. Free 9. Alright 10. Take My Breath Away 11. A Song For You Amazon | Apple | Pandora | Spotify | YouTube
  5. Haley Reinhart Listen Up! 10. Wonderland 09. Walking On Heaven 08. Wasted Tears 07. Keep Coming Back 06. Now That You're Here 05. Liar 04. Oh My! 03. Free 02. Hit The Ground Runnin' 01. Undone Better 11. Bad Light 10. My Cake 09. Check Please 08. Listen 07. Talkin' About 06. Behave 05. I Belong To You 04. Good or Bad 03. Love Is Worth Fighting For 02. Can't Help Falling In Love 01. Better What's That Sound? 14. Bring The Love Back Home 13. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' 12. Let's Start 11. You Showed Me 10. Somewhere In Between 09. For What It's Worth 08. Words Of Love 07. Time Of The Season 06. Can't Find My Way Home 05. The Letter 04. White Rabbit 03. Sunny Afternoon 02. Oh! Darling 01. Baby It's You Lo-Fi Soul 13. How Dare You 12. Don't Know How To Love You 11. Oh Damn T-9. Deep Water T-9. Strange World 8. Baby Doll 7. Broken Record T-5. Crack The Code T-5. Shook 4. Lo-Fi Soul 3. Lay It Down 2. Some Way Some How 1. Honey, There's The Door Elliott Yamin Elliott Yamin 11. Alright 10. You Are The One 09. Train Wreck 08. Find A Way 07. Take My Breath Away 06. I'm The Man 05. Free 04. A Song For You 03. One Word 02. Movin' On 01. Wait For You
  6. @miss denise I'm not sure if this is the right place for it. A mod can move it if it isn't. On to the topic at hand... One of the major goals for anyone who competes on American Idol (or any of these singing shows for that matter) is to increase their chances of having a career in the music business in some form or another. Some have not had the luck, while others have been fortunate enough to create and release music post-Idol. This thread is about listening to and ranking the post-Idol music of Idol contestants. This idea came to me during my Idol-related subjects thread. I figured since there are so many possibilities, a separate thread would be better suited for this subject. I’ve thought about creating this thread for a while and finally decided to pull the trigger on it. The Main Guidelines: (These are subject to change should any alterations, more ideas, or more guidelines come about) - One contestant’s discography will be ranked at a time. One album will be ranked at a time. For example, if the Idol contestant showcased is Kelly Clarkson, each song from each album will be ranked. Case in point, First every song from Thankful will be ranked, followed by Breakaway, My December, etc. - Requests are encouraged and will be considered. Should any Idol contestant have any post-Idol music but doesn’t have any albums or EPs, they can take part. However, they have to have at least five original songs (not covers) in order to be considered. - This will be open to anyone who wishes to participate. Anyone who wants to rank can post in the thread indicating their interest. This helps me see who’s participating and who to expect submissions from. - Speaking of submissions, any submissions will be via PM. Write-ups are not mandatory, but they are encouraged. Guidelines will be posted when it’s time to submit rankings. With everything said, here’s to what will hopefully be a good time in this thread!
  7. I'm going to create one of the threads I've talked about tonight. Which one will it be? We'll soon find out. In the meanwhile:
  8. I thought the comment was innocuous. Hmm... - It gives me something to say in the write-ups. Maybe that's not a good thing... - I wouldn't mind hearing more from N'Sync; I always preferred them to BSB. Pretty much in agreement with the last sentences. - Yep. As long as I don't say I know my old school female R&B singers should I miss one, everything should be OK. - You're welcome. I guess you're not familiar with All In The Family. That was part of the theme song for the show which the two leads sang. Here's hoping she gets back on track in S6 should they have it again (and that someone other than Jenny wins). It was a mixture of both. 30. Seeing that it was a "game-changing" season, I guess anything went, including lying. I can see how to costume can come across as creepy. Hey, as the resident TMS Nicole ogler on IDF, I tend to notice these things more often than not. 29. Based on the costume, I thought she would be someone young as well. I've heard a few of her songs, but I wouldn't say I could easily pick out her voice. 28. Same with me as far as knowing who she was outside of the show. She did really well and made it far despite not being someone who is known for singing. 27. Pretty much agree with everything here. I can't remember if Ken knew who she was from the beginning, but it appeared he knew about her earlier than the others. 26. Agree with nearly everything except not knowing who she was. We'll see how you do with this batch of clues. We'll see...
  9. - - Aww, that's unfortunate. - You know I can have some very unconventional opinions. Too bad about the last sentence. Aww 10. I can see how the performance was him and how his fans love him for it. 09. At least you thought it was good despite not loving it too much. 08. I do remember you not being a huge Casey fan, but at least you thought it was a beautiful vocal. Yeah, I meant to say my second favorite Disney performance that night. T-05 (Laine). At least you agree it was nice and charming and it was a different choice. T-05 (Jonny). Pretty much in agreement with you here. T-05 (Willie). I think he did well with it as well, especially after the re-watch. 04. I don't have much to say but I agree with what was written here. 03. Yeah, my Top 2 came from S16. At least you thought it was a memorable standout. 02. We do seem to agree on this performance based on the rankings. Maybe the song will grow on me should I listen to it a few more times (I also learned Helen Reddy, the person who sang the song, passed away last year). 01. I had a feeling you'd be happy with this placement. Nice to see it's a standout, if not the standout, for you. I'm happy to see you enjoyed this ranking! You're welcome. It was nice to have another ranking after going without one for a while. I'm not sure when the next topic will be. In the meanwhile, I may post some clues for another crush within the next few days.
  10. Round 2: First, a performance from one of the more unique contestants who was eliminated in the controversial Top 16 Results Show: Lilly Scott - Fixing A Hole Next, an underrated performance from someone who was screwed over from a lack of air time and lukewarm comments from the judges: Joe Munoz - You And I Both A performance from someone who bounced back from an underwhelming first week and received a second life later in the season: Michael Lynche - It's A Man's Man's World A underrated performance from a contestant who unfortunately left the week after (plus she looked hot here): Didi Benami - You're No Good Finally, a more subdued performance from a contestant known for big notes and an eccentric fashion sense: Siobhan Magnus - Across The Universe
  11. Where's that this post picture when you need it...
  12. If Season 5 and 7 didn't have any extra performances, S9 should as hell not have any!
  13. 30. Robopine/Tyrese Gibson Season 5: Sixth Place Robopine - Never Too Much Robopine - All Of Me Robopine - Killing Me Softly Robopine - Let's Get It On Robopine - Water Runs Dry Robopine Unmasking Clue: It wasn’t nice to tell a prickly lie Porcupines are covered in needles; therefore they can be prickly. Robopine said he was in his 60s with grandchildren and was from Costa Rica, which clearly was not the case. Starting the new set is Robopine. Robopine is known for a few things. First, he changed his name to Robopine from Porcupine, which was cool and makes sense because of the mechanical parts in the costume design including an infrared eye. Also, he claimed he was 60 years old and had grandchildren, which was obviously a falsehood. Finally, he’s the first, and I believe the only act thus far, to sing a song that was done by a previous act (All Of Me; Peacock sang this in S1). As for his performances, he was obviously comfortable on stage and even showed a few moves during them (with that said, my favorite part of any of his performances was Nicole seductively dancing and feeling herself during Let’s Get It On ). He was eliminated during the ninth episode and was unmasked as Tyrese Gibson who clearly wasn’t 60. He said he lied because he knew everyone on the panel personally and wanted to throw them off. Regardless, Robopine was a solid act and made things interesting during S5. 29. Popcorn/Taylor Dayne Season 4: Group A (Last Eliminated) Popcorn - What About Us Popcorn - Falling Popcorn - Domino Popcorn - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You Popcorn - Better Be Good To Me Popcorn Unmasking Clue: Treat that had something which led to the demise of some people in a different setting Popcorn is indeed the treat in question. The something is referring to Taylor Dayne’s hit ballad Love Will Lead You Back, which led to the elimination of everyone who sang it on American Idol. Up next is Popcorn. The costume had a cute design especially with a tub acting as a skirt. Performance wise, she was entertaining to watch, for I enjoyed all of her performances in some form or another. If I had to pick my favorite performance, it would be Domino. The biggest problem for Popcorn was she was in the same group as Sun who was a very strong act, so she didn’t have much of a chance to go farther. She managed to win the Smackdown against Snow Owls; however, that was short lived because she predictably lost the head-to-head against the aforementioned Sun and had to unmask at the end of the night. Popcorn was revealed to be Taylor Dayne, and my favorite part after her unmasking was asking Nick if he could handle two Long Island girls. All in all, Popcorn brought some flavor during her time on the show. 28. Lion/Rumer Willis Season 1: Fifth Place Lion - A Little Party Never Killed Nobody Lion - Feelin’ Good Lion - California Dreamin’ Lion - Diamond Heart Lion - Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing Lion Unmasking Clue: Could not reign supreme in TMS the way its parents did on the big screen Lions are known as the kings of the jungle. Lion did not reign supreme in The Masked Singer’s habitat (i.e. didn’t win). In addition, her parents are Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, two of Hollywood’s biggest names. Roaring into the 28th spot is Lion. Lion was someone who I thought had a decent voice but felt she wasn’t a professional singer. The costume itself was beautiful with the gold color scheme and cape with the fur. Despite me thinking she was an amateur, she gave some solid performances. Admittedly I was intrigued from seeing a clip of her singing California Dreamin’ prior to the season starting, so she was someone I looked forward to. My favorite performance was probably Diamond Heart. She managed to make it right before the finale before she was eliminated alongside Rabbit. She was unmasked as Rumer Willis. I don’t believe any of the panel guessed her although I thought Joel McHale was on to something earlier in the season when he mentioned Hailey, Idaho at a clue in one of her packages. She said she went on the show to prove she could sing; I don’t think she had any problem with that. 27. Jellyfish/Chloe Kim Season 4: Group C (Last Eliminated) Jellyfish - Big Girls Don’t Cry Jellyfish - Crazy Jellyfish - Don’t Start Now Jellyfish - Stay Jellyfish Unmasking Clue: The youngest to sting the competition in its habitat Jellyfish sting, and Chloe Kim was the youngest to win a gold medal for snowboarding during the 2018 Winter Olympics (she was only 17 ™ Randy). Swimming into the ranking is Jellyfish. The costume itself was interesting with the head and tentacles falling from it. As with Orca, I wondered if the mask was heavy. As for the act itself, Jellyfish was someone who clearly wasn’t a professional performer due to her nerves in her first performance. However, she gradually got better and more confident each time she took the stage, and it was nice to see her progression throughout the season. My favorite performance was Don’t Start Now, although admittedly I was a little creeped out from her mask glowing. Also, it allowed her to avoid having to participate in the Smackdown. She lost the Group C head-to-head against Mushroom and had to unmask at the end of the night. She was revealed to be Chloe Kim. This was one of the few times Ken didn’t do his usual antics while guessing the act; I think he knew from the beginning who she was and it was someone he obviously admired. With that said, the best part was Chloe saying he left her Instagram DM unread for two years. All things said, Jellyfish had a nice run and one she is hopefully proud of. 26. Flower/Patti LaBelle Season 2: Eliminated Eighth Episode Flower - 9 to 5 Flower - Cheap Thrills Flower - Amazed Flower - Alone Flower - Eye Of The Tiger Flower Unmasking Clue: Legend that has been blooming for a long time whether on its own or with others Flowers bloom and Patti LaBelle has been in the entertainment industry for a long time as both a member of LaBelle and as a solo artist. Also, the “on its own” part is a reference to her hit single On My Own (which funny enough was a collaboration with Michael McDonald ). Closing the set is Flower. It was a nice costume color scheme and design wise although the face was kind of creepy. Performance wise, she was very solid on all of them although she didn’t sing much on Cheap Thrills and allowed the background singers to do most of the heavy lifting. She made it to the eighth episode where she lost the head-to-head against Rottweiler and had to compete in the Smackdown against Leopard. She gave a solid performance of Eye Of The Tiger (my favorite part was Leopard dancing to it with his hands on his hips ), but it wasn’t enough for her as she lost the Smackdown and had to unmask. She was unveiled as none other than soul legend Patti LaBelle. I think everyone had an idea it was her; I figured it was her from the first note she sang because as she said after her unmasking, that was her voice and she couldn’t hide it. It was good to see she could still hit those high notes at her age, especially during Alone. I wouldn’t have minded if she lasted longer, but Flower was an act who blossomed on TMS. 30. Robopine/Tyrese Gibson: 29. Popcorn/Taylor Dayne: 28. Lion/Rumer Willis: 27. Jellyfish/Chloe Kim: 26. Flower/Patti LaBelle: The clues for 25-21: - A mark of affection from an opponent would look spotty - Able to sprout after returning from a subconscious state - Forgive me Denise; I may have to vanish after this - Majestic night hunters whose color is the opposite of their surnames - - May or may not be able to hear something from two similar versions
  14. Since I had nothing better to do, I banged out the write-ups for the last four performances and shall post them now. 04. Maddie Poppe - Bare Necessities Overall Ranking: 7.50 Personal Rank: 7 Leading off the final four is the Disney showing from the S16 winner. As with Laine’s Oo-De-Lally, I thought this was a fun and charming performance from Maddie. It also helps that this is one of my favorite overall Disney songs from one of my all-time favorite Disney movies. I love the ease and playfulness Maddie has during the performance. With that said, the best part was when the band dropped some and Maddie was able to showcase some range. I have no idea how Idina Menzel was able to know that Maddie’s range was wider than she showed, but bringing it out enhanced the performance. All in all, this was one of the better S16 Disney performances. 03. Michael J. Woodard - Beauty And The Beast Overall Ranking: 5.50 Personal Rank: 2 At #3 is the final S16 Disney performance. Michael’s Beauty And The Beast is one of the most enchanting performances. Was it perfect? No. It got off to a bit of a rough start due to some diction issues; however, he was able to iron them out as he went along, which was usually par for the course for Michael that season. The performance really took off during the key change and when he held that long note in the second to last chorus. From there he displayed a few vocal techniques including a nice falsetto in a couple of spots. Overall, I think it’s one of the best Disney performances and am happy it placed this high. 02. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon - Candle On The Water Overall Ranking: 4.00 Personal Rank: 3 Coming in at #2 is the last S17 Disney appearing in this ranking. Jeremiah was considered to be the most consistent S17 contestant. He had a number of strong performances, and Candle On The Water was indeed one of them. I am not a fan of the song itself because I find it to be on the boring side. With that said, Jeremiah sang the song really well. If there is one complaint I have about the performance, it’s that I felt he overdid it at parts, especially the ending when he went into his upper register which, as I’ve said before, is not my favorite part of his range. Despite this, COTW is one of the best Disney performances thus far and another great performance from Jeremiah. 01. Grace Kinstler - Into The Unknown Overall Ranking: 3.50 Personal Rank: 6 Topping this ranking is the Disney performance from S19’s third place finisher. Anyone who read my S19 thread knows I was pretty critical of Grace. It’s just that she was so hyped up during the season that my expectations were high, and I felt let down after her performances in some form or another. With that said, I thought she had a great voice and felt she more than any contestant that season had the potential to have one of those Idol “moments”. I thought she came close with Into The Unknown. Idina Menzel is a vocal powerhouse and not many singers have the range she has. Nonetheless, Grace did a great job with the song. The thing that made this performance from being really special was that she missed some notes when she went big, especially towards the end. Despite that, it is one of the best Idol Disney performances and one I have no problem with it in the #1 spot. 04. Maddie Poppe - Bare Necessities 03. Michael J. Woodard - Beauty And The Beast 02. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon - Candle On The Water 01. Grace Kinstler - Into The Unknown Recap: 37. Julia Gargano - Beauty And The Beast 36. Alejandro Aranda - Remember Me 35. Wade Cota - You've Got A Friend In Me T-33. DeShawn Goncalves - When You Wish Upon A Star T-33. Cassandra Coleman - Go The Distance 32. Cade Foehner - Kiss The Girl 31. Ada Vox - Circle Of Life 30. Arthur Gunn - Remember Me 29. Alyssa Wray - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes 28. Louis Knight - Can You Feel The Love Tonight 27. Arthur Gunn - Kiss The Girl 26. Walker Burroughs - When She Loved Me 25. Dimitrus Graham - You'll Be In My Heart T-23. Uché - I 2 I T-23. Madison VanDenburg - How Far I'll Go T-21. Alyssa Raghu - Colors Of The Wind T-21. Just Sam - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes 20. Chayce Beckham - Baby Mine 19. Dillon James - Our Town 18. Caleb Kennedy - Real Gone 17. Laci Kaye Booth - I See The Light T-15. Gabby Barrett - Colors Of The Wind T-15. Catie Turner - Once Upon A Dream T-13. Jurnee - How Far I'll Go T-13. Hunter Metts - You'll Be In My Heart T-11. Michelle Sussett - Remember Me T-11. Francisco Martin - You'll Be In My Heart 10. Caleb Lee Hutchinson - You've Got A Friend In Me 09. Dennis Lorenzo - Can You Feel The Love Tonight 08. Casey Bishop - When She Loved Me T-05. Laine Hardy - Oo-De-Lally T-05. Jonny West - Almost There T-05. Willie Spence - Circle Of Life 04. Maddie Poppe - Bare Necessities 03. Michael J. Woodard - Beauty And The Beast 02. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon - Candle On The Water 01. Grace Kinstler - Into The Unknown Well, that's a wrap with the Disney Night performances. As for what's next in this thread, I'm not sure. I have a couple of ideas; however, I have to make sure the resources are available before thinking about implementing them. As always, I'm open to suggestions.
  15. We'll see... Geez, I didn't realize how suggestive that was. Who knows. Understandable. 35. Eh, I don't have the best fashion or design sense, so I'd probably make them worse. Still, my point on Butterfly's costume stands. Pretty much agree with your thoughts about her and her performances. 34. I knew I wasn't tripping when I thought he sang that line. The group is still together? I knew they reunited some time back, but that's good. After all, there were no Justin Timberlakes who broke out. Back to Crocodile, I preferred Seahorse of the two; however, it wasn't his fault he advanced and she didn't, so I felt the blame he received was ridiculous and unfair. Agree with him doing what he had to do. 33. I felt bad for him as well. As I mentioned in the write-up, I thought we were going to have another Gremlin moment, but everything turned out to be fine. I enjoyed his performances well enough as well. 32. Well, his was drastically different from the other costumes (not to mention the best). I enjoyed White Tiger for what he was, but I don't know if I would've had him go as far as he did (though not his fault). Back to Miss Monster, I grew up with a lot of these older R&B singers, so I think I can tell what their voices sound like (with that said, watch me pull a Jenny next season and not get one of them should there be any ). 31. Yeah I was disappointed he was the first eliminated. Nicole did get him right away; he was hers and Robin's First Impression guesses (to quote Edith and Archie Bunker, those were the days; unfortunately, she got no one right during S5 ). We'll see how you do with the clues. I've been busy the past couple of days, but I'll try to get back to this as soon as I can. I'll finish my ranking in my other thread first since it's almost done.
  16. 10. Caleb Lee Hutchinson - You've Got A Friend In Me Overall Ranking: 13.00 Personal Rank: 24 Leading the Top 10 is the second of two renditions of You’ve Got A Friend In Me, this one the courtesy of Caleb Lee Hutchinson. For me, this performance was a microcosm of Caleb during S16: pleasant but nothing to really get excited over. He had the most predictable song choice of the night; I knew he would pick it because it fit his voice the most. One thing I will say is that his voice is much easier on the ears than Wade’s and therefore, I preferred his version without hesitation. Nonetheless, it isn’t one of my favorite Disney performances, but it made it to the Top 10 so good for it. 09. Dennis Lorenzo - Can You Feel The Love Tonight Overall Ranking: 10.50 Personal Rank: 4 Dennis was one of my favorite S16 contestants and I’ve always liked his style. One of his best performances of the season was Can You Feel The Love Tonight (some people think this is his best. Personally, I prefer This Woman’s Work, but I digress). The main thing I loved about this performance was the gradual progression throughout it. Dennis started off softly before getting louder until the final chorus when he really let loose. It’s a powerful song that can make someone really feel something if done well, and I think Dennis did a great job with it. It’s unfortunate he didn’t move on after this, but at least he went out on a very strong note. 08. Casey Bishop - When She Loved Me Overall Ranking: 9.50 Personal Rank: 9 Casey was the young pop-rocker of S19. While she favored a lot of pop/rock songs during her run, she did other genres as well. Case in point: When She Loved Me. As I mentioned in Walker’s write-up, WLSM is an emotional song that can be difficult to capture the emotion of. With that said, I think Casey did fine with it. It was technically sung well, and I thought she did a decent job of connecting to the song. I went back and forth between this and another performance as far as my second favorite S19 performance went and decided on this one (spoiler: the other performance will appear later in this set). T-05. Laine Hardy - Oo-De-Lally Overall Ranking: 8.00 Personal Rank: 12 We have a three-way tie for fifth place! First is the Disney showing from the S17 winner. Robin Hood is one of my favorite Disney movies, so I was happy to see someone sing a song from it. I think this is one of Laine’s more underrated performances. While the song didn’t have a lot of bells and whistles nor a lot of deep lyrics, the performance itself was nice and charming. In addition, I would say this is the most comfortable Laine looked on stage, as it was something he gradually worked on during the season. I would’ve liked to rank this higher, but I also enjoyed the performances I have ahead of it; therefore, it lands a couple of spots outside of my Top 10. T-05. Jonny West - Almost There Overall Ranking: 8.00 Personal Rank: 5 The second of three fifth place Disney performances is Jonny’s Almost There. I didn’t care for this performance during S18 because I was used to the more positive and up-tempo original version. Also, I thought this would’ve been a better song for Sam. Nonetheless, this performance really grew on me while re-watching it. While it lacked the buoyancy of the original, Jonny was able to put his own spin on it while maintaining the essence of the song. I dug the arrangement and Jonny’s vocals complimented the arrangement well. All in all, it became my favorite S18 Disney performance and the highest placing S18 performance in this ranking. T-05. Willie Spence - Circle Of Life Overall Ranking: 8.00 Personal Rank: 10 The third of the fifth place finishers is Willie’s rendition of this classic song from The Lion King. This was another performance that grew on me upon re-watch. I believe my main criticism of this performance in my S19 thread was that the performance was stagnant until near the end. I still felt that way during my re-watch; however, one thing I didn’t notice during the first watch was that he gradually built up the performance. I don’t think he quite pulled it off, but he still did a great job with it. While it doesn’t come anywhere near Jennifer Hudson’s version, Willie’s COL was definitely the better of the two in this ranking, and this was the other performance I referred to in Casey’s WSLM write-up. With that said, this performance ranked higher despite me slightly preferring WSLM (they were a number apart). 10. Caleb Lee Hutchinson - You've Got A Friend In Me 09. Dennis Lorenzo - Can You Feel The Love Tonight 08. Casey Bishop - When She Loved Me T-05. Laine Hardy - Oo-De-Lally T-05. Jonny West - Almost There T-05. Willie Spence - Circle Of Life I still have to do write-ups for the last four. I'll try to have those in tonight or some time tomorrow.
  17. That you were. 20. Pretty much in agreement for the most part. 19. I agree with this song seeming to suit him well. LOL at kind of forgetting it; that was me for most of S18. 18. Fair enough 17. Also fair enough T-15 (Gabby). Yeah, this was probably inevitable. If it's any consolation, I don't think this was her worst performance of the season. T-15 (Catie). Yeah, this is my #1. As mentioned, I wasn't much of a Catie fan, but I'll give credit when due. Too bad about not feeling the same way about the performance. T-13 (Jurnee). I know you said you didn't care for this song on singing shows. At least you liked this more on re-watch. T-13 (Hunter). Fair enough T-11 (Michelle). So you were one of those people who wanted Mara in the Top 10? I won't say I'm a Michelle fan, but I enjoyed her at times. This was my favorite performance of hers, and I'm happy to see it (and Michelle) grew on you during the re-watch. T-11 (Francisco). Yep, two performances of the same song in the same set. Yeah, you did it unfortunately. Where will they rank? We're about to find out soon because I'm posting the next set after this post.
  18. T-13. Jurnee - How Far I'll Go Overall Ranking: 15.50 Personal Rank: 8 Leading the last set before the Top 10 is Jurnee’s Disney effort. I felt Jurnee did a solid job with How Far I’ll Go. She has one of the most beautiful voices of any Idol contestant, and I think she picked the right song to really highlight it. In addition, it looked like she enjoyed herself during the performance with her smiles and rhythm. With that said, the one criticism I have is that I felt she could’ve put a little more energy into the performance and not think too much about hitting the notes perfectly. Nonetheless, while this may not have had as many dynamics or moments like Madison’s, I think this was the better vocal of the two and one of the better Disney performances. T-13. Hunter Metts - You'll Be In My Heart Overall Ranking: 15.50 Personal Rank: 17 Tying with Jurnee’s HFIG is Hunter’s You’ll Be In My Heart. Hunter was someone who was just there for me during S19. It was clear he wanted to be this sensitive singer-songwriter heartthrob, and his performances reflected that; this was no different. The performance was OK; however, while he hit the notes I felt it lacked something. In addition, I’m not the biggest fan of his enunciation, as there were times I struggled to hear what he was trying to sing. Finally, he never looked comfortable on stage during his performances, and this was the case here. Despite my criticisms of this performance, I do think this was one of his best performances of the season; it’s just one I don’t feel really strong about. T-11. Michelle Sussett - Remember Me Overall Ranking: 15.00 Personal Rank: 11 I remember how pressed some Idol watchers were when Michelle was picked as a WC to advance to the Top 10. It was thought Mara should’ve been one of the picks. I for one had a feeling the judges would pick Michelle, so I didn’t think much of it. Fortunately, Michelle advancing meant we got this great performance of Remember Me. Michelle opted to sing mostly the Spanish parts of the song which was smart because she sounded better singing in Spanish. In addition, the performance was a lively one after the softer English beginning. Lastly, Michelle has always looked comfortable on stage despite her vocals lacking. However, both the voice and stage presence were simultaneously there. I knew it would be her last performance because she didn’t appear to be popular with voters, but at least she went out on a positive note. She definitely gave a reason to remember her! T-11. Francisco Martin - You'll Be In My Heart Overall Ranking: 15.00 Personal Rank: 23 The last performance missing out on the Top 10 and tying for 11th is the final version of You’ll Be In My Heart to appear in this ranking courtesy of Francisco Martin. Francisco was someone who, while I thought had a pleasant voice, was someone who I was and still am ambivalent towards (I got some crap for where I ranked him in my other thread, but it is what it is). He was consistent but didn’t give any performances that really stood out; his Disney performance was no different. I think of the three versions Francisco’s was the most static, as in it didn’t have the emotional impact the others did. Also, I didn’t care for the way he sang the song due to how he pronounced some of the words. Based on my ranking, this is my least favorite version of YBIMH; however, it managed to finish high in spite of this. T-13. Jurnee - How Far I'll Go T-13. Hunter Metts - You'll Be In My Heart T-11. Michelle Sussett - Remember Me T-11. Francisco Martin - You'll Be In My Heart A set with two more ties! Here are the remaining ten performances: S16: Maddie Poppe - The Bare Necessities Michael J. Woodard - Beauty And The Beast Caleb Lee Hutchinson - You've Got A Friend In Me Dennis Lorenzo - Can You Feel The Love Tonight S17: Laine Hardy - Oo-De-Lally Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon - Candle In The Water S18: Jonny West - Almost There S19: Willie Spence - Circle Of Life Casey Bishop - When She Loved Me Grace Kinstler - Into The Unknown
  19. 35. Butterfly/Michelle Williams Season 3: Eliminated Ninth Episode Butterfly - Bang Bang Butterfly - Livin’ On A Prayer Butterfly - Don’t Know Why Butterfly - Sorry Not Sorry Butterfly - Believer Butterfly Unmasking Clue: Trying to emerge from its hard shell of a former group Butterflies emerge from cocoons (hard shells) after they were caterpillars (I have a feeling I know which act that nearly caused Denise to have a heart attack ). Michelle Williams was a member of the R&B group Destiny’s Child and is often thought of as the most overlooked one. The clue is a play on both Michelle and butterflies. Flying into the Top 35 is Butterfly. First, I have to say I wasn’t much of a fan of the costume. The color scheme and wings didn’t fit the image of a butterfly, IMO; in fact, I would go as far as saying it resembled a moth more than a butterfly. As for her performances, they were all solid. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Sorry Not Sorry. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t good enough as she lost the head-to-head against Fox and had to compete in the Smackdown against ThingAmAjig. She put up a valiant effort with Believer; however, she lost the Smackdown and had to unmask right after. She was unveiled to be Michelle Williams. I kind of had a feeling it was her because her voice sounded familiar though she hardly had a chance to use it as a member of Destiny’s Child. I think it was good for her to be on the show, if only to show she is talented herself because she is often the punching bag of DC. Regardless, this is a solid spot for her to land. 34. Crocodile/Nick Carter Season 4: Third Place Crocodile - It’s My Life Crocodile - Toxic Crocodile - Bleeding Love Crocodile - I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing Crocodile - Silent Night Crocodile - Open Arms Crocodile Unmasking Clue: Cold-blooded creature who wants to know if it’s sexual Crocodiles are reptiles who in turn are cold-blooded creatures. The who wants to know if it’s sexual part is a reference to a lyric in the Backstreet Boys song Everybody (Backstreet’s Back), of which Nick Carter is/was a member of (I believe Nick even sang that part in the song ). Crocodile is the first finalist act to appear in the ranking. Crocodile is one of the most polarizing acts from TMS. With that said, it had little to do with him and more to do with the season’s format. The S4 semifinals format was the last two members from each group competed against each other and the act with the highest votes was to move on to the finals. Crocodile was matched against Seahorse, who was one of the most popular and consistent acts that season, and advanced to the finals which engendered some very strong opinions. Personally, I preferred Seahorse (she has yet to appear in this ranking), but Crocodile wasn’t terrible by any means, and I didn’t attack or blame him for Seahorse’s elimination. Crocodile was a strong performer in his own right and gave some solid performances. I would say my favorite was Toxic because it was so different from the original. He placed third and was revealed to be Nick Carter. Crocodile was someone who left a mark on TMS. 33. Crab/Bobby Brown Season 5: Eighth Place Crab - Ain’t No Sunshine Crab - Give It To Me Baby Crab - In The Air Tonight Crab Unmasking Clue: Pincers grabbing a movie treat First, I meant to say pincers and not pinchers. Crabs have pincers of course. The movie treat in question is popcorn, which is a reference to the New Edition song Popcorn Love. Bobby Brown is/was a member of New Edition. Crab is the second of three S5 Wildcards (excluding Bulldog, of course) to appear in this ranking, meaning Yeti is the highest placing WC (when will he show up is a different story ). Back to Crab, he was someone whose voice I felt familiar with but couldn’t put a name to it. His Ain’t No Sunshine performance was one of the more emotionally charged performances on TMS. However, things didn’t look too good for him after his second performance because he was overheating under the mask and had to go backstage to get some air; for a second I thought he would unmask himself a la Gremlin. Fortunately, everything was OK and he continued onward. He would be eliminated in Week 7 and was unveiled to be Bobby Brown. I thought it sounded like him from the first performance; however, it wasn’t until his second performance that I was sure it was him. He looked like he was going through some hard times, so I think doing something like this was good for him. 32. Miss Monster/Chaka Khan Season 3: Group A (Third Eliminated) Miss Monster - Something To Talk About Miss Monster - Fancy Miss Monster - You Don’t Own Me Miss Monster Unmasking Clue: Ain’t nobody has a voice that’s as large and intimidating Ain’t Nobody is a song by the group Rufus, of which Chaka Khan was the lead singer. The voice that’s as large and intimidating is a double entendre, for it’s a reference to Chaka having one of the biggest voices and monsters are thought of to be large and intimidating. Now appearing is the second of the three monster costumes (excluding Squiggly Monster). The costume was a similar design to S1’s Monster with the differences being a different color scheme and a few embellishments to make it more female. Miss Monster gave some very solid performances during her brief stay on the show. Her performance of Something To Talk About had a cute moment when someone dressed in the Monster costume joined her on stage (it would’ve been better if Monster took the mask off and was revealed to be the act who wore it in S1 ). She would go on to give two more performances before she was eliminated in the Group A Championships Round. There was some outcry because it was thought White Tiger should’ve been eliminated instead, but it is what it is. Miss Monster was unmasked as R&B/Soul legend Chaka Khan. Chaka has a very recognizable voice, so I figured it was her. I would’ve definitely liked to have seen her last longer, oh well. 31. Dragon/Busta Rhymes Season 4: Group A (First Eliminated) Dragon - Mama Said Knock You Out Dragon Unmasking Clue: Fire-breathing leader of a future learning academy Dragons are mythical creatures that are often described as having the ability to breathe fire. The leader of a future learning academy is a reference to Busta Rhymes’ first group Leaders of the New School. The act just missing the Top 30 is Dragon. First, I have to say this is one of the best designed costumes. I loved how menacing the head looked and how the body gave off an Eastern vibe. His performance of Mama Said Knock You Out was really strong and dare I say the best of the night (OK, at the very least he was tied with Sun, so hopefully no one throws any tomatoes at me). Sadly, it was his only performance as he was the first S4 act to be eliminated and unmasked. He was revealed to be hip-hop legend Busta Rhymes. I grew up listening to a lot of hip-hop/rap and Busta has always been one of my favorite rappers. I knew it was him from the first few words because his voice is instantly recognizable to a majority of hip-hop/rap fans. I think Nicole knew it was him based on her reaction early into the performance due to their collaboration on Don’t Cha. Needless to say I was disappointed he was the first one out and would’ve loved for him to last much longer. At least he has the honor of being the highest ranked first boot in this ranking! 35. Butterfly - Michelle Williams: 34. Crocodile - Nick Carter: 33. Crab - Bobby Brown 32. Miss Monster - Chaka Khan: 31. Dragon - Busta Rhymes: We're now in the Top 30! This is where things really start getting difficult because I like all of the acts remaining. Anyhow, here are the clues for 30-26: - Could not reign supreme in TMS the way its parents did on the big screen - It wasn't nice to tell a prickly lie - Legend that has been blooming for a long time whether on its own or with others - The youngest to sting the competition in its habitat - Treat that had something which led to the demise of some people in a different setting
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